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Soak Up The Sun | Yearbook

Hellooooo! Steph here again with another Travelers Notebook project for you!! Have you signed up for this kit yet?? Because it’s amazing!! CLICK HERE for more info on it. ūüėČ


For this layout I balanced both pages with strips of pattern paper at the top and bottom. Keeping the colors light and airy, I chose a color scheme that worked well with my black and white photo and was available within my kit. I think this blue distressed woodgrain pattern paper may be my favorite. ūüôā


I used the left side of my layout for journaling and kept it simple so it didn’t get too busy. Then my photograph and title went on the right page.


I loved this giant phrase die cut!! So cute!!


I hope you are all enjoying your summers!! Have you created with the Travelers Notebook kit yet? How do you like it??

Xo, Stephanie



February 2015 – Mood Board

Happy Thursday!

Can you believe we are already halfway through January? Today we are excited to share with you our February Mood Board. We will be also be showing off some sneak peeks in the next few days and revealing our February Kit next Wednesday during our January Pep Rally.

Our February Kit is entitled Punxsutawney. What is the meaning of Punxsutawney, you may ask. Well let us fill you in.

Based off of Punxsutawney Phil, which¬†is a legendary groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. On February 2 of each year, the town of Punxsutawney celebrates the legendary groundhog. During the ceremony, which begins well before the winter sunrise, Phil emerges from his temporary home on Gobbler’s Knob. According to the tradition, if Phil sees his shadow and returns to his hole, he has predicted six more weeks of winter-like weather. If Phil does not see his shadow, he has predicted an “early spring.”¬†The date of Phil’s prognostication is known as Groundhog Day in the United States and Canada, and has been celebrated since 1887. (summary from Wikipedia)

Now here is to hoping if you live in a cooler part of the world, your winter is not longer than it has to be.


The February kit will brighten up your day and sweeten your life. If you are not a subscriber, start today! Head over to our website and start your subscription.

the Clique Gals


Locker Room: Tassels Anyone?


Salutations! Sophie here and thank you for taking the time to join me today. Love tassels? I do! I think they make a great embellishment for scrapbooking projects and I love creating my own from scratch.

I love the twine that was included in this month’s kit. Using it,¬†a pair of scissors, a piece of cardboard and some other embroidery floss, I made tassels for the following page:

Little Day Out, @Colortypes Sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #masqueradeball

Here’s how you can make your own too:

Tassel Floss 1 Small

1. Cut a piece of cardboard (length of cardboard = length of tassel). Cut a small slit at the top of the cardboard and attach one end of the twine through the slit.

2. Wind your twine around the cardboard about 12 times (more rounds = fuller tassel).  Ensure that the last round ends at the bottom of the cardboard.

3. Using a short piece of floss (about 15cm), slide it under all the loops and pull it to the top.

Tassel Floss 2 Small

4. Tie a secure knot at the top.

5. Remove the tassel from the cardboard. Be careful to keep the shape of the tassel.

6. Using another piece of twine, wind 3 rounds near the top of the tassel, before securing it with a knot. Cut through all the twine at the bottom.

And you are done! Cluster your tassels to add greater dimension to your page. If you rather they not swing around too much, staple them on. Here, my tassels help to draw attention to all the tiled black triangles on the page, while adding some playfulness at the same time.

Little Day Out @Colortypes Sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #masqueradeball

I love how tassels add color to a page and soften the overall feel of the layout.

Little Day Out @Colortypes Sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #masqueradeball


Tassels can be made from other materials too Рlike the glassine bag I found in my kit. On this page, I stringed the tassels in a row to resemble poms-poms and stapled them at the bottom of the page.

Do the Write Thing, @Colortypes Sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #masqueradeball

I love how it appears as if the tassels are swaying pom-poms, to cheer my little girl on, as she learns to write.


To create these glassine tassels,

Tassel Glassine Steps Small

1. Cut a strip of paper along the length of the bag (wider strip = longer tassel). If you want to add color to your tassels, now is a good time to paint them.

2. Snip along the length of the paper, leaving a little margin at the top. To save time, you can fold your paper in half or thirds before doing this.

3. Unfold your paper if you have folded it. Roll paper into a coil tightly and seal the end with a little glue.

4. Finish the tassel by wrapping the top with a little washi tape or patterned paper if you like.


There you have it. Handmade embellishments ready to grace your next page. Have fun making your own tassels and do leave a comment and share your projects that include tassels too!



Geek Lab: custom backgrounds


Hi everyone, it’s Danielle here with you today from the Geek Lab! As you probably know, each month you get some fabulous exclusive cut files with your kit. I’m a total cut file addict and I always try to get the max out of the cut files and not just using them as they were meant to be. Today I’m sharing with you how I like to make complete backgrounds with cut files.

Let me start with the triangle border cut file, which I used on the layout I’m sharing today. I fell in love with this triangle design right away and I knew it was perfect for my picture of the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco. I copied the border a couple times and placed two of them starting on the left edge of the paper and two on the right, as I didn’t want them to cover up the entire width of the paper.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeballI used white cardstock for my background and backed it up with the Ashland paper.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

Of course it might be easier when I had cut out the borders with the Ashland paper and place them on the white cardstock, but for some reason I like this effect better. You just need to complete the design now by placing the white leftover pieces back into it. There for I place (don’t glue!) the borders back in the shapes to exactly know where to glue down the white pieces.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

When every piece is in place, you take away the borders and your background is finished. At the end of this post you’ll find some more designs of¬†backgrounds made with this month’s cut files, that you can easily create yourself.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball


And here’s my finished layout that I’ve made with this background.

TransamericaPyramid, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

What I love about these October Afternoon alpha’s is the two different sizes, especially with long titles. With this title I would never have enough A’s to do the title with only the bigger letters, so this is a great solution.

TransamericaPyramid, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

Besides the triangle background, I tried to continue the triangle theme throughout the entire layout. You can find them in the flair button, the paper behind the photo, the element stickers and also the Pinkfresh Studio wood veneer chevrons can be seen as triangles.

TransamericaPyramid, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

TransamericaPyramid, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

As promised here are some more examples of how to use the cut files as backgrounds. The first one is the same as I used above, but using it vertically.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

For the second one I made a tribal background design, using the feathers.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

The third one is made with the skyline border and all I did was melting two of them together and placing them at the bottom of the page. You have a great design for any city or skyline picture now.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

And the last one is a background with the lightbulb cut files.

GeekLabTriangles, @Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball

For all of these designs I just use the grid that you can select in the Silhouette software, I don’t measure anything perfectly. Have fun creating and I can’t wait to see what you will make with these background designs or with ones you design yourself

Thanks for stopping by!

@Danielle de Konink, @Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #ckmasqueradeball







Prom Committee: October Kit Sneak Peeks



Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m switching it up today and giving you some inspiration for our upcoming kit, Masquerade Ball. Now this kit is already sold out (crazy I know), but if you LOVE our kits and don’t want to miss out on the scrap action, we are welcoming new subscribers in November 2014.

October Mood Board


Above you see a mood board with colors and images (found on Pinterest) with the feeling of our October kit! I have to say, there are some amazing things in this kit! Including… oh wait, I can’t give it away quite yet. We are only a few days away from the reveal! But how about a few sneak peeks of the kit?!?!

CK_Oct14_sneak1  CK_Oct14_sneak2  CK_Oct14_sneak3


Do you see something you LOVE? How about all of it?

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for our September Blog Share with our subscribers! Check out what they have created with our September kit and comment on the blogs along the share for a chance to win a prize from us!

Thanks for joining me today! Have a scrap happy rest of your week!