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Geek Lab: Styling with a Stylus

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I am generally a low tech type of crafter. Yup. I love my scissors and another tool – my stylus. You know, that double sided silver ball thingy that was handy once upon a time to do embossing with brass stencils (it was a long time ago!)

Dream Artist Stylus,  @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking#DIY #ckhappyeverything

I have found my stylus to be really effective, especially when working with vellum and here’s my page today that I created using it:

Dream Artist, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking#DIY #ckhappyeverything

First, I placed a piece of vellum over that wonderful mint background paper on the bottom of the page.  I traced over the white lines with my stylus. To get darker white lines, I folded along each line. And once all that was done, I colored in some of the triangles, punched out a couple of circles and I had some customized patterned vellum for my layout!

Dream Artist 1, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking#DIY #ckhappyeverything

I found this to be the perfect complement to these photos of my little girl. One afternoon, after I had settled her brother in bed, I came out of the room to find her fast asleep with her drawing board on her lap. Turns out she was busying drawing, hence the title “Dream Artist”. I cut the patterned vellum into circles to mimic her drawing.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you will consider picking up your stylus once again and have some fun with it!