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The Story Continues



Hi, everyone! It’s Aliza again, and I am glad to be back. On Saturday, I shared a somewhat sensitive layout about my son, and some of our daily trials. Thank God, they are completely ordinary, typical, teenage trials. And, while they are part of our real life, those are not the only moments that we share. There are plenty of sweet and tender moments in there too. But sometimes, they are so ordinary, that you could miss them if you are not paying attention.

This little sentiment is captured perfectly in one of this month’s patterned papers.


I began this layout with my story and my photos, and then thanks to this 3×4 cut-out, my title was ready made. I love that!

adeutsch_February2016_The Best Portion

Here’s a closer look at some of the journaling.



It makes me happy that this layout will be right next to the other layout in an album. I think they balance each other well, and together they tell the whole story. It also makes me immeasurably happy, that this hobby of ours allow us to capture some of these nameless moments in all their mundane glory.


7 thoughts on “The Story Continues

  1. I love documenting the everyday. The card is perfect with your layout!


  2. it’s amazing!


  3. Great job journaling, love the story!


  4. This is really great. One of my favorites by you.


  5. Great page, love this!


  6. You really have a wonderful knack for journaling! I love how you tell your story. Awesome layout.


  7. eeeek! i love grids! this is AWESOME!!


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