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Hello everyone!
I am here today to present you a Halloween page made with the November Kit.mleluc-november-boo

Sometimes, we tend to forget we have lots of beautiful punches to create little details on our layouts. Today, I want to show you a way to integrate negatives of die cuts made with punches.
I’ve used a heart punch and a flower punch. I cut stripes of paper (1po or 2po wide) and then I cut lots of hearts and flowers, as you can see on the picture below.
Then, I aligned the created border on the black paper background. Look at how the design is highlighted. This creates a beautiful lace background to frame your picture. At the bottom of it, I added a blue border, this supports the hearts and flowers part and adds a visual interest to the whole layout. Then, I’ve layered several die cuts from the kit.

And don’t forget, buttons and sequins are perfect to add a final touch.
Have a wonderful day! Magali xxx


Patient Zéro | Magali

I am so so happy to be here to show you my first blog post as a Clique Kits design team member! I hope you will feel inspired by the following layout made with the November Kit Swan Lake.


We are used to document the happy and joyful events of our life, but I am fully convinced that sad events have to be lived to enjoy the lucky events even more. Have you ever noticed how your heart explodes when you see someone you love smiling after several days of sickness?

So, please, don’t forget to document the unfortunate moments in your albums… these are also parts of your life and they are a complete part of your story. No need to say a lot, no need to find the perfect words, just write what you need to say truthfully from the heart.


Difficult to find the words? Try to use the computer to write your story (easy to correct and delete parts when necessary), choose the font you prefer and print your text. This way, you just need to cut stripes and add them to your layout.mleluc-november-patientzero2

As you can see, this was not the best day for our oldest son, but no worries, he’s better now! After he developed a relatively rare complication of a streptococcus infection (we did not even know he had been infected), we discovered he was the first case of a family epidemic!mleluc-november-patientzero3mleluc-november-patientzero4

It’s your turn now… find an important, but not so happy, event to document! I am sure you will treasure this memory!

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