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The Story Continues


Hi, everyone! It’s Aliza again, and I am glad to be back. On Saturday, I shared a somewhat sensitive layout about my son, and some of our daily trials. Thank God, they are completely ordinary, typical, teenage trials. And, while they are part of our real life, those are not the only moments that we share. There are plenty of sweet and tender moments in there too. But sometimes, they are so ordinary, that you could miss them if you are not paying attention.

This little sentiment is captured perfectly in one of this month’s patterned papers.


I began this layout with my story and my photos, and then thanks to this 3×4 cut-out, my title was ready made. I love that!

adeutsch_February2016_The Best Portion

Here’s a closer look at some of the journaling.



It makes me happy that this layout will be right next to the other layout in an album. I think they balance each other well, and together they tell the whole story. It also makes me immeasurably happy, that this hobby of ours allow us to capture some of these nameless moments in all their mundane glory.



Story Inspiration


Hi, everyone! It’s Aliza here, and I am excited to share a layout with the fabulous February Kit. I loved the exclusive journal cards this month, and they have helped me tell some of my stories. I love when the words and the design of the card, complement the story I want to tell.


I wanted to capture my son’s love of all things skateboarding, but at first, I wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen. When I saw the above card that says, “Chase Your Dreams,” it all came together. I paired it with this photo,


And the rest came together pretty quickly. Ridiculously quickly, in fact. I just loved the stickers, and the ephemera, and the colors of the papers, and the alphas, and so it all just worked right away. I love when that happens.


Thanks for stopping by, and I can’t wait to share more!



Real Life


Hi, it’s Aliza here, and I will just start by saying that I love the February kit! I love the colors, the cards, and the embellishments. When I first sat down to work with it, I pumped out two layouts in a day. I am NOT a fast scrapper, so this was big for me.

So first, here’s a little Hot Mess eye candy.


While I whipped up the following layout really fast, this blog post is another story. See, I was all set to share about documenting “real life,” even the less than perfect moments between ourselves and our children. I worked hard on keeping the tone of my layout positive and full of love. I was really proud of my words and the way it all looked.


My son, however, was not a huge fan of this layout. And so I struggled with how much to share. In the end, he gave me permission to blog about this layout if I blurred the text. Which just goes to show, that even though we have some rougher moments nowadays, he is a good guy who helps out his mother. Which is ultimately more important than jumping out of bed first thing in the morning.

So I will tuck this layout away, and maybe one day in the future, when he might be mystified by his own children’s behavior, I hope it can offer him some perspective. Only time will tell.For now, I will keep telling out stories as best I can. (And using my Clique Kits.)





It’s the Little Things


Hi, all! It’s Aliza here today on this fine December day. While the holidays are in full swing, I recently made a layout about our summer vacation. Clearly, I am not a chronological scrapper. I just go with inspiration when it strikes. I’ve have had this layout in mind since the summer, but I just wasn’t feeling it until now.

We scrapbookers like to stress the importance of capturing and documenting the little things in life. In this case, I captured a very tiny thing- a baby squirrel. I love the way the acetate tag frames the little guy.

baby squirrel

Now, aside from being cute, what I loved about this moment is that we were right outside Universal Studios in Orlando. It was a giant, elaborate vacation place filled with many marvels created to impress and entertain. But this little creature was enough to draw the attention of many tourists. Which just goes to show you that sometimes the best things in life are free. Or, that good things come in small packages. You can choose the cliche that speaks to you. Either way, it’s a little moment, and a little lesson I wanted to write down for the ages.


As always, remember to document the little things, and the even littler things in life!




Finding Your Balance


Hi, everyone! It’s Aliza here, wishing all who are celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving!

I always feel a huge sigh of relief at Thanksgiving time. It comes after a long stretch without any breaks in our work schedule, and it means that the long winter vacation is coming up soon. The ability to slow down the pace of life for a few days does wonder for my spirit.

Speaking of slowing down, today I am sharing a layout about my need to slow things down in my life, and pare some of my responsibilities. In  the constant challenge of balancing  many roles, sometimes we lose our balance, and we need to get it back. (For the record, I have no desire to cut down on scrapbooking.)


adeutsch_dec15_finding balance

This is basically a layout all about me, and where I am at right now. What I like about it is that it includes some details about how I spend my days, and what I am trying to accomplish. Now that little bit of me is recorded for posterity.

May this, and all your holidays, leave you feeling fresh and replenished.



Hanukah Decor


Hi, everyone! It’s Aliza here. This is my first blog post since the summer, so it’s nice to be back here.

Here’s a little tidbit about Jewish holidays: They follow the lunar calendar, so they fall on different dates of the Gregorian calendar each year. Which just means that every once in a while, you are sitting around thinking, “Oh, it’s only November, nothing big is happening too soon.” And then you look at your calendar and realize, “Oh, Hanukkah is just three weeks away!”

When I had that realization recently, I was working my way through my November Clique Kit, and I was struck by the thought that all the beautiful blues in this kit would make for some lovely Hanukkah decor.

My first step was to paint an old mirror frame that I had lying around. (The reason this mirror has been lying around, by the way, is that my children managed to break all the glass squares. )


Because of the yellow tone of the paint, I brushed some blue mist on the frame. It looked terrible. So I painted another coat of white over the blue, and dabbed some of the paint away.


As you can see above, I used a dreidel cut file with the We R Memory Keepers patterned papers to create the artwork for the frame.


I decided to go really simple, in the end, with just a touch of embellishment. Because, really these papers are just so beautiful.

adeutsch_nov15_hanukkah dreidels

I think I still have just enough of my kit left to make another Hanukkah decor project or two. (Perhaps a miracle will happen, and I will have enough paper for eight days of projects!)