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Share Your Space – Réka

Hello! It’s Réka, and I’m so excited to share a little tour of my craft space with you today. Beginning of this year I made a little investment and purchased a new desk and a shelf from IKEA. It was a really good choice and I fell in love with them.


Let’s see my desk. It is in our bedroom, opposite to the bed and the reason is why it is here, because that is the place of TV where it sits but when we finish the renewal in the other bedroom, it will be go to there with the bed and I can start to decorate the wall and the whole room finally. I can`t wait it, so exciting to create a new world in the house, which is only my own.

So far only one thing has gone to the wall yet which is my dream catcher and below there is my Silhouette Cameo on the desk. I was waiting a lot for my Cameo and when I look at the dream catcher and its message  „Follow your dream” it always inspiration for me that I am able to reach everything what I want, sometimes it takes so long but it is worth to wait. Believe me.


When I choose my desk I knew these thing must be put on it, so I decided to buy the bigger one and beside I still have a lot of space to create. However sometimes I start to work on the desk and at the end just finish it on the floor.

I love the drawers of the desk. They are so big and able to hide a lot of thing. I often use boxes or baskets to organize the items by category, for example one for enamels or one for flowers. This is a proven method to keep tidy easy.

FullSizeRender (21)


Between the drawers there is my printer which is one of my favorite tool I often use.


The other one of my favorite thing is the shelve for my craft stuff.


I just decorate it as I want, how mood I am. It is a little gallery. It also contains a lot of boxes and baskets, my cute things and layouts, some old creative books.


I also love the lights and it was the first thing which went to the shelf.



My mother always says If everything has an own place after that I can keep tidy everywhere. I always remember her words.

This is it… “my studio”. I hope you enjoy this post! Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day! Réka