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Girl’s Night Out- Art Studio


Hey everyone!  Today I am sharing how I used the Bella Blvd Elements Stamps along with the December Wonderland kit on my layout!


I LOVED this gorgeous piece of paper in the kit called ‘The Heavens” by Bella Blvd, and it had a little are of dashed black lines on it.  I decided to use the stamps to create more areas of black on the brightly colored paper.gno-ck


I first cut my paper to a large triangle with my photos towards the bottom.  Then using painters tape, I taped off triangular areas where I could stamp and create a distinct edge.


I fussy cut out some circles from another piece of Bella Blvd paper in the kit and scattered them on my page.  I embellished them with some die cut tabs and the exclusive ephemera.



I also added in some of the Jillibean Soup wood veneers and some of the exclusive die cuts, too.





If you want to watch me create this page from start to finish, here is my process video!



Thanks so much for stopping by today!




LOVE Layout | Stephanie

Art Studio

Happy December Cliqueys!! Today I have a fun way to add texture to your scrapbook layouts simply by using large die cuts.



For this layout I used December’s butterfly cut files from the Clique Kits Digital Store and sized them to be relatively big… one sized small, one medium and one large. I also cut this gorgeous blue pattern paper down about 1 inch on each side and added more of the black paint splatters for added texture. I adhered the butterflies in their centers so I could pop up the wings and give the page more dimension.



I cut these flower groups out of some of the journal cards to create my own ephemera so the colors and sizes matched what I was going for and also used a black pen to create little stitches on the bottom and top of the pattern paper edges.



The title is also from a journal card that I cut up and mounted using dimensional adhesive. Do you ever cut apart journal cards to create something new with their designs?

Thanks for stopping by all! Much love!

Xo, Stephanie

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Crazy Fun | Stephanie Gold


Hello my creative friends! I am so excited to be here for an Art Studio day!! Yay!! I started out with a white 12 x 12 paper and used this month’s kit as color inspiration for some relaxed, messy water coloring.


Then I fussy cut out a few of the lovely flowers from one of the pattern papers and added some water coloring to them as well.


I made them each a little bit different so they would coordinate, but not match perfectly. Once those all dried, I began building my layout. Here is the finished product.


Ugh this boy melts my heart. So my whole family is pretty goofy and we love making silly faces and weird voices and just having a good laugh lol. If you haven’t noticed already, a lot of my scrapped photos are of us taking ourselves VERY seriously. 😉


Water coloring can definitely warp papers at times, but I used the warps to my advantage with this layout because it provided some awesome texture and added layer. I also made sure to make use of dimensional adhesive and one of those gorgeous giant leaves in the kit too. 🙂


I really loved how it turned out. Can’t wait to see what you all create!! Much love and a wonderful October weekend!!

Xo, Stephanie

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Art Studio – Little Moments

Hello it’s Leeann here today and I have another page to share with you all.  I am loving the la dolce vita June kit. There’s so much in it that makes me happy. Especially that I can add so much color myself. I love all the tabs and tags from elle’s studio in this kit. They are a staple in my pages. These I love using for layering on photos. But today I wanted to show you how quick and simply it is to add color to pattern papers that are more neutral. Hoe amazing is that pattern paper with all the quotes using different font. Love it Mega! All those quotes are so this girl too. Ok so lets take a look at my page and go from there.


“Little Moments”




I think most of you know that I LOVE my watercolors and I use them alot on my projects.

So let start with placing our pattern paper down and getting our watercolor paints ready.


Using a flat head brush with a width of 1 cm, I dip the brush in water first and add that to the paint creating a pool of color. Once I’m happy with my pool of color I start at one side and swipe the brush across the page, just once. Add a flick of color to the top and bottom color bands.


For extra detail I’m adding some random stamping using a mixture of shape and quote stamps. And some doodling with a black gel pen. I have added some machine stitching for extra detail also.


I hope today was fun and you grab your watercolors and have a play. Try using different bushes for different strokes.




Art Studio – Good Stuff

Blog Image_Art Studio

Hello CK fans, oh its awesome to be here today! I have been playing with the origins kit and boy oh boy its fun. Today I get to share with you how I created this painted background, because  we all love a bit of paint! Inspiration came from a few different places to start with. The photo was taken in Melbourne in a graffiti lane. Another idea sparked when I open up the simple stories clear stickers, notice the swipes and splats of paints. You see the smallest things can sparkle the best ideas, especially if you feel your mojo has gone walking!



Let start by having a look at the finish page. And there’s also a couple of close ups with details of those awesome clear stickers by simple stories.

I love them!

“Good Stuff”

CK good stuff art studio
CK good stuff art studio 1

CK good stuff art studio 2

Ok, so lets start by selecting a few colors of acrylic paint. Plus a few paint brushes and a sheet of white card stock.

art studio 1

Once you are happy on your color choice decide where on your sheet of card stock and unscrew each color and squeeze a blob of paint out.

art studio 2

Grab a paintbrush for each color. Do not wet the brush. We are dry brushing  the paint. Start by placing the brush in the blob of paint and swipe down and flick up. Allow each of the colors to then dry.

art studio 3

Now simply get busy using the Origins kit and scrap it!

At the very end, cover the adhere photo with some scrap paper and grab your watercolor paints and add a few flicks of yellow and green. This just adds that little pop of detail to the swiped paint!

CK good stuff art studio

I hope today was fun and you are inspired to have a wee play with some paint in a different way. I look forward to checking some out, let me know if you do!

See you all again soon… Leeann



Paste and Splotches

Hello there again!  I’ve got a layered process for you to try!

 It’s simple and I’ll show you 😉

I chose a pattern paper that would contrast nicely with the his face. Then I mixed some light molding paste and these three acrylic paints to match the tealish color from the photo. I eyeballed it and ended up adding more green than I expected.

I then splotched, in no particular way, on a 12 x 12 paper.  While they both were drying, I assembled the rest of the papers. and die cuts.

I used the instax looking page from the kit and cut out some rectangle pattern pieces and frames.  Then I cut from the molding paste paper, the same type of shape and attached all of those to the heart acetate from Bella Blvd.

I couldn’t wait to use this mirrored camera from Colorcast Designs. I found that adding the acetate on top of the splotches made it a nice subtle effect instead of harsh.

And that molding paste was the perfect shade of tealish and added some texture to the project.

Thanks for joining me today for this fun, quick layout!




Art Studio – Water Color Designing


Hello CK fans, It’s Leeann with you today and I’m super excited to be here too. I love using watercolors  on my creations. You will notice splashes of color from some sort of medium on my pages always! This page was created using the Clique kit  November tapestry kit. This kit is just so delicious and I was sold as soon as I saw the color navy… right now I am in love with that color! So lets get our watercolors out and have a wee play.


Lets start with a blank piece of card stock and paint some random circles using our water colors. We want 3 colors and 3 sizes. Allow to dry and cut out.


I have scrapped my page onto a black piece of white cardstock. So lets start with that as the base. All you have to do is paint lines down one side of the cardstock. Allow each line to fade before dipping back into the paint. Once you are happy with your painted lines. Place the circles on your page. Now we want to blend the colour from circle to lines and create a spill pool, add a few flicks of watercolor too. Allow to dry.



For extra detail grab some stamps and ink, stamp randomly. This adds extra detail.


Once everything has dried. Scrap your page. Isn’t it so much fun adding mediums to your pages. I like that it’s totally up to you how heavy or light you want to go. This is a great way to start out if this is your first time using mixed media products. And remember there is no right or wrong way…its all about having fun and telling the story!

Now you can check out the finished detailed shots.



I hope you have fun here today and come back soon for so more…