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Share your space with Magali Le Luc

Magali here today to share my crafty space with you and
I have found a mantra made for me and my craft space!


Each time I want to show my craft space, I am a little anxious about what people could think (especially the ultra extremely organized crafters),
but we are all different, aren’t we?

And even if my space is always (or nearly always) a mess, I must admit that I need it.
Most of the time, I lose things when I try to organized my stuff and I tend to feel very inspired when I have embellishments, papers and all sorts of things all over my table. I love creating several pages with a same embellishment set.
But today, I’ll try to show you how a messy creative person organizes her space.
Don’t be surprised, I was feeling so ashamed
that I took the mess out of the room before taking the photos!
(keep in mind that this would have been too hard for organized people eyes).

Let’s start!

I recently moved in a new room of my basement, as we broke down a wall in the basement to create a large family room. As I wanted to keep a closed room (in which kids cannot come alone), I’ve decided to move into another room of the basement. In the previous craft room, I had a large table with shelves on the wall (all built especially for the space by my lovely sister). The dimension of my new room are a little different so the table and the shelves are not exactly made for the space
but I continue to love this large white table with the shelves on the wall. This is also why we can now see the connection between both part of the table.

On the picture below, you can see half the length of the table.

craft room (6)

I always work on the pink mat.
I have all my inks on a  little carousel. This is always super easy to grab the colour I need.

And as I love to have everything on hands, needless to say that my favourite organization tool is this Clip It Up. I can easily see every embellishment sets I have and it’s placed in the corner of my table, right in front of my working space (on the right on the below picture).

craft room (10)

Right beside this carousel, you can see my Clique kits. I keep them separated by kit in large plastic transparent bags!

craft room (16)

On the right side of my mat, I have my paper collections
and all my tools in a big white carousel too!
As you can see, all my papers are in a big plastic box
(that you can find in an hardware store). I place the papers by colour and when new collections arrive, I place them in the front, by collection.

craft room (8)

At the opposite part of my table, I have made a giant box for my letters.
I love letters, so I have tons and tons of them in every colour. A few months ago, I was not able to organize them anymore, so I decided to gather them all in the same box!
(the box is around 2 1/2 feet long). In that box, I organized my letters by colour.

craft room (4)

As you can see on the picture below (sorry, there is so much light coming from the window, that it was hard to take a proper photo), I have red pots from IKEA over my table, where I place my staplers and my date stamps).

craft room (7)

Under the table, I have large racks with drawer boxes! I absolutely love these drawers.
I place the products for my different DT teams, my ribbons and laces, my white and black papers, my paper trims, lots of stamps, etc.

craft room (15)

And I am not sure if you noticed it earlier but I have a kneeling chair. I sit all day long in a traditional office swivel-chair, so I need to give rest to my back when I scrapbook.
That’s why I’ve opted for this chair and I love it! craft room (1)

I am a punch lovers, so I have all of them ready to use.
Some are on a rail (thanks IKEA again!). I love that I can see them very quickly.

craft room (12)

The rest of my punches are in the lower stage of my Raskog cart (yes, I have one too, but you won’t see it, as I had not the time to decide what to place
in it yet and it’s nearly empty).

craft room (14)

Right behind me, there is this shelf. This is newly installed so I have not a lot of things in it (and that’s why it seems so organized!).
At the top, I have my Big Shot, with the dies.
Below are my Project Life cards in the plastic box.
The wicker baskets are still empty (I’ll certainly place my die cuts in them).

The plastic box at the bottom is a box where I put all my tiny paper trims.

craft room (13)

I hope you enjoyed the Tour! 🙂



Share Your Space with Melissa Elsner

Hey friends,

Melissa here with you today and I’m sharing where I create! I’ve done it video format because there is just so much to share and it was easier than taking a ton of photos.

The biggest thing to know is… I scrap in my bedroom. Or is it… I sleep in my scraproom? I think the latter has slowly become more accurate. Also, what you see is what you get! My room is not matchy, matchy. Everything is not perfectly organized. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m cleaning a bit as I go in this video. Haha!

Oh! Also, I realized I forgot to show a couple of things. When I show my laptop and coffee, you’ll see a jewelry organizer on the wall. That is where I keep my loose embellishments. Near the end when it’s on me and you see a blue board, in the background, hanging on the wall… it holds two bread pans. That is where I store my enamel dots and bling. (I found it at a cute little street vendor. I love repurposed items!)

Alright, here is the video. Enjoy!



Share your space – Maryám Pérez

Hello everyone! It’s Maryam and today I’m here to share something different. If you’ve read the title you already know of what I’m going to share, so… Here is my scraproom, also know as “creative room”.

*Note: If you see something different in the photos, it’s because I took them on different days.

Let’s get started! Here is my desk. I have the things that I most use, like stickers, stamps, papers, etc. I also keep my laptop and my graphic tablet on the desk.


On the right side of the desk I have some organizers where I keep some die-cut packs that I still have some pieces. On the other one some stickers, and on the big one I have my alphabets.


This is a glass jar and I keep some of my most used tools in it. By the side, I have one plastic bowl where I put “planner” stuff like clips, little wood veneers, etc.


Then, I have three organizers and they have dividers in them, so they are perfect to keep my sequins organized… I also keep the Clique Kits Flairs buttons.

As you can see I have this polka dots box, and here I put Clique Kits stuff.


In this little drawer I keep my Pretty Little Studio DT stuff and some things for my Project Life.


In the next wall, I have two shelves. On this one I have pencils, PL cards, flowers, mini albums, punches, thread, gesso, washitape and films for my Instax Camera.


And here I have my PL album, The Chronicles of Narnia book collection (Yes I know, left one book, but my sister is reading it), a black and white drawer, two crowns made by me, my camera charger and an earth globe.


I still have a lot of things to organize, but I hope you liked my little space where everything happens and the creative flows.

See you soon,



Hello Chicago


Hello Clique Kits friends!

Marcia back today with some more inspiration for you using the awesome July Kit Raskog featuring the Pinkfresh Studios Life Noted collection. When I saw the AWESOME paper, I really wanted to use it to scrapbook a picture from a trip to Chicago with my daughter and some of her friends. How can you not think to scrap some city pics with those buildings on this paper! I find most of the Pinkfresh Studios papers to be very busy … lots of patterns, graphics, colors. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially since my style tends toward layering and combining pattern papers with digital cut files. I find it much easier to use the papers as they were designed and not try to mix pattern papers too much. I only used a single sheet of paper on this layout. It is very simple…

I merely added a little watercolor behind my photo, pulling out some of the colors from my photo. This really helps draw the eye to my photo. I embellished with one of this month’s exclusive flair buttons, an arrow clip, a rubber charm and sequins from the kit, and then a few extra add on pieces from the Pinkfresh Life Noted collection.



The Hello acetate word and alphas included in the kit were used for my title. I used my Xyron Sticker maker to adhere the acetate Hello here. It worked really well.


I wanted to share a scrap room organization tip with you today too. I don’t always use all the flair in each months Clique kit <gasp>. Sometimes they just didn’t coordinate with the photos I scrapped. I kept my extra flair in a bowl on my scrappy desk. But my bowl was getting full, and I thought I would use more flair buttons if I could easily see what I had. I decided to make a magnetic frame to store them on.


I bought this 8×10 vintage looking frame at Micheals and inserted a magnetic sheet from my Xyron Creative Station in place of the photo. I could then display my metal backed flair on the frame. It holds 63 flair buttons! You may recognize some of the Clique Kits flair, others came from Etsy stores; A Flair For Buttons,  the Flair Shop, and Paper Issues. I may have a slight flair addiction … this IS NOT even all of my flair! I love this frame so much though that I am thinking of making another one for my Cocoa Vanilla Studios flair.

Well that is all the scrappy inspiration I have for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by!



Scraproom Tour with Caroli

Hello there! It’s Caroli and today I want to share my scrappy place and some ideas that have worked well for me in order to organize it.

I must start saying that I don’t have such a huge room for myself, but I share a spare room of my house with my little girl. Half of the room is mine and the other half is hers. We have our desks aligned together so she can make her homework and I can scrap at the same time. Sometimes on the weekends we get to scrap together too 🙂

I’ll show you my side of the room, this is how it looks from the door

Believe it or not, it looks as clean and tidy all the time. I need to have a clean table and organized environment in order to keep my creative juices flowing. My system is simple: I take out a tool, I use it, I put it back where it belongs, thus, the mess wont start growing.

This room had a makeover recently, it was painted and i organized furniture in a more convenient way, so I still I’m decorating and working things out,  but at least it is clean and all my stuff is there to work with.

My work table is next to the window, so I can enjoy natural light on weekends, that is when I mostly work on my scrapbooks.

Over my desk I have all thing I use more frequently; on these buckets I keep pens, brushes. scissors, and small tools.

This is a Hello Kitty CD organizer I got several years ago, and now it helps me organizing some embellishments and alphas.

This organizer displays my alphas, Thickers and small embellishment packages in a convenient way. A friend got it for me in a flea market and I just love it!

On the other side of the table I have this cookie dish I love because it’s cute and also very useful. I keep some small ink edgers, and some other tiny stuff I’m using in a given moment for a specific project. Most of the time I keep here the embellishments of the Clique Kits’ kit I’m working with.

Next  to the desk I have two shelving units where I store most of my stuff papers, big tools and machines.

Small shelve was custom-made by my man some years ago, and there I store patterned paper, cardstock, and some baskets where I keep  punches, thread, twine, and many other small things.

In the big shelve I keep my BigShot, sewing machine, printer, and also my stereo and some CD with my fave music… yes, I’m old and I still  use CD, LOL! But in my favor I must say that most of the time I connect my tablet and listen to some nice playlist.

Finally, I have this cart my Mom got me last year, which I love because its colors and because it can store a lot of stuff. Each drawer has some kind of stuff, like the mix media drawer, the stamping drawer, the sequins and wood veneers drawer, etc.

The god thing about this cart is that it has wheels, so I can have it handy when i need it and return it to its place when I’m done.

And that was my place. I also store some more cardstock and random stuff in a closet in the opposite side of the room, but you don’t really want to see that mess, LOL!

As you can see, I don’t have a ton of stuff, my basic rule for scrapbooking is use as much stuff as you can until you buy new one… of course I keep on collecting things but i don’t consider myself a hoarder, but a user 🙂


Hope you like my place and get inspired to organize yours, I let you this pic of how I’m decorating my wall these days, specially with this framed layout I made using my I Am Gold kit ❤   Have a lovely hump day 🙂



Scraproom Tour

Hello Clique Kits friends. Marcia here today to share with you my scrappy space and some tips for organization. My scrap space has evolved over the years. When my kids were smaller, I scrapped on weekend retreats and got by with a few totes and a scrapbook case. Then I slowly began to take over the dining room table. I  hated having to pack everything up and put it away though when we were expecting guests. My kids began leaving home, college bound, and I began eyeing those empty rooms. When my oldest declared she wasn’t coming home for the summer I moved into half of the room. I had plastic tables and totes, no shelves. I brought in a futon for her to sleep on when she came home to visit. I slowly replaced the plastic table and totes with a desk and an IKEA Expedit wall unit. A year ago the futon was replace with my computer.  I love having my computer closer to my scrappy supplies!  I have been back to IKEA many times since to add more organizing solutions to my space. Here are a few pics…

My newer paper stash is stored vertically by manufacturer, but I do have some older paper still stored in bins on top of my Expedit along with boxes of photos. I keep a boom box in my room as I like to listen to library audio books while I work. My cats like to lay on the top of the Expedit, so I have to leave room for them (or else they will just knock stuff down!). The wall unit stores my finished layouts, finished cards, dies,sewing thread, extra adhesive (one of these wicker bins is just for my Xyron adhesives!), Imaginisce tools, stamps, bakers twine, washi tape, flowers, alphas, random craft supplies, you get the picture. I like to keep tools and supplies I use often close by. I have tin buckets that hold colored pencils, markers, scissors, H2O pens, picks and scrapers, paint brushes. The buckets are hung on a rod  (from IKEA) so I can’t tip them over 🙂 . On my desk I have a basket organizer that holds odds and ends. This is where supplies go that I intend to use on a project or that were leftover from a previous project. Every once in a while I clear this out and put stuff away. My favorite Quick Quotes chalk ink pads fit perfectly under that bottom basket. They sit in boxes I can easily pull out to search for that perfect color. The bird cage holds some favorite washi and lace tape.

Two walls of my room are lined with shadow boxes to display some of my favorite layouts. I intend to update these every so often. Above my desk is a clip-it up that I created with another IKEA find. I also have a magnetic white board there that holds pics I want to scrap, sketches, due dates for projects, and more supplies in these cute little canisters (you got it, they are from IKEA too). On the side of my desk are rows of rods that hold my favorite punches and baskets for my most used paints and mists. A Raskog cart holds stamps, embossing folders, ribbon, chipboard, and more embellisments and sits next to my desk.

photo 2


photo 1
I have a walk in closet in here, but it is full of yarn, fabric, vinyl, and quilting supplies. Yes, I love to sew and knit as well as play with paper. My sewing cabinet sits under the window and houses my sewing machine and serger. My Big Shot and Xyron Creative Station sit on top of the cabinet. (There is also a pile of fabric there. Need to make my daughter some scrubs.) Next to that is a doggy bed for my dog.

In the corner is my computer desk, Silhouette, printer, and an organizer I use to hold my cardstock paper scraps (organized by color of course.)  When I need some cardstock for a project I look in my scraps first before pulling out a new piece of cardstock. I store more inks, embossing powder, and stamps here too.

I hope I have given you a few ideas for your scrappy space.