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Misting in small doses



Hi friends! Today, I’ve decided to play in the art studio again. It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled out my glimmer mist. I have several bottles of mist from when I designed for Tattered Angels, but rarely use them. And it’s not because I don’t love them, it’s because I have them hidden from my five year old son and forget to pull them out since they aren’t on my desk. I didn’t go crazy with the mist on my layout. I decided to use it in small doses by simply unscrewing the cap and tapping the access mist onto my layout. Love how a little mist makes such a big difference on this layout. What do you think? Totally, easy and not intimidating to use. If you haven’t tried experimenting with mist, try it. It can be addictive. Just don’t go spraying your walls and everything in sight. Hehe. I even included some “faux stitching” as well.

#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #pinkfreshstudio, @pinkfreshstudio, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, #misting, #scrapbooking, #fauxstitching

#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, #scrapbooking, @pinkfreshstudio, #pinkreshstudio, #misting, #fauxstitching

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9 thoughts on “Misting in small doses

  1. I just love all the different element you used on your layout, so cute!!


  2. Great layout! I love how you used all of the different pattern papers.


  3. Lovely layout. I only know how to use mist in small doses.


  4. cute nicole!!!!


  5. Whoa awesome!! I really love this!:D


  6. Totally fun, Nicole! Love it!


  7. The misting and the faux stitching always adds a little something extra, doesn’t it! Thanks for encouraging me to take out my mist!


  8. fun layout, nicole! love your background!


  9. Such a fun layout! I love the mist drops and the stitching!!


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