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Clique Agenda: Wander


Hello all. Nicole here with a fun project to share with you. I finally got a chance o get messy with this travelers notebook. Have you gotten yours yet? I think there’s one more in the shop if you are interested. Snag it now, (here) quick, because it might be gone by the time you get finished seeing what I did with mine.


I am relatively happy with how this turned out. However, I did make a mistake. I did NOT apply gesso to the travel notebook BEFORE I applied the paint which means that it didn’t take long before the paint started to peel off the notebook. So before you do anything with yours, do yourself a favor and apply gesso to your travel notebook right now.



I added some scraps in the supply case to have on hand whenever I feel the need to decorate a page. I love blue so I gathered a few blue pieces of embellishments.🙂



I used lots of acrylic paints and watercolor paints to decorate my travel notebook inserts. I love the acrylic paints by Ranger. The colors are so vibrant. I used watercolor paints by Prima and Shimmerz Paints as well.

For the folder insert, I decorated it with blue and green acrylic paint. Once dried, I used a paint dabber to make little white circles on the cover. Then I painted a thicker word and applied it to the front of the insert.



Thanks for visiting today!


Hello Card: Geek Lab

Blog Image_Geek Lab

Hi everyone,

Melissa here with you today for my very first post as a CK Varsity Team member and I’m excited that it’s Geek Lab!

I love using cut files and my Silhouette Cameo to create projects. One thing that has been interesting to adapt is, utilizing cut files that are meant for layouts, on my cards. I’ve learned a couple of things by watching You Tube videos and just pushing buttons in my Silhouette software. I thought I would share with you today a card I made and how I made a cut file work for my card.

I used one of the exclusive cut files you can find, in the shop, that are part of the Swan Lake November kit. (Isn’t the kit a beauty???) I used the large background cut file. Man, I love a good background cut file!

Once I uploaded it into my Silhouette Software, I had to do something called ‘Release Compound Path’. This allows me to separate all the little pieces and shapes of the cut file. I’ll show you why I need to do that in a sec but, here is a screenshot of this looks like:


The reason I do this is because I’m going to take out the majority of this file to make it work for my smaller canvas – that is a card. If I were to shrink down this cut file, in it’s entirety, those cut lines would be way too tiny.

Once I release the compound path, you can see in the screen shot how I now have a bunch of pieces. I’m going to delete most of those until I’m left with the following:


Now, I’m ready to Weld the pieces back together and resize to what I want for my card. After selecting all the shapes, I’m going to head to the bottom-left of my Studio and select ‘Group Selected Shapes’. I don’t have an arrow pointing in this screenshot but in the bottom-left, you can see the little pop up bar saying just that. When I click on that, it will all be one shape again and will resize properly.


Here is another trick I use in my Studio software. For cards, I like to create a shape that measures the size of my actual card. This helps me figure it out the exact size I would like my cut file to be. Here is a screenshot of that happening:


Once I get it just right, I delete the card shape and cut out my file!

Here it is cut out and ready to go:


I did make a boo-boo when I resized the cut file and ended up having to cut it all the way out to adhere to the top of a new card base. It actually worked out just fine!

Now that my cut file is ready to go, I can finish my card by adding various papers from the GORGEOUS November kit. I mean really, you gotta love those Maggie Holmes papers. So beautiful!

Here is my finished card with some close ups:


Thank you so much for swinging by today!

To get the November kit, Swan Lake, and see the exclusive cut files, head over here.




Patient Zéro | Magali

I am so so happy to be here to show you my first blog post as a Clique Kits design team member! I hope you will feel inspired by the following layout made with the November Kit Swan Lake.


We are used to document the happy and joyful events of our life, but I am fully convinced that sad events have to be lived to enjoy the lucky events even more. Have you ever noticed how your heart explodes when you see someone you love smiling after several days of sickness?

So, please, don’t forget to document the unfortunate moments in your albums… these are also parts of your life and they are a complete part of your story. No need to say a lot, no need to find the perfect words, just write what you need to say truthfully from the heart.


Difficult to find the words? Try to use the computer to write your story (easy to correct and delete parts when necessary), choose the font you prefer and print your text. This way, you just need to cut stripes and add them to your layout.mleluc-november-patientzero2

As you can see, this was not the best day for our oldest son, but no worries, he’s better now! After he developed a relatively rare complication of a streptococcus infection (we did not even know he had been infected), we discovered he was the first case of a family epidemic!mleluc-november-patientzero3mleluc-november-patientzero4

It’s your turn now… find an important, but not so happy, event to document! I am sure you will treasure this memory!

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Share Your Space | Stephanie Gold

Hey everyone!! Stephanie Gold from Golden Simplicity here this month for some Share Your Space fun! I sort of took over our home office at our old house so when we moved this summer, I made sure to organize the room to be more craft room with a side of home office.😉 I am the home “office manager” anyway, right?!

Starting off our luxurious tour, I will bring you to the office side of the room which is beautifully decorated with this old… I mean VINTAGE… folding table typically used for parties when covered in plastic table cloths. It sits on top of a few gorgeous plastic tubs with items from our move that have been sitting there for months and will probably end up getting donated in a couple years when I decide I no longer need them sitting at my feet.


The lovely desktop computer has proven no longer working, but still contains all of my addresses so here it sits, a completely non functional, expensive, Apple computer shaped statue until I can figure out how to fix it (don’t tell hubby). The chair is actually from my parent’s dining set growing up and is surprisingly comfortable… this might actually qualify as vintage haha.


On the other side of this gorgeous piece of furniture you’ll find my Silhouette, paper cutter, cardstock organizer, and my $3 Target steal of a light pink card base holder thingy (completely scientific term).


On the left of the folding table and fancy computer “art” is my printer which sits on top of our filing cabinet and the “No Craft Room Is Complete Without” Teal Raskog Cart (but this sucker is seriously amazing and I can’t imagine my life without it).


The top of my cart holds all of my inks and acrylic blocks, colored pencils & pens, date stamp, and some oddball items like those gold clips, chapstick, and that one random Maggie Holmes stamp that I love.🙂


The middle holds all of my dies, washi tapes, and my baby wipes which are adorned with sort of a “steal these and see what happens” note (but it’s ok because I put a smiley face at the end of it).


And then the bottom holds all of my punches, MISTI, and embellishments organized in plastic bags inside that yellow wire basket.


Onto my craft desk which I couldn’t fit all in one picture… apologies!! The left side has my clock/speaker/phone charger iHome thingamabobber (again, scientific) and my Traveler’s Notebook which I use quite often. I write all over my mat with random quotes and phrases and song lyrics and it ends up getting pretty filled up. My kids also like to come scribble something down for me or place a sticker on there for me too.🙂


I have some Moroccan lanterns, a family photo of my lovies, and a framed quote that keeps me motivated… The birdy is from my Grandpa’s house – it always reminds me of him. And then I have feathers and some paper antlers always hanging out (don’t know why… I just like them because I’m all hippie and random) and right now I have these gorgeous dried leaves too that one of my besties brought back for me from up north because fall is my favorite – isn’t that the SWEETEST?! Love her… Real leaves are hard to come by around here (I live in the desert) so I truly love having these around.🙂


And then the right side of my desk has the tools I use the most… scissors, adhesives, a few more washi tapes, doilies, water colors, water color paper, rulers, etc… and then my beloved Big Shot.🙂 I have clear plastic containers (99 cents from Home Depot ya’ll!!) on a shelf with all of my DT stamp sets. I’m pretty big on keeping my stash and tools low and I don’t like spending top dollar on organization either. Most everything I use is either hand me down, gift, or Target dollar aisle.

Welp, that’s basically it!! Thank you all for stopping by to check out my little crafty space!! Much love friends!

Xo, Stephanie

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“ABC Dude” Process Video


I wanted to pull out the colors in the October kit, Sapphire, to use on a back-to-school page.  I thought the combination of navy, mustardy yellow, and aqua were a great palette, and some of the greys and blacks on the Pinkfresh patterned papers reminded me of a chalkboard look.


I wanted to do something with “ABC’s”, so I used a cut file to cut out my letters, making the rectangles just smaller than my photo to make the photo stand out more. You can see how I manipulated the cut file in my video below. I backed the letters with different colored papers.


My initial plan was to use kraft paper as the background, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I had ONE whole sheet of patterned paper left in the kit, and it was a perfect fit!  I added a few more black splatters to match what was already on the paper, and then just layered my cut files and photo on.


To draw more attention to the photo, I want to have some “arrows” pointing towards it, and the triangles from one of the patterned paper were perfect for the job.  I tried to create a visual triangle with the colors at the top and bottom with the colors on the abc cards.


You can watch how I completed this page from start to finish below.  Hope you enjoy!





Field Notes: Simple Life


Hey guys! Today I’m going to share with you a spread on my traveler notebook. My traveler notebook is a mix of a planner, scrapbook, doodles book, etc.


For these pages I’ve used the Pinkfresh Studio washitape that comes in our kit. It’s perfect because I can separate the spaces by day, just using a piece of wasitape.


I’ve also used some things from the Reset Girl collection, that  you can get at the Clique Kits Shop.


At the bottom o my page, I’ve put a photo that I took that week and I also added some embellishments from the ephemera pack, and some PL cards of the kit.


I hope you liked these page. Have a wonderful day😉



November Mood Board

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the day we share our November Mood Board. I’m sitting at my desk right now looking out the window at the leaves falling like rain. I never have really appreciated fall. I have always liked fall, but felt it was more a segway into winter. I never really stopped to watch the leaves fall, feel the crisp air and enjoy the beautiful warm colors it has to offer. So today, I take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy this cloudy autumn day.

With that being said, lets jump into our November kit mood board. The November kit is titled Swan Lake. As a dancer and wife to a dance studio owner, I adore this kit name and the mood board that accompanies it! It is a beautiful mix of inspiration!


And of course this post would not be complete without a few sneak peeks of our November Kit!

Don’t these photos make you giddy?! There are still a few subscriptions left for November, so sign up today.

Join us Wednesday, October 26 for our October Blog Share and Full November Kit reveal! Have a wonderful Sunday. Take time to take in the scenery around you.