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Locker Room: 10 minute card


Blog Image_Locker Room

Hi! It’s Justt here! Today I would like to show you my ten-minute card made with March “Hell Yeah” kit. It sometimes happens that we need to make a card within half an hour for example and we’ve got a problem! Here are my tricks 🙂

First of all, I prepare things I need. It’s always better to prepare them in advance. In that case, it’s of course the March kit.


Then I choose similar in color papers and die-cuts. This time it’s white, pink and turquoise. Three colors and black and white is enough and safe.


With die-cuts, I try to make a “compact” composition. Putting things close to each other and make a 3D composition is always a good idea 🙂


Then, to fill a “hole” in the left corner I cut out one flower from the whole die-cut. Sometimes less is more 🙂



“Dreaming” word perfectly match the whole card. Die cut March pack especially designed for Clique Kits is enough to choose from. You’ll find them lots of pieces matching one another.


In the end we only need to add printed sentence and the card is done!


This is how it looks like 🙂


I obvoiusly spent more than 10 minutes because I had to photograph the whole process but I can assure you that you won’t spend more than half an hour togehter with preparing materials to creat such a simple card.


I used March “Hell Yeah” Kit.

Have a good day!


4 thoughts on “Locker Room: 10 minute card

  1. Haha, that is me… Lol. Simple isn’t always so simple eh? Adorable card! Love the soft colors.


  2. What a super cute card!!!


  3. love this card – i think it’s so pretty!!


  4. Gorgeous!


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