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Study Hall: Take A Closer Look…



By now whether you are a subscriber or just checking us out you have had a chance to take a peek at the September Kit Study Abroad which will be shipping in just another week! I hope that you are lucky enough to be a subscriber, since this kit is already sold out! But not to worry, we are pretty sure we have arrived at a magic formula for creating kits that cannot be beat anywhere in terms of setting a new standard in awesomeness. So as soon as that subscribe button goes live again next week, you can sign up with confidence that every kit will be a winner. And here is why.

1. Paper collections: Clique Kits picks out winning paper collections every month from a designer collection that coordinates so that you don’t have to think about whether the patterns and colors will match! We are on the pulse of the hottest trends, and then some we scope out from designers and new companies you might not have heard of! We’re full of surprises each month, so you can open the box and create! 


2. Handmade: We love it! Clique Kits is all about DIY so naturally we will bring you something not only exclusive but handmade in your kit. Sometimes it’s a hand crocheted appliqué, or a hand painted item, or these hand folded origami hearts we sourced from New York City which were up-cycled from discarded Japanese comic books. How cool is that? You will be sure to have something unique on your layouts that can’t be found just anywhere!

3. Indie: Oh yeah! We love those Indie designers who rock the arts and crafts markets on Etsy, DaWanda, and ArtFire. Like these gorgeous wood veneer paper planes in the September kit. These were special ordered from a supplier down under in Australia just for Clique Kits September kit and we LOVE them, don’t you?

4. Fair Trade/Small Business: Especially those owned by women creatives like ourselves! Pinkfresh Studios, Freckled Fawn…these are some favorites. Not to discriminate against the men-we know some awesome ones who support us and our passions! Clique Kits is looking to create an international network of women… wives and mothers dreaming, making, and sharing in their homes and communities. We salute them! Here’s another one we salute this month-the amazing Ashley Horton’s:

And there’s more…like the fact our kits just Clique! We make our kits good to the very last scrap with never-ending print as-many-as-you-want digital products like printables and cut files. We can help you use up your hoards of supplies and be a more productive scrapbooker. There are certain things we think you probably don’t need to add to your stash-we call it the filler and fluff. But we keep a school store just in case there’s something extra you ‘need’ to add to your kit. We have big plans to continue to make our school store even better this fall, based on the ideas and requests of our current subscribers who we listen to every day in our private Facebook group.This month we were inspired by Lilith Eeckels, who will be joining us as Designer in the Spotlight, to include some chalkboard paint in the September kits when we saw her sharing a tutorial on using chalkboard paint on a layout on one of the blogs she posts on. This is the wonderful thing about the internet, and the online community we share. Even though times have changed and we may grieve the loss of smaller scrapbooking stores in many places, we can still connect with one another for inspiration and friendship more than ever before. We have an international community! Here is a look at a map showing where Clique Kits subscribers can be found across the U.S alone! We also have subbies in Europe and Canada, and we hope soon many other places worldwide! (We keep shipping as low as possible, and are always looking for ways to save on shipping costs.)

View CK_Aug US Subscribers in a full screen map

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a closer look at Clique Kits! We hope you like what you see!
-xThe Clique Kits Girls
Gia,Jody,Erica, and Lacey

Author: Gia Lau

Owner and Creative Director of Clique Kits Curator and Designer at Gia Aloha Blog and Etsy Shop

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