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Student of the Month- Lisa Fritzler


Hi Everyone!  Lisa here with you today and I thought for the blog post today, I would share with you what I have been creating with the July Clique Kit (Carpe Diem.) I even have a video to share with you. I started out with the gorgeous wood grain pattern paper from the collection. This has to be my favorite paper and I would seriously hoard it. I love wood grain though. And the only thing that would make it better would be if they made it scratch and sniff.


The next thing I did was try to find a picture that I wanted to scrapbook. I have made it a challenge to myself to pull out some older pictures to scrapbook, so I pulled out an older picture of my son when he went to a petting zoo.

I looked through the papers I had left and the music paper jumped out at me. I feel like sometimes music paper could be related to being “girly” but i decided to give it a go. I added some layers of pattern paper behind the photo to add a bit more interest to the picture and to help guide you eye to it.


I then cut out some pieces from the cut apart sheet like the days of the week strip and the “Today” border. I added the wood vernier “This & That” piece, flair badge, and enamel key to a cluster on the bottom right side of the picture.


I then cut down the arrow transparency. This was just to get rid of the excess plastic. I then found some old frames in my stash as well as some other sticker and chipboard pieces. I added those to another cluster on the left side of the photo. I did this just so I could balance out all of the embellishments that were on the right side of the picture.



After the last final touches and journaling the page is complete. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, please watch the video to see it all come together.  Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more projects using the July Carpe Diem Kit!  Have A great rest of your day!



Student of the Month – Lisa Fritzler


Hi Everyone. Lisa here. I’m so excited to be the Guest Designer for the month of July. I was completely over them moon when Clique Kits asked me. I have been a subscriber to the club for a few months now and love everything about it.



How about I tell you a little bit about me. I live in Alberta, Canada and I am a mom to 2 older children. I have been Scrapbooking since about 2007 but I didn’t start making process videos until 2008/09. I have made so many friends through YouTube and Facebook that are involved in this scrapbooking community and I feel so fortunate to be involved with these super creative and wonderful people.




The collection for the month of July is 365 from Chickaniddy. Oh my goodness, can I tell you, this kit is beautiful. Perfect for the bright summer months. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it so I could play and create.I did get the extra addons to play with. Look at those alphas. They just make me happy. I have a box opening you can watch HERE to see everything in the main kit as well as all the extras I got.


Whenever I get a kit, I always look at the collection and see if the paper tells me what to do with it. I know that sounds funny but sometimes you just see a piece of paper or an embellishment and it screams at you, “I would look amazing if you did this!!” I know it sounds crazy, but I have been told I am. So I just go with it. Lol I feel like the first page is always the hardest to make. You have this kit and looks beautiful and then you have to take your paper trimmer to it. I swear the first paper screams when you cut into it. But then once you get the first page over with it gets much easier. My first page was no different. I was so scared to ruin my first page. I call it the first pancake rule. You know how when you make pancakes, sometimes the first pancake doesn’t turn out. That’s usually what happens to me. But this time, my first pancake turned out amazing. I thinks it’s my favorite page so far.

11649289_1638391909708323_277351149_o 11275530_1638391923041655_1522880657_o

You can check out the video for this layout here Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed my layout!  You can check out some of the July kit add-ons in the Clique Kits shop HERE!  I will see you again in July to share another project using the Carpe Diem Kit!