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Yearbook: Reach for the sky.


Hi Everyone! Réka here today to share a 8,5”x11” layout I created with this month’s „POOL PARTY” Traveler’s Notebook Kit.


Here’s what I came up with…


When I saw the very pretty blue paper from Pretty Little Studio: Ain’t Life Grand – 4 x 6 Paper collection I knew I would like to use for my next page and my pigeon’s picture is perfect for it.

I’ve edited the ’Reach for the sky’ title with the Silhouette Studio program and after I’ve cut it out of the white cardstock and I’ve backed it up the blue paper.


I’ve also added some word stickers from Pretty Little Studio: Ain’t Life Grand collection. I really loved to use these cute word stickers which it have completed my main title. When it was ready I’ve also splattered some green watercolour with my brush on the page.


The fussy cut flowers and the enamel dots were used to create a little clusters on the left and the right side of the photo.


I wanted to make my page excited a bit in that way I made the photo flipable and one more photo was added on the page.


I’ve decorated it with some element from the September’s printable file.


Some machine stitching and the date were the finishing touches to complete my layout.


I hope you enjoy my layout and thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful crafty day! See you soon! Réka



Misting in small doses


Hi friends! Today, I’ve decided to play in the art studio again. It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled out my glimmer mist. I have several bottles of mist from when I designed for Tattered Angels, but rarely use them. And it’s not because I don’t love them, it’s because I have them hidden from my five year old son and forget to pull them out since they aren’t on my desk. I didn’t go crazy with the mist on my layout. I decided to use it in small doses by simply unscrewing the cap and tapping the access mist onto my layout. Love how a little mist makes such a big difference on this layout. What do you think? Totally, easy and not intimidating to use. If you haven’t tried experimenting with mist, try it. It can be addictive. Just don’t go spraying your walls and everything in sight. Hehe. I even included some “faux stitching” as well.

#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #pinkfreshstudio, @pinkfreshstudio, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, #misting, #scrapbooking, #fauxstitching

#cliquekits, @cliquekits, #nicolemartel, @nicolemartel, #scrapbooking, @pinkfreshstudio, #pinkreshstudio, #misting, #fauxstitching

Thanks for stopping by today!


Let’s go!


Hello everybody! Nicole here. This year, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and give Project Life another go. I tried last spring and failed miserably. I’ve decided to stick with a 6″x8″ sized album to keep it simple. After completing my first double page spread, I’m thinking I need to go a little bigger, but time will tell.

If you haven’t seen the March kit yet, you’re in for a treat. There are lots of fun embellishments in this kit. I especially love the tiny text word strips and the acrylic shapes. Fun stuff! Oh and a girl can never have too many transparencies. I went to town with my embellishments for my first project life spread of the year. I thought they were perfect for the layout I had in mind.

We R Memory Keepers_Project life_Cosmo Cricket_Transparancies_Clique Kits_Washi tape_Nicole Martel_scrapbooking_boy layout

I love the “Believe in yourself” word strip. It went perfectly for the theme of my project life spread. The acrylic numbers and transparency alphas really helps make a statement. Wouldn’t you agree.

We R Memory Keepers_Nicole Martel_Clique Kits_Cosmo Cricket_Transparencies

I decided to punch a star shape from patterned paper and added it to my transparency frame. Love the look!

Clique Kits_Badges_Nicole Martel_Cosmo Cricket_We R Memory Keepers

If you haven’t given project life a try, why not challenge yourself this year to give it a try. I am determined to stick with it this year! Thanks for stopping by today!



Study Hall: Stitching with Cut Files —– —– —–


Salutations! Sophie here and I hope you are ready to have some fun with cut files today.  I think cut files are versatile and inexpensive tools to create with. Beyond using them with an electronic diecutting machine, they are perfect as stitching templates too. Here’s how.

Materials You Will Need

Materials Needed

  • Printout of selected cut file (I’m using the sunflowers digital cut file from 17 Turtles)
  • Scissors
  • Paper piercer (Mine was damaged, so I taped a needle to the handle and it works great too!)
  • Needle
  • Embroidery Floss / thread (Some floss have different tones in the same strand, like the pink one in the photo above. Using floss like these makes it easy to get different tones of the same color without having to switch thread colors)
  • Washi tape
  • Coloring medium (Paint, coloring pencils, water color etc.)
  • Cardstock
  • Foam mat (or a mouse pad)


Step 1

Step 1

Roughly cut out the printed sunflower and attach it to a piece of cardstock. Use only a little adhesive to hold your die in place. I would suggest placing glue on areas outside the pattern. For a clearer view of where you would be piercing the holes later, you can use a black pen to outline the shape of the sunflower if you like.


Step 2

Step 2

Using your paper piercer and foam mat, punch holes on the sunflower. Start at a corner and space your holes as evenly as possible. Try not to punch the holes too closely together, as the paper may tear when you stitch later.


Step 3

Step 3

Separate the printout die carefully from the cardstock and erase any residual tape. Thread your needle, knot the end and stitch through the holes. Here, I used the embroidery floss as it is, to achieve a fuller looking bloom. If you like your stitched image to have a thinner outline, use less strands of the floss. Once all your stitching is completed, you can either knot the end or use a little washi tape to secure it.


Step 4

Step 4.JPG

Color in your image using your medium of choice. Trim away excess cardstock around the image and you are done! As you can see from the photo, I chose not to stitch the center of my sunflowers. Instead, I left the holes empty and outlined them with a brown marker. You can use a French knot for the center or perhaps use some perfect pearls to dot it too.

And here’s a look at my layout using these stitched sunflowers:

Sunshine Smile, @Colortypes Sophie @CliqueKits, #Cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #CKhomecoming


Remember I mentioned using floss that come with different tones? The roses on the layout in my previous blog post were stitched using it. This resulted in blooms that had darker outlines in the middle and lighter pink tones on the outer petals.

Sewing Detail Small


Well, I hope you are inspired to create some stitched images of your own. Try different stitches and floss for completely different looks. If you are on the look out for some awesome cut files, don’t forget that you get to take 25% off your order at 17turtles with CK17TURTLES25. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you get to enjoy 25% in the Clique Kits shop using CKNOV25. Both promotions are till the end of November 2014. Do share and leave a comment should you find yourself picking up your needle! Happy stitching and creating!





Art Studio: Distressing and Hand Sewing

Blog Image_Art Studio


Hello there! It’s Caroli here and today I want to show you this layout I made using distressing and hand sewing.

As you can see, I used a lot of triangles, they are very trendy lately, but I wanted to add a special touch to my triangles, so I use a distresser tool on the edges and also hand-sew around it for a more interesting texture and volume.



Also, I created a sequins pocket with one of the triangles using vellum and some star-shaped sequins inside, love how it looks 🙂



I love the soft and delicate look of all patterned paper from Lemon Owl, they are great for mixing and very modern.



I used a gold doily from my stash and placed it behind my pic, and then used one of the butterflies from the embellishment strips to decorate. I cut the same shape in vellum and placed it under it so as to add more volume.





I hope you like the idea and dare to distress and hand sew some triangles on your layout. Have a nice monday!




Yearbook: Let’s Do the Write Thing!


Hello everyone! Sophie here today to share with you about writing on your creations. In a journaling rut? Have no fear! Today I’m going to share with you numerous ways to climb out of the hole and plunge right into your journaling. So pick up your pens and let’s Beg, Borrow or Brave it to get our words on a page, without the need to buy anything. Yay!

1. Beg It.

Sometimes the words to a page are best written from a different perspective. When I am stuck or lost for words for a page, I turn to my husband to get his thoughts. Some of my best writings are the result of interviews with family members and friends. I love my colornote app on my mobile phone, which allows me to quickly write precious gems of stuff my kids say or do. I refer to these notes whenever I am creating, and they are my fuel for words. Alternatively, get someone to write a sentence or two on the subject matter that you are scrapping. Perhaps have a family quiz where everyone answers the same questions. Not only does it work a treat for family bonding, but you produce instant fodder for your journaling purposes. I have asked my daughter the same list of questions every year in her birthday month – favorite color, place, food etc. and love how the responses show she is evolving as she grows up. Next year, she will have to write her answers and this mama will score some words without lifting a pen.

Other ways to get words from others include using those penned by your child’s teacher in progress reports, greetings written in cards, thoughts found on Facebook status and even comments on your photos on Instagram. Since many of us actually spend time on social media, why not use those words for our pages too? While at it, look out for numerous free printables that are everywhere these days. Clique Kits have some of the loveliest around and they are oh, so versatile to be used as part of your journaling. These often have beautiful sentiments that work great as embellishments too.

See the title on the following page? That’s from a 17 Turtles cut file:

Grateful, @Colortypes Sophie @CliqueKits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #CKhomecoming

2. Borrow It.

Why reinvent the wheel? There are loads of great journaling stuff found in quotes and famous speeches. Try searching online for quotes with specific words in them that convey the sentiment of your page or use lines from your favorite show, song, book or even the tagline of products and mottos of institutions. Many of these make great titles too and you kill two birds with one stone in the process. Personally, I love including lines from poems and children’s books on my pages. I have also found myself reading information leaflets for words and descriptions of the places we have been. No harm using those on a page since they have already been written and edited.

Instead, of having entire chunks of words as journaling, have a list of words, or use a definition. Perhaps a list of synonyms describing your feelings, child, day or trip. Consider having the definition of “life”, “breathe” or “excitement” for a page about your everyday. Clean the dust off your dictionary and thesaurus and there you have before you, instant potential journaling material at your disposal. In the above page, I chose to include a list of wishes we have of our daughter. That made journaling on the page much faster.

3. Brave It.

Do it yourself. Set the timer for a minute and write. No editing or doubting yourself. Never mind grammatical or spelling errors. If you would like to edit what you have written, then write on scrap paper first. If you are in the habit of journal writing, read through your entries and select choice sentences to use on your page. To shake things up a little, try writing using a different medium. Think crayons, markers, paint brushes or calligraphy. Have fun with your own handwriting. If you are one of those who would really rather not have your handwriting on a page, there is always the option of typing on a typewriter or a computer. Play with the fonts, size and colors. The possibilities are endless!

Or perhaps you are after some extra oomph in your writing? Play with words. Use literary devices like puns (words that sound alike such as “right” and “write”), alliterations (words starting with the same letter), metaphors (likening a person to something “You are my cupcake”) or onomatopoeia (sound words like “ah”, “whoosh” and “Wham”) in your journaling. These often add a dimension of humor, fun and deeper thought to your creation and will certainly illicit a laughter or conversation with whoever admires your pages.

And there you have it. Three possible ways to get you writing again. To make things even easier for you my dear reader, all these journaling tips have been summarized in a chart for your quick reference.

Clique Notes: Do the Write Thing

Tips to Get Out of a Writing Rut




Beg It Interview someone 


Someone else’s handwriting

Create questionnaires

Free printables

Progress reports

Comments from Social Media







Notes you have taken

Borrow It Stories, poems 



Movies, songs, taglines, mottos

Definitions, synonyms

Overheard conversations

Information leaflets






Notes you have taken


Brave It Type it 


Paint it

Write without editing

Play with fonts

Literary devices

Keep a Journal

Typewriter / Computer 



Personal handwriting




Print it out and the next time you find yourself in a journaling rut, pull out the chart and try one of these ideas. So go on now and do the write thing! Oh, and before I leave you, see those blooms on my page?

Grateful Sewing Detail, @Colortypes Sophie @CliqueKits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #CKhomecoming

Those were hand sewn using 17 Turtles cut files as a template and painted thereafter. There are loads of yummies in the Clique Kits store waiting to be discovered, so don’t forget to enjoy 25% in the Clique Kits shop using CKNOV25 and take 25% off your order at 17turtles with CK17TURTLES25. Promotion runs till the end of November 2014. Happy creating!


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Geek Lab: Pinterest Inspired-Changing it Up


Hey Clique Kits fans!  This week is a super busy week for me not only at home in my personal life but also in the Clique Kits warehouse!  We have some great things happening soon so make sure to stay tuned!!  My oldest had his first day of Sophomore year yesterday and he was a little more excited than I thought he would be!  He is looking forward to new art classes this year and working hard towards his dreams of becoming a graphic designer.  I have been so busy around the house with getting the kids ready to start school, 3 kids in sports and a million other things that my creative mojo has run away from me!  I have sat down more than a handful of times to create and I end up having to walk away from my desk because I have just not been feeling it!  Well Pinterest to the rescue!  I can always count on Pinterest to get my creative juices flowing again!  Do you ever lose your creative flow?  What gets you back into the swing of things?

While I was on Pinterest I noticed more and more 8 1/2 x 11 layouts and I was really loving how they were looking!  I have only completed a few myself and tend to just stick with one page 12×12 layouts.  I do follow Kelly Holbrook and she creates some fabulous 8 1/2 x 11 spreads!  I have also created a Pinterest board with a few of my favorite 8 1/2 x 11 layouts and you can check that out HERE!  I was also inspired by a lot of the stitching that I saw on these layouts along with shapes either all over a page, on the top or bottom of a page or even off to the side!  Here are a couple of my Inspired by Layouts from my Pinterest board.

1182243_orig 3495010_orig


I really enjoyed creating my layout and pulling some inspirations from the layouts on my board.  This may be my go to size when creating layouts!  Here is a look at my completed layout using the August 2014 Clique Kit and a few items from the Clique Kits store!



I used one of my heart dies and my Big Shot to cut out all the hearts and then pulled out my sewing machine to add some gold stitching through the hearts and also in the middle of the layout and the top left corner.  I love how this layout turned out and I am in love with all the gold touches in the August kit!  Thank you so much for stopping today and I hope you enjoyed my Pinterest inspired layout!  I would love to see you change it up a bit and create an 8 1/2 x 11 layout!  Share with us on the Clique Kits Facebook page, tag us on Instagram or upload to our Flickr Gallery!