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Art Studio: Gel Medium and Crayon


These two, Gel medium and Crayon are and unlikely combo but I hope you are up to reading what this is all about!  Let’s get started with the tutorial!

Using the black Fancy Pants paper that came with the kit, I took some Matte Gel and spread it on the paper.

While it is still wet, I wrote ‘hello’ and ‘2016’ in the gel with an dry embossing tool to add some texture and interest.

After it was dry I took a neon crayon and rubbed it over the matte gel.

Layered the embellishments with height,

and highlighted some of the writing with a write pen.

Viola!  A textured background!

I wonder what it would look like to use different types of paint instead of crayon and the overlay?

I’ll have to try that one out next.

Thanks for joining me for this Art Studio!