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Share Your Space | Stephanie Gold

Hey everyone!! Stephanie Gold from Golden Simplicity here this month for some Share Your Space fun! I sort of took over our home office at our old house so when we moved this summer, I made sure to organize the room to be more craft room with a side of home office. 😉 I am the home “office manager” anyway, right?!

Starting off our luxurious tour, I will bring you to the office side of the room which is beautifully decorated with this old… I mean VINTAGE… folding table typically used for parties when covered in plastic table cloths. It sits on top of a few gorgeous plastic tubs with items from our move that have been sitting there for months and will probably end up getting donated in a couple years when I decide I no longer need them sitting at my feet.


The lovely desktop computer has proven no longer working, but still contains all of my addresses so here it sits, a completely non functional, expensive, Apple computer shaped statue until I can figure out how to fix it (don’t tell hubby). The chair is actually from my parent’s dining set growing up and is surprisingly comfortable… this might actually qualify as vintage haha.


On the other side of this gorgeous piece of furniture you’ll find my Silhouette, paper cutter, cardstock organizer, and my $3 Target steal of a light pink card base holder thingy (completely scientific term).


On the left of the folding table and fancy computer “art” is my printer which sits on top of our filing cabinet and the “No Craft Room Is Complete Without” Teal Raskog Cart (but this sucker is seriously amazing and I can’t imagine my life without it).


The top of my cart holds all of my inks and acrylic blocks, colored pencils & pens, date stamp, and some oddball items like those gold clips, chapstick, and that one random Maggie Holmes stamp that I love. 🙂


The middle holds all of my dies, washi tapes, and my baby wipes which are adorned with sort of a “steal these and see what happens” note (but it’s ok because I put a smiley face at the end of it).


And then the bottom holds all of my punches, MISTI, and embellishments organized in plastic bags inside that yellow wire basket.


Onto my craft desk which I couldn’t fit all in one picture… apologies!! The left side has my clock/speaker/phone charger iHome thingamabobber (again, scientific) and my Traveler’s Notebook which I use quite often. I write all over my mat with random quotes and phrases and song lyrics and it ends up getting pretty filled up. My kids also like to come scribble something down for me or place a sticker on there for me too. 🙂


I have some Moroccan lanterns, a family photo of my lovies, and a framed quote that keeps me motivated… The birdy is from my Grandpa’s house – it always reminds me of him. And then I have feathers and some paper antlers always hanging out (don’t know why… I just like them because I’m all hippie and random) and right now I have these gorgeous dried leaves too that one of my besties brought back for me from up north because fall is my favorite – isn’t that the SWEETEST?! Love her… Real leaves are hard to come by around here (I live in the desert) so I truly love having these around. 🙂


And then the right side of my desk has the tools I use the most… scissors, adhesives, a few more washi tapes, doilies, water colors, water color paper, rulers, etc… and then my beloved Big Shot. 🙂 I have clear plastic containers (99 cents from Home Depot ya’ll!!) on a shelf with all of my DT stamp sets. I’m pretty big on keeping my stash and tools low and I don’t like spending top dollar on organization either. Most everything I use is either hand me down, gift, or Target dollar aisle.

Welp, that’s basically it!! Thank you all for stopping by to check out my little crafty space!! Much love friends!

Xo, Stephanie

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Geek Lab: 5 Reasons why I love my Fuji Instax Mini 8


Hello there!  Caroli here once again to show you the last post of the month using the gorgeous January kit Alegria.

Today I want to tell you some of the reasons why I love instant cameras, more specifically the Fuji Instax Mini 8.  Last year I bought one as a self present for my birthday and I can certainly tell that this is one of the best gadgets I’ve got so far. Do you want to know why, well, here I go!



1. I love it because I get the pic inmediately.
For an scrapbooker this is real gold! Sometimes I am in a hurry for a project or maybe I really don’t feel like spending so much time taking a pic with my reflex camera, downloading it to the computer, editing it and finally printing it. In that situation the Instax Mini is my best option, you just grab it, make click and the pic is printed and ready to be used, priceless!

2. I love it because of the beautiful vintage feeling of the pics.
The pics get printed in a cute credit card size, with enough space for writing someting below if you want to, not to mention that the colors have that vintage look, love love love!


3. I love it because of the excitement for unknown results.
I still remember the excitement of shooting analogous photography. The uncertainty of not knowing if your pic would come out as you thought and the happiness when the pic came out even better than you though.  At least for me this is one more reason to love my Instax 😉


4. I love it because it’s oh so cute!
In addition to shoot great pics, the Instax Mini 8 is such a cute device! I have a white one but it comes in several colors,  you can even buy a pretty bag for it, adding more cuteness if that is possible.


5. I love it because I can store the pics in even cuter ring albums
You can use the pics on your layouts, mini albums, or even can store them in tiny ring albums created specially for them!  I got these albums some months ago from the Clique Kits Store, in gold color, the perfect combo ever 🙂


Well, now that you know why I love this camera and its format I want to share this layout I made using some pics I took with my Fuiji Instax 8.







I hope you like this post, and if you are considering getting a Fuji Instax I really recomend you to do it so, they are a really useful tool for scrapbooking.  Have a lovely day! 🙂




Geek Lab – Photobooth Apps

Hello! It’s Caroli here and I’m so happy to post for the first time on the Geek Lab 🙂  Today I want to tell you about some cool apps I use once in a while for editing the photos I use on my layouts or minis.

One of my fave effects is Photobooth.  I love photobooth pics, evenmore if I can make it at home or wherever I feel like it!

I use the PiciBooth in my iPhone and PhotoBooth on my tablet for creating photo strips, which look pretty cool on layout or mini albums.

The way of using these apps is very easy, you just need to follow the steps they ask and that’s all!

As you can see, I used this photobooth strip for this layout I made with October Kit. I used black and white pics because I think they make a fab contrast with all the color on the papers, but the apps also allow you to make strips with color.


Since the photo strip is long and thin I placed it in the middle of the page and tried to balance the composition by placing a grid on the left and an embellishment cluster and journaling on the right.



Hope you liked the idea and try it sometime, if you have funny hats or wigs it would be even better 🙂 Have a lovely Thursday!!