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August Designer in the Spotlight – Rebecca Cross


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Hello everyone!  Erica here today with this months’s Designer in the Spotlight!  We are so excited and honored to have Rebecca Cross with us today!  Rebecca is the Founder & Creative Director over at Pink Paislee.  This month’s Clique Kit featured the Pink Paislee collection Citrus Bliss and it was filled with fun fruit, beautiful colors and fun patterns!  So sit back, relax, grab your drink of choice and say hello to Rebecca!


Q.   Tell us a little bit about your creative process and what inspires you?
A.  People ask about our creative process all the time; and the truth is we are always in a state of “design!”  Everyday we work on new patterns, color palettes, trend review, product development and finally planning and execution. All of our collections start with a storyboard; a.k.a. mood board that includes curated images, color swatches, and font selections. Since I am the Creative Director and Brand Manager for the Pink Paislee brand I usually initiate the overall theme and provide inspiration images to our designers; then they take what is in my brain and further develop the mood boards and the product designs.
Q.Where and when are you most creative?
A.  Personally I am the most creative at work!  I actually thrive on being busy. I love brainstorming and developing new product concepts. I am a self confessed workaholic and I spend most of my time at the office. I am lucky to be surrounded by creativity and creative people everyday! When I go home it tends to get shut off.
Q.  What are some of your must have supplies?
A.  When I actually find time to create my favorite supplies include pretty papers, lots of alphabets, paint and sometimes texture paste! It isn’t uncommon to see something sparkly on all of my page layouts!
Q.  Have you always had a love for design?
A.  I am not sure that I have ALWAYS had a love for design but I have always worked around DESIGN. It wasn’t until 2004 that I decided to explore the scrapbook industry a little bit deeper and get personally involved. Ever since then I have been soaking up design trends, hot patterns and icons on a daily basis!
Q.  3 things people probably do not know about you.
A.   The three things people probably don’t know about me are:
  • I listen to ‘old school’ Rap Music or Hip Hop. Everyone makes fun of me for it!
  • I am sort of an introvert. I don’t mind staying home and I don’t feel the need to be super social. 
  • When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be just like Angela Bower from the TV show Who’s The Boss! Advertising and Marketing has always been in my blood.
  • Book: Just finished reading The Atlantis Gene! I like a little bit of sci-fi drama – strange I know..
  • Movie: I love all movies! This is my outlet – it’s about the only time I don’t think about work.
  • Candy: Hot Tamales or anything Chocolate!
  • Drink: Mr. Pibb
  • Music: Hip Hop or Rap
  • Color: Gold
  • TV Show: Right now we are watching….’The Last Ship’
Q.  Out of all the collections you have created so far which is your favorite?
A.  We have worked with so many talented artists over the years..I have a lot of favorites.  But the ones I hold dear are Nantucket and even Solstice. I guess I really love beachy nautical themes!
Q.  Can you share how Pink Paislee came about and where the name came from?
A.   Pink Paislee was launched in 2008 and came from a desire to get back to my roots of brand marketing and brand building. At the time I felt like the industry could sustain a new brand with a fun, cute, shabby chic look with lots of color.  Over the years we have evolved and changed but that’s ok. I don’t really love being locked into a niche style and we have the freedome to do just about any design or look we want!
Q.  Who are some of your influences?
A.  I am typically influenced by other industries and other small business owners. I love following home decor, office, and stationery companies too! I love taking those trends and incorporating that vibe into our paper crafting collections…right now I have a serious crush on Sugar Paper in L.A. and also Oh Hello Friend.
Q.  Any hints on what is to come from Pink Paislee?
A.  Pink Paislee is going through another round of change. In 2016 we will debut an entirely new look complete with new branding and a new product focus. We also have an exciting new “celebrity” line launching in 2016 so we are anxious to share that news! One thing is for sure…you never know what we are going to do next!
Rebecca thank you so much for being our August Designer in the Spotlight!  For more information about Pink Paislee and to stay up to date on new release please visit their website and Facebook page!  We hope you’re as excited as we are about the Pink Paislee new releases.  You may see them in some upcoming kits so keep an eye out.  We hope you have enjoyed today’s post and we thank you for spending some time with us today!
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9 thoughts on “August Designer in the Spotlight – Rebecca Cross

  1. Hello Rebecca, it is so nice to meet you and get to know more about you. I love Pink Paislee . I think Solstice is one of my favorites as well!!
    I love that you all do the Spotlights here at Clique kits. I love getting to know the designers and being exposed to new products!


  2. so cool to get to know more about rebecca’s creative process and style! love it!!


  3. Ha! Rebecca, after all these years I wouldn’t have pegged you as a rap gal but we could totally hang. 😉 So excited to see what’s next for PP!


  4. Welcome Rebecca. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself! 🙂 I love Pink Paislee. 🙂


  5. Yey Rebecca!!! Loved reading your interview, thanks for sharing this part of you! 🙂 So excited for what’s next for Pink Paislee! ❤


  6. Hi, Rebecca! I love learning more about you and Pink Paislee!


  7. Welcome Rebecca! So fun to get to know you better. I am a huge fan of Pink Paislee.


  8. Thanks for sharing Rebecca! It’s so good to know more about the face behind the brand that I love so much over the years!


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