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Designer in the Spotlight – Michelle Coleman

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Happy Thursday everyone!  Today I am super excited to be sharing this months Designer in the Spotlight!  This month we came out with two Holiday Kits each featuring a different collection.  Our very popular card kit featured the Dear Santa collection from the new and fabulous company Photo Play Paper!


The designer behind this collection is this months Designer in the Spotlight!  I fell in love with this collection when it was released by Photo Play Paper and I just new we had to feature it in our Holiday Card kit!  It is so classic and beautiful and the patterns are to die for!  Everyone please say hello to this months Designer in the Spotlight Michelle Coleman!


1. Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

I usually start with a theme or a basic idea/direction in my head then I pull colors for the line. I find inspiration for my work practically everywhere; Clothing, fabrics, print media, Pinterest, my favorite places to shop, etc. My brain is constantly filling away new ideas and color combinations to work with. Then I sit down and just dive in, I draw, create patterns, doodle, paint and just play until I get the feeling I want to have for the line.

2. Where and when are you most creative?

I work play from home in my studio and I have my 4 year old son with me most of the time. I’ve learned how to be creative at the drop of a hat. As soon as I get to sit down in my chair for more than ten minutes, I am pretty much able to turn it on and GO. If I do find myself stuck on a project, I have quite a few techniques to get the ideas flowing. Creating is my passion and I am so very blessed to have the opportunity to be creative every single day.

3. What are some of your must have supplies?

• My Mac, it’s almost like a member of the family; it’s trusty and holds all my secrets 😉

• Adobe Illustrator; if my mac is a family member, illustrator is like my best friend.

• My Spotify playlists; the perfect way for me to get out of my head and into my art.

• My Wacom tablet; 95% of all my artwork is drawn on my tablet straight to my computer.

• My camera, crucial tool in taking photos for textures or an adorable pattern on a dress I want to try out on my next line.

4. Who are some of your influences?

I’m very influenced by my favorite places to shop; Target, H&M, Anthropologie, Urban Outfiters. I also LOVE finding inspiration in home decor, fashion and print magazines

5. 3 things people probably do not know about you.

1) I am completely self taught in design and illustration, the only art class I have ever taken was 7th grade art. AND, my teacher told me I would never be an artist because I didn’t know how to shade properly. Ha Ha, take that Mrs. Jenkins.

2) As much as I LOVE designing, writing is my other passion. I am working on a children’s book that I am writing and illustrating. And someday, when my children are all grown and I can find more quiet time during the day I plan to start writing my first novel.

3) I am a light worker, energy healer; a reiki master. I am very connected to spirit and the flow of energy. This assists me enormously in my work and creative play

6. Favorite:

  • Book –  “The Count of Monte Cristo” By Alexandre Dumas
  • Movie –  “Edward Scissor Hands”
  • Candy –  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Drink – Salted Caramel Mochas
  • Music –  This is ever changing, currently two of my favorite songs are: The Walker by Fitz and The Tantrums Safe & Sound by Alfred Hall.
  • Color –  Every shade of blue
  • TV Show –  “The Good Wife”

7. Can you share what helps you break out of a creative slump?

I have many techniques and exercises I do to assist my creativity to easily flow. Some of my favorites are

  • Yoga
  • Connecting/meditation
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Playing with my kids
  • Getting outside, taking a walk, connecting to nature

The quickest way to easily get out of any slump. Jump in the car, crank up the tunes, roll down the windows and just take a drive. Notice everything; the way the sun hits the leaves on the trees, the sounds of birds, or wind, or voices. The sun peaking in and out of clouds, or the raindrops, or snowfall, or whatever you experience. Notice it, feel gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you every day. Breathe it in and actually SEE it. Don’t forget to car dance to your favorite song! Looking silly and laughing at yourself is the perfect invitation for creativity

8. The Dear Santa collection is just so beautiful. Can you tell us what inspired you when creating this collection?

I was very fortunate on this collection to work with an amazing creative director, Jody Hunt. His vision was pivotal in the creation of this line. It was inspired by Christmas Classics. Easy to use fabrics and patterns pulling from vintage and modern designs. It all started with the perfect Santa. He’s one of my favorite pieces in this line!

9. Have you always had a love for design?

Yes! In high school I focused my intentions on interior design and fashion/window displays. It wasn’t until after my children were born that I ‘fell’ into scrapbooking and started creating my own designs and patterns to use in my layouts. My love for creating had a snowball effect, 12+ years later and I am still going strong. I’ve had the privilege of designing for many companies in the industry; American Crafts, Crate Paper, Craft Smith, DCWV, Echo Park, Fancy Pants Designs, Michaels, Paper House, Photoplay Paper, Prima, Simple Stories, We R, & Walmart.

10. Can you share where else we can find your work?

Besides the previously mentioned companies, I run a digital website where I sell my designs and post my layouts. Little Dreamer Designs You can also find me on Facebook|Pinterest|Instagram

11. How would you describe your style?

I love playing and creating in many different styles. I would say that my designs tend to fall into playful, whimsical, and slightly vintage designs. I adore texture, and layering and painting in my collections, but I also love creating modern collections with cleaner lines. I love throwing out the rule books and adding in unexpected elements that add personality and life.

Michelle thank you so much for taking the time to be our Designer in the Spotlight!  Be on the look out for Michelle’s new designs in the Photo Play Paper collection Like A Girl!  We are so crushing on this collection and we can not wait to get it in the shop!


I hope you all have a wonderful day and please take a minute to check out Michelle on all her social media and also stop by the Photo Play Paper page and give them a like!


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