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Misting in small doses


Hi friends! Today, I’ve decided to play in the art studio again. It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled out my glimmer mist. I have several bottles of mist from when I designed for Tattered Angels, but rarely use them. And it’s not because I don’t love them, it’s because I have them hidden from my five year old son and forget to pull them out since they aren’t on my desk. I didn’t go crazy with the mist on my layout. I decided to use it in small doses by simply unscrewing the cap and tapping the access mist onto my layout. Love how a little mist makes such a big difference on this layout. What do you think? Totally, easy and not intimidating to use. If you haven’t tried experimenting with mist, try it. It can be addictive. Just don’t go spraying your walls and everything in sight. Hehe. I even included some “faux stitching” as well.

#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #pinkfreshstudio, @pinkfreshstudio, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, #misting, #scrapbooking, #fauxstitching

#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, #scrapbooking, @pinkfreshstudio, #pinkreshstudio, #misting, #fauxstitching

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Creating a layout in a snap


Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying the April Kit as much as I am. I can’t get enough of the Pinkfresh Studio goodies. There’s just so much of it and I’m NOT complaining. Ha! When I opened my box, my eyes immediately fell on the large pack of die cuts. I LOVE die cuts! Seriously, the majority of my layouts include them. They are perfect for creating a layout in a snap. And today I am going to share how easy it is to create a simple layout in a snap.

The first thing I did was place a few die cuts, scrap piece of paper and stickers in a grid-like manner about 1 inch from the left side and bottom of the layout as shown.
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Then I adhered the “Head into cloud” die cut onto the photo and adhered it above the grid.

IMAG6271-1-1Initially, I was going to stop here and call the layout done, but I felt like the top was missing something. So I cut some rub-ons in half and rubbed them above the layout and cut my die cut in half and adhered it above the top right-side of the photo. I also added another sticker and flair badge to complete the layout.
IMAG6272-1 And here is the final layout. Seriously, this was such an easy layout to create. I love scrapping 8 1/2″x11″ inches because it is so much easier than scrapping 12×12 layouts.

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Paint it


Hi everyone. It’s Nicole again. I must admit, I love die cuts, wood veneers and embellishments in general. I especially love all of the goodies by Pinkfresh Studio in the April Clique Kit! It’s seriously divine. This month, I decided to pull out my paint to use on the wood veneer that came in the kit. I wanted to create a fun, happy layout to introduce my new pet piggie, Hamlet! Yes, we got a little piggie for Edward’s 5th birthday. At first, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but over the past few weeks, I’ve come to love the little guy! He’s so smart and cute.


#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, #scrapbooking, #pinkfreshstudio, @pinkfreshstudio

I decided to use the rub-ons on paper and then cut them out and adhered them using foam squares to make them pop off the page. Love, love, love the gold rub-ons. They are the perfect ascents for any scrapbooking project and so easy to use.

#scrapbooking, #cliquekits, @cliquekits, #pinkfreshstudio, @pinkfreshstudio, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel

#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, @pinkfreshstudio, #pinkfreshstudio, #scrapbooking, #scrapbookkit

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Fun with printables

Hi everybody! I have a really fun layout to share with you today. Have you seen the fun print-ables that came with the April kit? OMG, I just love the color pallet. Such a fun combination of die cut patterns, tags and labels. CK_Apr15_Printables (1)

I love printables because they are perfect for when you’re running out of embellishments! Simply keep them in one folder and save them for a day when you need them. I print mine on heavy white cardstock and they look great. Why not try using printables on your next layout. It’s a great way to save money on your supplies because you can never run out of printables, just be sure to keep a good stock of cardstock and ink.

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