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Clique Into Summer 2016 – Process Video


Hello everyone! Caroli here and today I want to share this layout I made using the fabulous Clique Into Summer 2016 kit. This is a limited edition kit and features the collection You Are Here by Simple Stories. The kit is full of details that surely can help you documenting your summer memories.


As for me, I have made several projects so far, and now I made this simple layout using the kit and some cutfiles created by our in-house graphic designer Inna Moreva. I specially love the palm tree branches, I’ve used them a lot on all my projects ❀



As you can see, it’s such a simple but colorful layout, the pic was asking for such a flowery frame πŸ™‚


cliquekits_cliqueintosummer_simplestories_carolischulz2 cliquekits_cliqueintosummer_simplestories_carolischulz3 cliquekits_cliqueintosummer_simplestories_carolischulz4 cliquekits_cliqueintosummer_simplestories_carolischulz5


I made this process video showing you how I made this layout, hope you enjoy it and get inspired to work on your scrapbooks.

If you feel like getting the limited edition Clique Into Summer 2016 kit just go here,Β  there are just few kits available so hurry up! Also there are a lot of cute add-ons you can also include for working on your summery projects. Have a lovely day!



Art Studio: Recycling Old Alphas


Hello there! It’s Caroli here and today I want to share my last project of this month using the fabulous kit RASKOG, filled with beautiful Life Noted collection by Pinkfresh Studio.

Today I want to show you a simple way of embellish your projects and use your stash. It happens to me very often that I ran out of some specific letters on alphas and then I don’t know what to do with them, because I can’t write anything with a lot of letters x, w and q!

This time, I decided to create a layer with those remaining alphas, so as to give volume and texture to my layout.

First, I cut a piece of thin cardboard and placed all my remaining letters as close as possible, then I used some acrylic paint and painted everything.



I recommend to paint two thin coats so that the color will be uniform and flawless. Once the paint was dry I cut the cardboard in squares and used them for creating layers in a grid design layout, here you can see the result:


As you can see, the composition of my layout gains a lot when using the painted-alpha layer πŸ™‚ Here some close-ups, I love the result of this!



In this layout I used a lot the exclusive Cut Aparts included on my kit, love the designs, they perfectly match the patterns of Life Noted collection.

I hope you like this simple idea, it’s a good way of giving good use to some stuff from our stash and make room for future kits from Clique Kits πŸ˜‰Β  Have a lovely day!



Geek Lab: Cutting Half a Shape


Hello everyone! Caroli here again, and today I want to show a little trick that I love when using my Silhouette machine: cutting just half of the a shape.

You may wonder why cutting just half of something? Well, because you can fold the cut part and thus create the missing part, giving an interesting effect, specially if you sew over it, like I did here:



The way for cutting just half of a shape is quite simple: just open the software of your machine and draw the shape you preffer. It must be a simple shape like a heart or a square. In this case I used a circle because I love circles πŸ™‚ Then, I selected Erase Tool on the left of the screen and simply used it to erase half of the shape, as simple as that!




Once you’ve erased half of your shape you will have something like this. Then, you just need to copy it and paste it as many times you wish and place them whenever you feel like within your layout.



In my case I cut few half circles here and there and then fold the paper completely, placed some patterned paper behind it and then used my sewing machine to give a beter effect of this technique. Here is the full layout I made:


The colors and patterns of Life Noted collection are so happy and vibrant, perfect for documenting this pic of my and my best friend. Here you can see some more closeups of my project:

CliqueKits_PinkfreshStudio_CaroliSchulz3 CliqueKits_PinkfreshStudio_CaroliSchulz2

I hope you liked this idea, as for me I love it and used it when I want to create something simple and embellish mainly with patterned paper. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚



Geek Lab: Faux Brush Lettering on my Title


Hello! It’s Caroli here again, and today I want to talk about something that is very trendy and really beautiful: brush lettering!

I love brush lettering , it’s such a beautiful technique and adds a lot to our projects, specially on the titles. Nevertheless, I must admit that although I’ve practiced a lot I’m not good at it. The brush and I are not good friends and most of the time I’m affraid of ruining a pretty page because my lettering comes out horrible.

So, what can we do if we want pretty brush lettering title but are not sure if it will come out as we pictured it on our imagination? we can use faux brush lettering, that is, cut the words with our cutting machine!

In this layout I cut part of my title in black cardstock to keep the brush lettering look. I completed the title using puffy yellow alpha and one acetate word, both included on July kit RASKOG.

CliqueKits_July2016_PinkfreshStudio_CaroliSchulz5 CliqueKits_July2016_PinkfreshStudio_CaroliSchulz6

Here you can see a closeup of the faux brush lettering, it looks pretty and it’s aΒ  more controlled way of including it in your layout, don’t you think? I love the combination of black lettering, clear word and yellow alpha, it looks interesting and very colorful!

CliqueKits_July2016_PinkfreshStudio_CaroliSchulz7Of course you can use any brush font, I recomend you to google “brush fonts” and a lot of interesting and beautiful fonts will apear for you to use with your cutting machine. I you want to download Brusher font, which is the one I used on thos project,Β  you can do it for free here.

I hope you like this idea, it’s quite simple but the results are pretty. Have a lovely day!



Geek Lab: Writing + Acetate Title


Hello there, how are you? Caroli here, and I’m so happy to be posting again at Clique Kits blog πŸ™‚ Today I want to show you this layout I made using July kit RASKOG, which features lovely Life Noted collection by Pinkfresh Studio.


When I saw this kit, the first thing that caught my eye was the acetate words and prases, I love the clear look and started thinking how could I take advantage of their transparency, and this idea came to my mind.

As you may know, Silhouette machines are good not only for cuting but also for writing with the help of sketch pens (or with any pen if you usue a pen adapter) so I decided to use my machine and a black sketch pen to draw part of the title (I used Rage Italic font). Once part of my title was written, I completed the phrase with some of the acetate words of the set. I made sure the acetate words were slightly over the drawn title for a better effect:


I love the colors and patterns in this collection, this patterned paper sheet was specially filled with patterns but it does not look noisy at all, how cool is that! I think that it makes a great background.


I love the rubbers embellishments, thay are so colorful an add a lot of dimension to any project. Also I fell in love with those puffy hearts from the add-ons, aren’t the custest hearts ever?!


And here is my full layout. It’s quite simple but funny and colorful. I love how my title came out!


I hope you like this idea and giv it a try. If you have questions just leave a comment, thak you for stopping by and have a lovely day πŸ™‚



Yearbook: My Feelings Today

Blog Image_Yearbook

Hello there! This is Caroli and today I want to share with youΒ  this last layout I made using theΒ  April kit Origins, featuring beautiful collection Life in Color by Simple Stories. Origins1

I love the fresh, flowery look of this collection, it fits perfectly with the pics me and my family had taken in January this year to document my pregnancy.

In this layout I wanted to write down how I felt in that specific moment of my life, the anxiety of having a new baby, how I was so huge and how uncomfortable I felt,Β  and also write down my fears and expectations about giving birth for a second time.

I think that it’s important to document this kind of feelings, as long as for me, my scrapbooks are such a personal, intimate way of expressing myself and find some peace of mind. In some years I will look at this layout and will remember how I felt in that moment of my life and it will be awesome to remember πŸ™‚


I love all the exclusive cutfiles included in this kit, specially the leaves crown which I used a lot in some other projects. In this layout I cut a big one and used it as some kind of frame for my pic.


I love all the flowers on the papers of this kit, and being a fussy-cutting lover as I am, I enjoyed cutting into pieces the flowery paper included. I used tons of these flowers in all my projects!

CliqueKits_SimpleStories_CaroliSchulz2 CliqueKits_SimpleStories_CaroliSchulz3

I love the clear stickers set included on the kit, it has some cute little arrows and some other tiny details that are perfect to decorate my journaling, adding a special touch without being too noisy.


I really enjoyed creating this layout, it is one of my current faves and I’m sure it will be so much fin to see it with my kids in some more years πŸ™‚Β  Thanks for your visit and have a lovely day!



Art Studio : Half Painted Alpha


Hello everyone! Caroli here, and today I want to show you this simple trick in order to create interesting titles for your projects.

I’ve seen so many half colored alphas in the market these days, they are so pretty and give a fresh and modern look to any project, but sometimes they don’t come in the specific color I need, so I thought it would be good to make some letters myself in the color and font I need.

For this you will only need some thin cardboard (I used 280 grs. thick white cardboard), an alpha die, diecuting machine and paint of the color you prefer.


The first thing we’ll need to do is cutting the letters uwing the diecut machine and alpha die. I used this metallic die by MFT and my Cuttlebug for this purpose.Β  Once you have the letter ready you just need to paint the lower part of them, yes, as simple as that! πŸ™‚

This is how my letter came out, super simple and awesome result, isn’t it?!


I used my letters to make this simple layout, love the half painted look and how I got to use a paint color that perfectly fits the palette of my project.


Here are some closeups of the layout, I love the result! πŸ™‚

CliqueKits_PaintedAlphaTutorial_CaroliSchulz6 CliqueKits_PaintedAlphaTutorial_CaroliSchulz5 CliqueKits_PaintedAlphaTutorial_CaroliSchulz4

I hope you liked this idea and put it into practice next time you need a special title for your project. Thank you for your visit and have a nice day πŸ™‚



Yearbook : Documenting Our Family Today

Blog Image_Yearbook

Hello there! Caroli here and today I want to share with you a very special mini album I made using the beautiful April kit Origins, featuring Life in Color collection by Simple Stories.

As you may know, I just had a baby boy lastΒ  March,Β  and before he was born me and my family had a photo shoot just to document my pregnancy and our family of 3, before it became a family of 4.

This photo shoot was something I really wanted to do; on my first pregnancy I didn’t care too much about taking pics of myself and now I regret I don’t have any decent pic of me while waiting for my baby girl 😦 So, I am really happy we got to have these pics taken. Of course I wanted to scrap them properly, and what better than the beautiful papers and embellishments of April kit!

I used this Tolsby photo frame by Ikea I ‘ve been hoarding for months waiting for a special project. This was perfect because I can use many of the thousand of pics we had taken and also because its format allows it to be displayed in a shelve of my living room, so anyone who comes to visit us can take a look and see how huge I was, LOL!


For the cover I used this gorgeous leaves wreath, an exclusive cutfile of this April kit, I love it and want to use it everywhere! I also used a piece of the white hearts Clear Cuts by Bella Blvd., I think it’s a great accent for a mini album cover.


These are the pages of the mini; as you can see, I used almost all the patterned papers and embellishments of the kit, love the color combination. I also used some leaves from the exclusive cutfiles of the kit.





Something I love and often make on my mini albums is including some kind of journaling text on most of the pages, specially over the pictures. In this mini I used the alpha by Bella Blvd. included on the kit to add some text on my pages and complement it with the clear stickers by Simple Stories, included on the kit as well.





I hope you like the idea of this mini album, it makes a great decorative element for your home and also documents in a beautiful and creative way some special moment or event of our lives.

Thank you for your visit, have a lovely day!



Study Hall : Layout with Hidden Picture


Hello everybody, how are you today? Caroli here, and on this Sunday I want to share with you my first project using the fabulous April kit Origins, which features beautiful collection Life in Color by Simple Stories.


I love all the flowers and spring feeling of this kit, as soon as I saw it I thought it would be perfect for scrapping some pics of myself and my little daughter wearing flowers crowns during a pregnancy photoshoot we had last January.

The paper with a flower arrangement on the bottom right was just perfect for the idea I had in mind: using a big pic of us and hide something behind it, some kind of “interactive” layout.



As you can see, I cut a lot of flowers from different papers in the kit and used them to create layer of embellishments on my layout in combination with some pieces of the ephemera set, also included on the kit.



I also used these cute leaves I cut sing the exclusive cutfiles included on the kit. Although the original files was some kind of background, I ungroup it and used just the leaves in my layout, they are the perfect match for the flowers!

As I said, my idea was to hide the journaling behind the big pic, because I wanted to write some deep feelings and thoughts for my daughter regarding my pregnancy, so I used a piece of patterned paper as a base for the main cluster and below it I put another pic and my journaling.



Of course I added few more flowers on the second pic and also more leaves, it’s quite simple but I love the effect of both together.



I love the clear stickers of this collection included on the kit, they come in black, silver and colors and are great for adding tiny details and make your project more interesting. In this case I used some phrases and a heart in black, they are so tiny and so cute! I also used a yellow enamel heart by Bella Blvd., I love those enamel hearts! Good thing they are also included on the kit πŸ™‚



Finally, for the title I used this black alpha by Bella Blvd. included on th kit and silver Thickers from my stash. I love the touches of silver of this collection, I think silver goes perfect with bright colors and spring theme, donΒ΄t you think?
I complemented my title with the rounded letters included on the alpha sheet by Bella Blvd. I like the idea of combining different fonts and alphas on the titles of my layouts, this make them more interesting!



Here is the final result, such a simple, colorful and very flowery layout documenting an important memory and expressing all my love to my little girl. These are some of my fave pictures ever and I’m glad I got to document this memory using my kit, it’s the perfect frame!



I hope you liked this simple idea and use it to document a special memory. Thank you for joining us, have a happy Sunday!caroli_schulz


Geek Lab: All About Circles!


Hello everybody! Caroli here and today I want to share with you my love for circles. Yes, I do love circles in any size, any design on my layouts, so circle paper punches are one of my fave tools ever.


For this layout I used my good old circle paper punches and manage to make a fun layout filled with lots of circles using our fabulous March kit HELL YEAH!

My idea was to use a lot of circles but keep the clean look and white space on my layout, so I made sure that everything happened on the left side of the page.

I love the combination of black and pastels of Goldie collection featured in this kit. I punched different papers and arranged the circles in combination with some of the diecuts included on the exclusive ephemera set of the kit.

cliquekits_7paper_scrapbook_carolischulz2 cliquekits_7paper_scrapbook_carolischulz3

I layered a journal card and a tag from the ephemera behind my pic, and attached everything with a stappler and also using this lovely gold bow-shaped clip, also included on the kit.


For my title I used one circle-shaped label and the alpha by 7 Paper included on the kit. Below it I wrote my journaling. As you can see the pic features my little brother and my baby boy, both are very important men in my life and in this layout I journal about it πŸ™‚

Here is my finished layout, super simple, colorful and fun, totally my style!


I hope you liked this idea and enjoy using some circles on your projects. Have a wonderful monday!