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Hey everyone!  Erica here with you today to get you all excited for the big Clique into Color online crop that starts TODAY!  We are so excited about this crop and we can not wait to get started!!!  The crop will happen on Facebook but I will leave a link below in case you are not on Facebook  and would like to participate!  Here is the schedule for the weekend crop!


I will be popping in and updating this post throughout the weekend!  We have a fabulous guest designer joining us this weekend and I am sure most of you already know her!  Say hello to Adele Toomey aka Inky Quill!


Each challenge will have a prize and you will have until August 21st to link up or upload your projects in the event page.  The limited edition Clique into Color kit did sell out but I do have some amazing paper packs to giveaway so stay tuned for that!  Bella Blvd is one of our prize sponsors this weekend and one lucky participant will be randomly selected to win this prize!  We are looking forward to a great weekend of fun, crafting and connecting with our fans!  The fun starts tonight at 5:00pm CST in the Facebook event page HERE!

5:00 Sketch Challenge-Use the Sketch below as inspiration for your project.

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For our followers not on Facebook you can link up by clicking the blue button below!


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Designer in the Spotlight – Lindsey McLaughlin


Happy Thursday everyone!  Erica back with a special Designer in the Spotlight post!  This month we are excited to share two Designer in the Spotlight posts with you!  We are so excited about our Clique into Color kit we just had to invite both Stephanie Smokovich and Lindsey McLaughlin to be in the spotlight!  The #Selfie collection designed by Lindsey is colorful, fun and perfect for everyday documenting!

SW6202_Journaling_Cards SW6203_Cameras SW6204_Words SW6201_Selfie_Sticker_F-01Looking at this collection instantly makes you smile and I think it goes so well with the Bella Blvd Just Add Color collection!  Lindsey took some time to answer some questions for us all today!  Please say hello to Lindsey!

View More:

Q. Tell us a little bit about your creative process.                                                                                                                                    I’m always looking at everything around me for inspiration. Nature, pinterest, instagram, etc. Then I take it a step further and look for colors and then i start either sketching in my notebook or on the computer depending on the style I want to go with. I have a main file where I let out everything whether it’s good or bad and then tweak the designs from there. 

Q.  Where and when are you most creative?
I’m most creative in my office when my desk is clean of course. Then my mind isn’t wandering around thinking I should clean up the mess. I love to be creative in other ways than just designing on my computer. I love to make things with fabric and paper of course. I’m always up for trying new materials and crafts.
Q. What are some of your must have supplies?
My must have supplies would have to be my Wacom tablet, Silhouette CAMEO, and nice pen and sketchbook.
Q. Who are some of your influences?
I have so many influences and it changes by the day. I have always loved Anna Bond’s work and style. Elise Cripe is amazingly creative and always thinks outside of the box. I love seeing the different projects she has going on.
Q. 3 things people probably do not know about you.
This one is a hard one! I don’t really keep things from people.
     1. I have 2 older sisters that I am super close with. When we get together we love to make things together. It’s getting a little harder                now that we have kids.
     2. My close friend, Ashley, set me up with her brother and now we are sister-in-laws.
     3. I have two toes that are webbed. One on each foot. Still get teased about them to this day! 🙂
Q. Favorite:
    Book: Gosh, I haven’t read a book in forever. But I can sure get through a Nicholas Sparks’ book. Cheesy, but definitely better than the       movies.
    Movie: Love Sandra Bullock’s movies. The Proposal is one of my all time favorites. ( How can you not love Ryan Reynolds!)
    Candy: Carmello yummmm
    Drink: Diet Coke but have been off soda since the first of July!
    Music: Indie -Helps inspire me and get me in the groove
    Color: If you know me, I can never pick just one. Right now it would be Mint.
    TV Show: Gilmore Girls running in the background at least twice a year. Can never get sick of it.
Q. Can you share what helps you break out of a creative slump?
Sometimes I just have to walk away from the computer for a few days and not touch it. I also like to take walks and get inspired that way. I also like to ask my husband’s opinion sometimes. He has some good answers!
Q. We are loving the #Selfie mini collection from Echo Park!  Can you tell us what inspired you when creating this collection?
As I mentioned already, I can never just pick a few colors. I love to go all out! Especially bright colors. That called for this collection immediately! I got inspired from a few photos on instagram. I’ve always wanted to do a watercolor and painted phrases and this was just the collection to do it in.
Q. Have you always had a love for design?
Growing up I always loved art in elementary! I was always coloring, painting, or drawing. As I got older I thought I wanted to study business management in school. My mom said “you should go into graphic design.” And of course I thought why didn’t I think of that first. Design has always been a huge deal to me. I may critique things a little too much.
Q.  What are some hot new trends you are loving?
I am digging all the DIY party decorating everyone is doing! I love seeing the different ways to use scrapbook paper instead of just for a scrapbook. I’m all about multi-purposing materials. It’s super clever and satisfying.
Lindsey thank you so much for joining us today and being one of our July Designers in the Spotlight!  We look forward to more amazing collections from you and we hope you enjoy seeing projects from our Clique into Color kit!


July Designer in the Spotlight – Stephanie Smokovich



Hello everyone!  Erica here with you today and I am so excited to bring you one of our July Designer in the Spotlights Stephanie Smokovich.  Stephanie is the designer and owner of the fabulous Bella Blvd.  Her love for drawing and creating started at a young age and today she is the sole designer of the bold and beautiful Bella Blvd brand.  Her recent collection Just Add Color is the feature collection in our Clique into Color kit!  This kit has sold out but find out how you can win a mini color kit on Stephanie’s Instagram!


Stephanie took some time to answer some questions about her creative process, some of her favorites and the inspiration behind the Just Add Color collection!  Please say hello to Stephanie Smokovich!


1. Tell us a little bit about your creative process.
My creative process is truly different each time, and completely depends on what inspires me. At the moment of inspiration I take notes and begin sketching right away. Then I prefer to “let it simmer” a bit and a week or so later I’m ready to begin drawing and integrating designs digitally!
2. Where and when are you most creative?
That’s definitely hard to answer, but I would say when my mind is most clear ideas come to me. During family vacations, business trips, or running on the open road.
3. What are some of your must have supplies?
The Bella Blvd Enamels are really on every single project I create lately! And I’m a major sucker for patterned paper. I love prints and patterns, it’s part of my DNA. I think I will hoard it for the rest of my life!
4. Who are some of your influences?
My innermost circle of friends really inspire me. Not only for designing at Bella Blvd, but also in life. I feel like when I’m the most happy I am the most productive. My parents constantly inspire me to love and be generous.
5. 3 things people probably do not know about you.
I’m waaaay too hold to be sleeping with a teddy bear every night, but yes I do.
As a new mamma I’m much more of a morning person than I ever was before.
I can wiggle my ears without touching them 🙂 (I’m weird like that!)
6. Favorite:
● Book—eeeek….I’m not a huge reader. Right now I’m tackling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up 
● Movie— Under the Tuscan Sun (I would live in Italy if I could)
● Candy– Resees peanut butter cups
● Drink — water. I know, boring.
● Music
● Color PINK
● TV Show—Amazing Race
7. Can you share how the name of your company Bella Blvd came about?  
Sure! My mother’s side of the family as an incredible Italian heritage. With a mother, an aunt, and grandparents all born in Italia, we have been raised on principles like loyalty, blood is thicker than water, family, family, family, love, forgiveness and God’s grace. Bella is Italian for beautiful, a word I heard constantly growing up from my Nana and Nano. And, Blvd was a natural feed as I really imagined a street name for the company name.
8. We love the Just Add Color collection! Can you tell us what inspired you when creating this collection?  
This collection has bit a hit! It was inspired by the mixed media trend and the need and want for people to customize and make things their own. By starting with Black and White you can add whatever splashes of color you wish to make it exactly what you want. Something black and white can become super girly and frilly, or shabby and rough. With Black and White the options are limitless!
9. Have you always had a love for design?
 Yes. Absolutely. Always.
10. What is one thing you love about the scrapbooking industry?
I love the way this industry brings together thousands of people through a common interest of preserving what is most cherished to us. I love that this community is full of faithful documenters and family historians and that we are genuinely HAPPY and excited about color and products and making memories last a lifetime.
11. How would you describe your style?
My style is colorful, clean and graphic with a bit of randomness thrown in for fun.
Stephanie thank you so much for being a July Designer in the Spotlight!  You can find Stephanie and more information at Bella Blvd or by clicking the links below!  Don’t forget to follow them on social media too!  This week they are reveal their newest collections and you do not want to miss it!