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Sunday School: Trust your instincts


Happy Sunday all! Today, I am sharing my  very first Bible page. I LOVE seeing what others do with Bible pages and I’ve been wanting to give it a try for awhile now. For my page, I used several shades of acrylic paints and lots of stamps. I finally got the chance to pull out my butterflies and floral stamps.


I used a good amount of stickers and die cuts on my pages too. And stencils. Seriously, I had such a great time altering this page and tag.



What do you think? Think you’re ready to give it a try. I plan on doing several pages using inspirational quotes that I’ve found on Pinterest.

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Clique Agenda: Wander


Hello all. Nicole here with a fun project to share with you. I finally got a chance o get messy with this travelers notebook. Have you gotten yours yet? I think there’s one more in the shop if you are interested. Snag it now, (here) quick, because it might be gone by the time you get finished seeing what I did with mine.


I am relatively happy with how this turned out. However, I did make a mistake. I did NOT apply gesso to the travel notebook BEFORE I applied the paint which means that it didn’t take long before the paint started to peel off the notebook. So before you do anything with yours, do yourself a favor and apply gesso to your travel notebook right now.



I added some scraps in the supply case to have on hand whenever I feel the need to decorate a page. I love blue so I gathered a few blue pieces of embellishments. 🙂



I used lots of acrylic paints and watercolor paints to decorate my travel notebook inserts. I love the acrylic paints by Ranger. The colors are so vibrant. I used watercolor paints by Prima and Shimmerz Paints as well.

For the folder insert, I decorated it with blue and green acrylic paint. Once dried, I used a paint dabber to make little white circles on the cover. Then I painted a thicker word and applied it to the front of the insert.



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Art Studio: blah, blah, blah



Hello everybody. What do you think of this month’s exclusive papers? Like it? I love the Blah, blah, blah paper because it’s something that my son often says to me when I am talking! I know, rude right? Rather than keep the paper white, I decided to use my watercolor paints to create a multi-colored background. And I love that the paper has a nice finish to it which helped prevent the paper from tearing!


blah blah blah_Clique Kits_Nicole Martel_Layout

Rather than use a regular paint brush, I prefer using the aqua brushes because they hold the water in the brushes which allows you to control the water flow more easily.



Some areas got a little more water than I had intended, but it still worked out. I simply dabbed the paper with a paper towel to help prevent the paints from running together.


A few close ups:

There goes those adorable acrylic French fries again. 🙂




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