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Art Studio – Today

Art Studio

Hello it’s Leeann here, and I have a fun painted background page to share with you all using the September Moon Child kit!

It’s also my last post for the cliques kits too. It has been the coolest team to create with. I adore there kits and adore all the creations I’ve made from them. Just the other day I went through all my pages I have created for them. And I had the biggest smile! Wow I made awesome pages and recorded awesome stories at the same time. I love every single one and that really makes my heart happy.

sept kit

 Lets take a look at my page and then a little how too.


To start of, grab a white cardstock and select you desired paint colour. I look at a coordinating colour from whats in the kit. I painted 3/4 of the background.

I then paint the other 1/4 using white paint. As you can see it starts to mix. Once I’m happy with my painted background I use single short brush stokes of each of the colors over the finish background to add an element of pattern.

Next I wanted to add some random doodling and stamping.

Once you have completed this step you can then select photos and embellishments and scrap it!

Thank you so much clique kits for having me be apart of your awesome team.

I wish you all the very best… much love to all xxx


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September Designer in the Spotlight – May Flaum


Hey everyone!  Erica here with you today to bring you this months Designer in the Spotlight!  This month we are so excited to have May Flaum sharing a little bit about herself!


I love May’s style and have been a huge fan of hers for a long time so was super excited when she agreed to be our Designer in the Spotlight!  We got to meet May and check out her new line 28 Lilac Lane at CHA and she was super sweet and fun!  You can see more of May on her blog HERE and if you missed her post here on the blog on Monday you can check it out HERE.  May currently has a new class out called Kittastic where she is using our August 2016 kit along with some other products and will be covering everything from scrapbooking to mixed media as well as every product in her stash!



You can take $5.00 off this class until the end of September by clicking the HERE and if you would like to pick up the August kit and you check it out in the Clique Kits Shop!



  1. Tell us a little bit about your creative process and what inspires you?

Life and the world around me are my ultimate inspirations! From getting an idea at Target to my supplies inspiring me to an event or random musing – I’m always finding inspiration!


  1. Where and when are you most creative?

I am the most creative when I am regularly creating on a daily or near daily basis. Creativity is muscle best used often and kept in shape!!


  1. What are some of your must have supplies?

PPA adhesive, kraft cardstock, Heidi Swapp gold mist, distress inks, and an assortment of buttons are always with me when I create.


  1. Have you always had a love for creating?

For me creativity comes in many forms from baking to gardening, scrapbooking to holiday crafts to creating an awesome table centerpiece. My entire life, I’ve loved creating in many forms, and I believe I always will!


  1. 3 things people probably do not know about you.

My studio is the messy wild place, the rest of our home is very minimalistic and clean!

I am obsessed with sticky notes and notepads.

I get a minimum of 8hrs sleep every night, and drink water almost exclusively – keeps me active and healthy!


  1. Favorite:
  • Book            Pride & Prejudice
  • Movie          Summer Stock
  • Candy          Blackberry starburst
  • Drink           Coca Cola from Mexico
  • Music           Harry Connick Jr
  • Color            Lilac
  • TV Show    Game of Thrones
  • Smells          sleepy dogs


  1. Can you tell us a little bit about 28 Lilac Lane?

I dreamed of a place full of embellishments, where creative thought had total freedom and all ideas were given green lights. Where planners to scrapbooks, mixed media to simply playing with pretty embellishments was all good. I named this place 28 Lilac Lane. With my embellishment line my goal is to offer beautiful mixes of colors, textures, and types of embellishments that you can enjoy and create with in whatever way inspires you.


  1. A piece of advice you would give to your younger self.

The best advice I’d give anyone, would be to not let fear stop you. Don’t let being afraid stop you from wonderful experiences and taking chances on new things!


  1. One of your favorite embellishments to use on your projects.

I am obsessed with gold mist (Heidi Swapp) + sequins and beads and buttons on projects


  1. What was the last thing you took a photo of?

The dogs! They are always doing silly stuff at my feet and get photographed constantly.

May thank you so much for sharing with us today!  To see May’s collection 28 Lilac Lane please head on over to the Buttons Galore website and see all the beautiful embellishment kits May has to offer!  May sure to follow May on YouTube and her blog for tons of inspiration and fun!


Stuck Sketches & Clique Kits Blog Hop


Join the Clique Kits & Stuck Sketches teams as they share projects using the September Moon Child kit and a fabulous Stuck Sketch!

sept kit


If you are just stopping by the Clique Kits blog and this is the first time hearing of the blog hop you will want to head on over to the Stuck Sketches blog to get started!  If you happen to get lost along the way you can check out the full line up below!

Stuck Sketches

Aliza Deutsch –

Janice Daquila-Pardo

Caroli Schulz –

Monique Liedtke

Jenessa Frank Franco

Leeann Pearce

Kerryn Fry

Maryam Perez

Danie Ramirez Diakun

Nicole Martel

Vivian Lake

Clique Kits

Leave a comment along the way and one down below for a chance to win the September kit!  Stuck Sketches will be celebrating all month and they have a great deal of sponsors you will want to check out!


You have come to the final stop in the Stuck Sketches & Clique Kits Blog Hopand we hope you enjoyed todays hop and that you left some love for our design teams!  Clique Kits is super excited to be celebrating with Stuck Sketches this month and we hope to see you creating with this sketch!  Remember you can link it up to the Stuck Sketches blog to win one of many prizes!  Thanks so much for joining us today and we hope you have a great rest of your day!

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March Designer in the Spotlight – Ashley Goldberg


Hello Everyone!  I am excited to be bringing you our March Designer in the Spotlight!  This month our kit featured the Goldie collection designed my Ashley Goldberg!


You can see Ashley’s designs everywhere from Target to the Land of Nod and most recent with Parasol.  We were beyond thrilled when we saw the Goldie collection!  Ashley has taken some time out of her day for a little Q&A to share with everyone!  Please say Hello to Ashley Goldberg!IMG_9008

Tell us a little bit about your creative process and what inspires you?

My creative process these days is centered a lot around deadlines. Because there are both deadlines and administrative work to manage. I try to let myself be creative when I feel creative. That has been a struggle for me. Normally, it’s answer emails, go over contracts, meetings, etc and THEN create. But I think it’s more efficient to create work when I have that creative pull to create.

It can’t always work quite like that. We can’t abandon laundry because we want to create BUT if you can do that on some days I think you may get some great work made : )

 I am also making an effort now to try to build time back into my week time to create art just for me. Let there be more exploration and mistakes and discoveries. That’s the only way to next place creatively.

Where and when are you most creative?

That’s easy! In my house from late afternoon to late at night. But man, I wish my answer was early in the am!!
What are some of your must have supplies?
If I had NOTHING else it would be a sketchbook and black pens. My extended version of that is access to a computer with photoshop, a scanner, and a wacom tablet . A lot of my process professionally happens digitally. For my personal art there is a lot of acrylic paints (A mix of professional and craft paints), a ton of brushes, pens, and pencils.
And I am a product dabbler and hoarder. I like to buy products that intrigue me and see if I can incorporate it into my work.

Have you always had a love for design and can you share where we can find more of your work?

Yes, yes, yes. I can’t remember a time in my life when design and art and even a love of product and product development weren’t a passion.
 The best place to find me is on instagram: ashley goldberg. I can also be found on periscope under ashley goldberg and I am trying to snap chat more and there I am ashleyashleyg 
and of course my website:

3 Things people probably do not know about you

3 things people probably don’t know about me. Hmmm. That’s a good question.
1) I almost never go to movies in the theater and I don’t watch a lot of movies. I don’t know why, I just never have. And that is really surprising to a lot of people. But if my fiancee starts watching something, I get sucked in pretty easily.
2) I love making jewelry. I haven’t in a long time. But I still love it and collect beads here and there.
3) I’m really intimidated by dslr cameras. I have one and I use it, but I feel it’s still really intimidating to me.
that’s tough. There are so many to chose from! The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore  was an interesting read in the last year.
I don’t actually have one. My answer to my be explained by the last question ; )
peanut m&m’s
mostly hip hop (anything from 90’s to now) and same with “alternative” music for lack of a better word.
-white, black, and light pink. all equally.
tv show
My answer is I like GOOD tv and I like BAD tv. I could binge watch anything from the wire to ghost whisperer. I am currently watching the OJ show and high maintenance.
camp fire, cut grass, pretty much smells associated with outdoors and change of seasons.
I read on your website that you like to go thrifting!  What are one or two of your favorite finds?
I do love thrifting! I have many many many favorite thrift finds. When I was 18 and moved into my first apartment I bought a $70 (it seemed so much at the time!) electric blue velvet, tufted sofa. It was crazy and I both loved and hated it. I had it for several years and when I moved to portland and sold it a coffee house bought it, so it lives on and that just makes me happy
When I bought my house I was on the hunt for these very specific mid-century fireplace tools. And yes, I know that sentence sounds a bit strange ; ) But I was looking on eBay and craigslist and I couldn’t find them for under $250. And then I found the exact set for $2!!!!! That was a good score.
A piece of advise you would give to your younger self.

For international Women’s Day a company I work with often, The Land of Nod, asked me the same thing. My answer was “Pride is not a bad word or feeling. Find something each and every day to be proud of yourself about.”  I am a person who really values humility, so it is sometimes hard to remember that you can still be proud of yourself and be humble and grounded.

The Goldie collection is one of our favorites and the response from our subscribers has been incredible!  Any plans for another collection? 

That’s the best! I love hearing that. Thanks so much! I don’t have another collection like Goldie in the works right now. Although, I LOVE all things paper crafting. But I do have some really fun things in the works that are paper related that I can’t talk about quite yet : ) But I do hope everyone will keep an eye out on my instagram (Ashley Goldberg) for an announcement in the near future.
What was the last thing you took a photo of?
I just checked! And it was a picture of a progress shot in my art journal.
Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview and including my Goldie collection into your March kit. It has been AMAZING and inspiring to see all the ways members have creatively used it.
Ashley thank you so much for sharing with us today we really appreciate it!  Thanks so much for stopping by today to connect with Ashley check out all the social media links listed below!  Enjoy the rest of your day!


Travel Journal Docuementing

Blog Image_Yearbook

Hello Everyone! Sandy here with you today to share my new way of documenting our everyday life!  In the past I have done Project Life pages but this year I decided to give the travelers notebook a try and I am really love it.  Today I want to share a couple pages with you using my notebook and the March Clique Kit that features the Goldie collection!  This kit is amazing and if you are wanting to get your hands on one check it out HERE!  One of my favorite things in this kit is the exclusive ephemera designed by CK Graphic Designer Inna Moreva!  These ephemera packs can be picked up in the shop as well and you are going to love all the super cute designs in this pack!   I used my Instax printer to print the photos off my phone and this makes it super easy and quick to get these moments documented in my notebook!  This printer is light and portable and perfect for on the go!





So this is the first week in March and it was Dr. Seuss week!  They had crazy hat day and crazy sock day so these were everyday moments I wanted to document.




Gabby also lost her first tooth and drew a picture of Dr. Seuss that I kept and cut it down to fit in my notebook.   I love to add little items like this to my notebooks to always remember these moments!  You can find little doodles like this from your children and adding them to your pages just makes it that more special.






I backed  the photos with different papers from the March kit!  I love all the black and white and punches of color in this kit!  The super cute french fries are a March add on and are super cute!  There are 6 per package and are the perfect little embellishment to document the photo of the girls at Moe’s!


I also like to add the age next to their drawings!  Have you ever gone through books and asked when was this from!  This way it is documented and when the girls look back at these they will know how old they were at that time!


I also added a few wood veneers from the Pinkfresh Studio Felicity collection available now in the Clique Kit Shop!  Remember you can use my code SANDY10 to get 10% off your purchase of store product!  Here is a look at my completed notebook cover!


This way of documenting is fun, fast and simple!  I love that it fits nicely in my purse or bag and I can document on the go!  Please stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more pages in my notebook later this month!  Thanks so much for stopping today and remember to check out the Clique Kits shop!  The Ck ladies have added a ton of new and fun product including those delicious new watercolors!  Have an amazing day!






Student of the Month – Hannah Lemieux

student of the month


Aloha!! This is Hannah here and I am so excited to be one of the Guest Designers for March!! The “Hell Yeah “ Kit is so much fun to play with. I am loving all the black and white with pops of colors. For the layout I made I decided to go with that concept. Since I love making my backgrounds unique I took one of the Pattern papers and altered it. Yes, i know that sounds kinda scary, right?! I picked the Seven Paper Goldie paper002, which has Amazing black doodled stripes. Now I messed up there definitely was no going back. I broke out my watercolors and started painting more stripes. The Inspiration I had for my background was a shirt I recently bought that was a black and white plaid. I love the the stripes on my plaid shirt are different widths. On my background I played with this thought of making some of the lines wider. Since I had already picked out my papers, I went with twisted citrus in distress ink (watered down to look like watercolor) and some hot pink Heidi Swapp Color Shine for some of the other stripes on the background. I splattered the access of my paint brush in a couple of spots too.



I love how it turned out, even though it isn’t perfect. I find that is the key to homemade backgrounds. Embracing the imperfect!! The imperfections often adds to it’s uniqueness.
Now it was time to build the rest of my layout. I knew that I wanted to use three 3×4 size photos that I took recently during a unexpected trip back to visit my family. I took some nature shots of things we definitely don’t see much of in Hawaii, like sumac and birch tress. I knew I wanted to create this layout so my kids could see a little of what I used to see growing up but is so foreign to them.
Because my background was so busy I tried to pick just a few papers that were mostly black and white with pops of colors that were either in my photos or in the background paper I created.
I layered some of the exclusive die cuts pieces made by Pink Fresh Studios in a few areas to draw your eye around my photos. The wash tape also added a nice layer without being to much because you can kinda see through it.
IMG_0627 IMG_5395
For my title I used one of the pocket page cards from the Paper add by Photo play. The word Wonderful just looked so pretty. I couldn’t help but use it on my layout. I added the word Nature in the Red alphas by Studio Calico. I love these alphas, they are just the perfect size for titles. I only wish they had more of each color.
For my journaling, I waned to do something a little different. Plus with this busy background there wasn’t a lot of space on the main part of the layout to see what I wanted to write. I cut a little off the the sides of the layout and added the patterned paper on plain white card stock. This gave me a little edge around the layout for journaling.
IMG_0629 IMG_5399
I think it turned out really cool and adds something different to my layout.
Here is a look at the full layout completed.
Thanks for joining us today!! I hope you were inspired!! Don’t forget to come back and see what the other designers are doing with their March “Hell Yeah” kits too.
Aloha, Hannah


February Designer in the Spotlight – Nicole Nowosad

Blog Image_Prom Committee

2015 avatar square

Today I am so excited to be bringing you are February Designer in the Spotlight!  This month our kit featured the Shine collection by Maggie Holmes with exclusive cut files designed by Just Nick.    Just Nick is a digital cut file shop that offers unique and fun cut files that can be used on varies digital cutting machines.  Nicole Nowosad is the owner and designer behind all these fabulous cut files.  This month she created exclusive designs for our February kit Hot Mess and they have been extremely popular!

CK_Feb16-CutFiles CK_Feb16-CutFiles2

We are very thankful that Nicole took some time out of her day to answer our Q&A for February Designer in the Spotlight.  Please say hello to Nicole!

1. Tell us a little bit about your creative process and what inspires you?
I am really inspired by graphic design and colour/pattern. I really start a page or design with a shape in mind and go from there. I like to keep things fairly simple, but layered.
2. Where and when are you most creative?
Definitely in the evening and I usually scrap better when gathered with other scrappy friends.
3. What are some of your must have supplies?
Well, I can’t live without patterned paper. That and my digital die cut machine.  Most embellishments and titles can be made with just those two things!
4. Have you always had a love for design?
I have loved to tinker on computers and draw on them. It is much easier for me than actually physically drawing on my own 🙂
5. 3 things people probably do not know about you.
I am pretty much an open book, but for sure one thing is that I am quite shy in person. I like to talk  A LOT once I get to know someone, but at first, super shy. Hmm, what else.
I worked 18 years for a pizza fast food chain and believe it or not, although I hated it at the time, I miss the job quite often.
I was a drum major for the high school marching band. I know, I was a band geek 🙂
6. Favorite:
● Book  – Outlander series
● Movie – Pitch Perfect
● Candy  – Hot Lips or Swedish Berries
● Drink  – Slurpees
● Music – Maroon 5, Adele, anything mainstream
● Color  – Aqua/Teal and Mint Green
● TV Show  – Days of our Lives. I have watched it since the 6th grade 🙂
● Smells  – Cinnamon, vanilla. Anything with a yummy spice
7. How did you get started with scrapbooking and designing cut files?
I started scrapbooking at a home party about 17 years ago. Cut files came much later obviously, but as soon as I came across the Silhouette, I was hooked. Like I mentioned earlier, I have always liked to tinker on the computer. I took a desktop publishing course in college and so maneuvering the software came easily to me. It was a natural fit and I love it!
8. A piece of advice you would give your younger self.
Definitely take more risks earlier. Travel before settling down. Stay in college. Live alone for a while.
9. What advice would you give someone who is a new cut file user?
Start slow. Take a basics class. Learn a few favorite tricks like welding and tracing. Try to edit shapes on your own to create your own unique things yourself! And, of course take advantage of all the great freebies out there!
10. If you could visit any manufacturer who would it be (any industry)
Honestly, I think I would like to check out a fabric manufacturer. I would love to dive into the patterns and color!
Thank you so much Nicole!  It is always so fun to learn a little bit about the designers we love!  If you are not already following Just Nick or Nicole on social media please take a minute and visit the links below!  If you are new to cut files or have been afraid to get started now is the time!  They are so fun to use and once you get the hang of cutting you will be hooked!  Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you all have a wonderful day!  To get your hands on the February kit please CLICK HERE before they are gone!
social media links:
Instagram: @nicolenowosad & @justnickstudio
JustNick digital cut files:
Pinterest: @nicolenowosad
Twitter: @nicolenowosad
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Clique Kits January Challenge

Prom Committee

Happy New Year and welcome to the January Challenge!  Thank you to everyone who linked up for our December challenge and a big congrats to Bea!  She is the December Challenge Winner!


Bea please email to claim your prize and we hope to see you linking up again this month!  A big thank you to Evalicuos for being our December sponsor and please make sure to check out her shop HERE!

This month our challenge is anything goes and Clique Kits is this months sponosor!  One randomly chosen winner will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to the shop!

Here are a few details to go along with this months ANYTHING GOES challenge!
  • You may combine our challenge with other challenges
  • You may enter our challenge up to 3 times
  • Link up your projects by January 31th, 11:55 pm CST
  • You are not required to use a Clique Kit to link up
  • Create any type of project
  • Link directly to your challenge project entry post

Here is a look at what the Clique Kits Varsity Team created!










Student of the Month – Maria Delicata

Happy Saturday everyone!  I am so excited to be bringing you another post from one of our fabulous guest designers!  We have been fans of Maria and following her on YouTube for some time now!  So we are thrilled to have her as our guest this month!  Please say Hello to Maria!
image1 (1)
Hello there, I am back and super excited to share with you my first project for the Clique Kits Design Team member for Clique into the Holidays kit December 2015.


As soon as I got the kit I was inspired to create so many different things. I do love layouts but I have always loved doing mini albums as well. When I first started scrapbooking I used to do mini albums all the time, even more than layouts, as it was an easy way to document an event, such as a holiday abroad, the birth of someone special or even a birthday party.
It was quite an easy decision. I decided to create this mini album to break into this lovely kit as I figured that whatever is left over will work great for any layouts I might want to do. The stucture of the album is the simplest you can imagine and the great thing about this is that it only uses 2 whole sheets of 12 x 12 paper. The rest is embellishments and a few pieces of additional paper which help back the photos up.
It is definitely a shimmery album. I fell in love with the silver shimmery paper in the kit and wanted to find good use for it. I also did the unthinkable and mixed Gold and Silver together to create my album cover! Yes! Talk about daring!
Working on the structure was easy, and creating the pages even easier. The Pinkfresh Studio Christmas collection is such a versatile and easy collection to use. I printed six, 8cmx8cm photos of my daughter, one for each year she has celebrated Christmas and put together this little book of Christmas memories.
I definitely encourage you to do the same, with a couple of sheets of patterend paper and an event you want to document. This could also work great as a DIY Christmas gift for someone special.


I am loving the kit! Have I said it enough?? hohoho!
So here I will leave you with the video and some pictures of the finished album! Hope you enjoy it and don´t forget to come back for more!







Make sure to check out Maria on YouTube for more projects using the Clique into December kit!  Have a great weekend!


Tapestry Mini Album by Guest Designer Tarrah McLean

student of the month

Hi again Clique fans!

It’s Tarrah McLean joining you again, I am thrilled to be guest designing for Clique Kits for November!

I created 4 projects with the November Tapestry kit and I still have LOADS left over. I created 3 layouts and a mini album too…today I am sharing the mini album with you!Ayers Rock MiniJust last month, my husband and I were lucky enough to travel to Ayers Rock in our home country, Australia. It was AMAZING!!Ayers Rock Mini 2I created this mini album as a keepsake of our little holiday, adding in a few of our favourite photos from the trip!Ayers Rock Mini 3The colours and patterns in the Tapestry Kit were perfect for these photos from the Australian outback…the colours out there are beautiful earthy colours…Ayers Rock Mini 4I used a plain shipping tag as a template for my album and cut lots of the patterned papers using the template!Ayers Rock Mini 5I included some journaling to tell a little of the story also…some of the cards I left as they were and punched a hole in the top to fit through the ring…. Ayers Rock Mini 6Thanks so much for joining me on the Clique Kits blog today! I hope to see you again another time!

Happy creating….

Tarrah x