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February Designer in the Spotlight – Beth Snyder

Hello Everyone!  Erica here today to bring you our February Designer in the Spotlight!  This month our kit featured the beautiful Hazelwood collection by 1 Canoe 2 and we could not wait to meet the designer behind the collection!

Beth Synder is the owner and one of the many faces behind 1 Canoe 2!  She has taken some time out of her day to answer a little Q&A for us today!  So grab your choice of drink, sit back relax and say hello to Beth!

1. Tell us a little bit about your creative process and what inspires you?We are makers at our core. We love to play with paper and glue and bits of fancy things. We are based in a small town in the Midwest, where the skies are big and the flowers are wild. Inspiration is all around us in nature and life, but our customers are the biggest inspiration. Making things for all of our followers is what keeps us excited!


2. Where and when are you most creative?
Personally, I’m a morning person. If I could get up at 4am and work till noon, that would be ideal. The other two artists on our team are night owls and often work at the office in the morning, take a break in the afternoon, then paint till the wee hours of the morning. There’s something about the quiet hours when the world (and social media) is asleep that draw out the best work. It’s probably the limited number of distractions.


3. What are some of your must have supplies?
Gouache paint, a couple of really good brushes, and an Xacto knife! And washi tape.


4. Have you always had a love for design and can you share where we can find
more of your work?
We are new to scrapbooking, but we’ve had a bustling stationery company for 7 years! You can find planners, notebooks, greeting cards, and lots of other fun stuff on our website (, or in a shop near you!


5. 3 things people probably do not know about you.
  1.  I won an Emmy for television graphic design in my former job.
  2. I’ve broken my arm 4 times.
  3. All I really want in the world is for all the great people I know to know each other and be best friends.


6. Favorite:
● Book: Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, or The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert
● Movie: Steel Magnolias and Bridget Jones’ Diary (the first one)
● Candy Peppermint patties
● Drink Gin and Tonic, or Diet Coke
● Music Fleetwood Mac
● Color GREEN
● TV Show The West Wing
● Smells I have a terrible sense of smell! But probably lilacs.


7. We love the name 1 Canoe 2! Can you tell us how the name came about and
how 1 Canoe 2 was started?
1canoe2 is all about the spirit of friendship and team work. We like to think of one canoe, two girls. We started out on Etsy and have gone on to sell to over 1000 stores worldwide, including Anthropologie and Paper Source. I ran the business out of the basement at my house for 4 years before finally moving first to a little red barn, and now to a renovated bank building in our little town.


8. A piece of advice you would give to your younger self.
You be you. And never apologize for it.


9. The Hazelwood collection is one of our favorites and the response from our
subscribers has been incredible! Any plans for another scrapbooking collection?
We are just wrapping up the artwork for a new collection with American Crafts that will release in July! It’s called Creekside, and is all kinds of outdoors, starry skies, and family travel oriented. There are some SERIOUSLY CUTE accessories coming with it too. I can’t spill the beans yet, but let’s just say that you’ll squeal when you see the collection.

Beth thank you so much for being our February Designer in the Spotlight!  I know our readers are just as excited as I am to see the new collection!  To check out more from 1 Canoe 2 head on over to their website and blog and follow them on Facebook!