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Yearbook || Carpe Diem Pocket Page



Good morning, everyone!  Kat here today to share a pocket page that I made with the awesome Carpe Diem kit.

When I make a pocket page, I try to stick to a color scheme of sorts to keep everything coherent.  For this spread, I gravitated toward the blues in the kit and then added pops of fun color throughout the spread:


One of my favorite things to do in my pocket pages is to make confetti pockets.  Now with the fuse tool, this is easier than ever!  I wanted to create a pocket to hold all the tags from a shopping trip I went on.  I backed the tags with a shrinked down version of the calendar cut file and added in a bunch of gold sequins:


I also decided to make my own week title cad – I did not go with too much blue on this one because I just couldn’t resist the bright yellow journaling card that was in my kit:


I also created another filler card to highlight the photos of my niece with ice cram all over his face.  To make this card, I just typed out the word “yummy” three times and glued it down over one of the transparent cards:


And finally, I do like to have little bits hanging of the edges of some of my project life pages to make my album more fun and interesting.  For this page, I decided to highlight one of the photos with the day of the week the photo was taken on:


And there you have it – a detailed look into one of my pocket pages.  This kit is so much fun and so colorful that I think I will use it to another project life spread.  I am ridiculously far behind, so catching up is one of my summer goals!


5 thoughts on “Yearbook || Carpe Diem Pocket Page

  1. I love how this flows and the confetti is fun!!


  2. This is so cute. I really love the confetti shaker pockets!!


  3. Fun PL pages, Kat. Love your confetti pocket technique! Genius 🙂


  4. I love that you saved tags from your shopping trip! What a great idea!


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