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Share Your Space – Réka

Hello! It’s Réka, and I’m so excited to share a little tour of my craft space with you today. Beginning of this year I made a little investment and purchased a new desk and a shelf from IKEA. It was a really good choice and I fell in love with them.


Let’s see my desk. It is in our bedroom, opposite to the bed and the reason is why it is here, because that is the place of TV where it sits but when we finish the renewal in the other bedroom, it will be go to there with the bed and I can start to decorate the wall and the whole room finally. I can`t wait it, so exciting to create a new world in the house, which is only my own.

So far only one thing has gone to the wall yet which is my dream catcher and below there is my Silhouette Cameo on the desk. I was waiting a lot for my Cameo and when I look at the dream catcher and its message  „Follow your dream” it always inspiration for me that I am able to reach everything what I want, sometimes it takes so long but it is worth to wait. Believe me.


When I choose my desk I knew these thing must be put on it, so I decided to buy the bigger one and beside I still have a lot of space to create. However sometimes I start to work on the desk and at the end just finish it on the floor.

I love the drawers of the desk. They are so big and able to hide a lot of thing. I often use boxes or baskets to organize the items by category, for example one for enamels or one for flowers. This is a proven method to keep tidy easy.

FullSizeRender (21)


Between the drawers there is my printer which is one of my favorite tool I often use.


The other one of my favorite thing is the shelve for my craft stuff.


I just decorate it as I want, how mood I am. It is a little gallery. It also contains a lot of boxes and baskets, my cute things and layouts, some old creative books.


I also love the lights and it was the first thing which went to the shelf.



My mother always says If everything has an own place after that I can keep tidy everywhere. I always remember her words.

This is it… “my studio”. I hope you enjoy this post! Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day! Réka



Share Your Space with Evi

Hello Scrapbook friends!  It’s Evi and I’m here to share my creative space with all our viewers.  I have been fortunate enough to claim a room in our apartment for years and now a room in our new home.

Lets start off with my desk.  I actually have two identical desk from Ikea and I arranged them in an ‘L’ shape in a corner.  I have two sets of the five draw Alex draws from Ikea as well.  I keep my inverted tripod permanently on one desk that I use for filming my process videos.

All my draws are filled with all sorts of scrapbook supplies like my punches, stamps, inks, mists, glitters, watercolors, wood veneers, markers, acrylic paints, and extra mixed media supplies.  On top I keep all of the ready to use supplies.

Along my long wall, above my desk, I have my collection of art pieces I have collected throughout the years.  I have an obsession with dogs (doxies in particular) and collect colorful pieces that inspire me with I gaze up.

Beside my desk I have stacked cubes from the Recollections line at Micheal’s.  These cubes used to be on top of my shelve when it laid vertically but I have done some recent re arranging.  These draws hold ink for my printer, printer paper, embellishments or sorts and my collection of 12×12 paper.  My Ikea Kallax shelves hold all my albums, paper pads, magazines and photo boxes.

I am also a LuLaRoe consultant and the opposite wall from my desk holds a double installation to house all my inventory for my small business.  Everything is hung according to style and in size order.

My Raskog Cart from Ikea holds all my 6×12 alphas and sticker collections.  I have multiple glues, pastes, gesso, paints and all my mixed media supplies are housed in it.  I love the card cause I can wheel it to and from the side of my desk when needed.  I have my additional tripod always ready to go and my mannequin to run my LuLaRoe business.

On top of my desk I have a fruit basket that holds most of my washi collection.  My Silhouette Cameo and a roll of glitter, a mail holder that contains all my scraps of patterned paper, I have a peg board for more washi and tones of cups and jars holding pens, pencils, paint brushes and palette knives.

I keep small dishes as well to keep the last bits of die cut packs and ephemera in.  Tiny jars hold flair buttons, enamel dots and buttons.

I love my scissors, ATG gun, fine liners and last details readily available.  They all sit close along with with heat dryer, hot glue gun and paper trimmer.

Kobe keeps me company in my office all the time.  There he is, he’s so cute.  Thank you for stopping  by today.


Share Your Space with For the Love of Scrap


Cassandra here and I’m excited to be back on the CK Blog to share my latest scrap space. As a military spouse I have gotten accustomed to moving every few years and adapting as I go along… unfortunately it seems that every time we move into a new home my craft space shrinks! In this past I have had an entire room to dedicate to my scrapbook addiction (once I even had TWO rooms – now that was AMAZING). Our latest move brought us to Hawaii in February of this year and I was met with the realization that I would no longer have a room to myself – cue the drama, the crying and the final realization that I was just going to have to make it work 😉 .

Our new home has a much more open layout with a combined living and dining room space that features a wall with an opening to a small family room. The living and dining space is really too small to be both so I created my craft space next to the dining space… the best part? I’ve positioned my craft desk at the wall with the opening to the family room which means I can craft while the family is in the other room and still watch a movie or hold a conversation with them. Plus, there is a TON of natural light flowing in from the windows.

Sooo… here’s my main space.


I LOVE this desk. It has been with me through two moves and it’s so sturdy… plus all that storage! My biggest hurdle with my current craft area is lack of space so my desk is my main source of storage. I picked this one up at Costco about 4 years ago and if you have the space and come across one, grab it – you won’t be sorry. Aside from storage, the desk itself is at counter height which means I can comfortably stand and craft (or sit thanks to a counter height bar stool from Target). I’ve accessorized the desk with cloth bins from ThirtyOne and Target along with some plastic storage for embellishments, pictures and pocket scrapbooking cards from Michaels/Hobby Lobby/AC Moore/Etc.

While we were stationed in New York I had picked up a multi-bin rolling cart and it fits perfectly under the desk. It provides space for embellishments and the top is perfect for my Kiwi Lane template tray. I just pull it out when I’m using it and it easily rolls out of sight when guests visit.

Cube storage has been my best friend when it comes to finding homes for all of my scrapbook gear – albums and paper fit perfectly and they are easy to rearrange with each move and each new space. I picked up a few lighter finishes when I arrived on island as it matched my “beachy” decor a little better. One of these smaller cubes provides a space for my Cricut and albums. I have two larger ones in the closet under the stairs (which is where my stamps and the majority of my paper stash is (I’m a bit of a hoarder) and any extras that I didn’t have room for in the main space).


I use large cloth bins from Walmart to house my paper (each collection or kit is kept in a 12×12 plastic envelope). My stamps, extra inks and accessories are all in Close to My Heart storage totes. Behind the grey curtain I have stored my scrapbook bags and the box for my Cricut, along with other boxes that we need for each move. I also keep an Ikea Raskog cart in here with some accessories and tools that I can wheel out when needed.

PicMonkey Collage

One of my latest and most favorite pieces of storage is this modular set from Close to My Heart. I can rearrange as needed (for expanding ink, paper and tool storage). It sits nicely next to my desk or it is sturdy enough that I can quickly move it to my desktop when I need it within arms reach. It’s perfect for storing my current kits and most used inks/markers/etc.


And that’s it! As you can see, I’m 100% a scrapbook hoarder and I’m not ashamed to admit it 😉 . The one thing I’ve found is that I absolutely have to be organized or it just gets too crazy. I hope you’ve enjoyed my space and that I’ve given you some crafty storage inspiration… Perhaps I’ll be back after my next move (which is actually to GUAM later this year)!

xo. Cassandra


Share your space with Magali Le Luc

Magali here today to share my crafty space with you and
I have found a mantra made for me and my craft space!


Each time I want to show my craft space, I am a little anxious about what people could think (especially the ultra extremely organized crafters),
but we are all different, aren’t we?

And even if my space is always (or nearly always) a mess, I must admit that I need it.
Most of the time, I lose things when I try to organized my stuff and I tend to feel very inspired when I have embellishments, papers and all sorts of things all over my table. I love creating several pages with a same embellishment set.
But today, I’ll try to show you how a messy creative person organizes her space.
Don’t be surprised, I was feeling so ashamed
that I took the mess out of the room before taking the photos!
(keep in mind that this would have been too hard for organized people eyes).

Let’s start!

I recently moved in a new room of my basement, as we broke down a wall in the basement to create a large family room. As I wanted to keep a closed room (in which kids cannot come alone), I’ve decided to move into another room of the basement. In the previous craft room, I had a large table with shelves on the wall (all built especially for the space by my lovely sister). The dimension of my new room are a little different so the table and the shelves are not exactly made for the space
but I continue to love this large white table with the shelves on the wall. This is also why we can now see the connection between both part of the table.

On the picture below, you can see half the length of the table.

craft room (6)

I always work on the pink mat.
I have all my inks on a  little carousel. This is always super easy to grab the colour I need.

And as I love to have everything on hands, needless to say that my favourite organization tool is this Clip It Up. I can easily see every embellishment sets I have and it’s placed in the corner of my table, right in front of my working space (on the right on the below picture).

craft room (10)

Right beside this carousel, you can see my Clique kits. I keep them separated by kit in large plastic transparent bags!

craft room (16)

On the right side of my mat, I have my paper collections
and all my tools in a big white carousel too!
As you can see, all my papers are in a big plastic box
(that you can find in an hardware store). I place the papers by colour and when new collections arrive, I place them in the front, by collection.

craft room (8)

At the opposite part of my table, I have made a giant box for my letters.
I love letters, so I have tons and tons of them in every colour. A few months ago, I was not able to organize them anymore, so I decided to gather them all in the same box!
(the box is around 2 1/2 feet long). In that box, I organized my letters by colour.

craft room (4)

As you can see on the picture below (sorry, there is so much light coming from the window, that it was hard to take a proper photo), I have red pots from IKEA over my table, where I place my staplers and my date stamps).

craft room (7)

Under the table, I have large racks with drawer boxes! I absolutely love these drawers.
I place the products for my different DT teams, my ribbons and laces, my white and black papers, my paper trims, lots of stamps, etc.

craft room (15)

And I am not sure if you noticed it earlier but I have a kneeling chair. I sit all day long in a traditional office swivel-chair, so I need to give rest to my back when I scrapbook.
That’s why I’ve opted for this chair and I love it! craft room (1)

I am a punch lovers, so I have all of them ready to use.
Some are on a rail (thanks IKEA again!). I love that I can see them very quickly.

craft room (12)

The rest of my punches are in the lower stage of my Raskog cart (yes, I have one too, but you won’t see it, as I had not the time to decide what to place
in it yet and it’s nearly empty).

craft room (14)

Right behind me, there is this shelf. This is newly installed so I have not a lot of things in it (and that’s why it seems so organized!).
At the top, I have my Big Shot, with the dies.
Below are my Project Life cards in the plastic box.
The wicker baskets are still empty (I’ll certainly place my die cuts in them).

The plastic box at the bottom is a box where I put all my tiny paper trims.

craft room (13)

I hope you enjoyed the Tour! 🙂



Share Your Space with Melissa Elsner

Hey friends,

Melissa here with you today and I’m sharing where I create! I’ve done it video format because there is just so much to share and it was easier than taking a ton of photos.

The biggest thing to know is… I scrap in my bedroom. Or is it… I sleep in my scraproom? I think the latter has slowly become more accurate. Also, what you see is what you get! My room is not matchy, matchy. Everything is not perfectly organized. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m cleaning a bit as I go in this video. Haha!

Oh! Also, I realized I forgot to show a couple of things. When I show my laptop and coffee, you’ll see a jewelry organizer on the wall. That is where I keep my loose embellishments. Near the end when it’s on me and you see a blue board, in the background, hanging on the wall… it holds two bread pans. That is where I store my enamel dots and bling. (I found it at a cute little street vendor. I love repurposed items!)

Alright, here is the video. Enjoy!



Share your space – Maryám Pérez

Hello everyone! It’s Maryam and today I’m here to share something different. If you’ve read the title you already know of what I’m going to share, so… Here is my scraproom, also know as “creative room”.

*Note: If you see something different in the photos, it’s because I took them on different days.

Let’s get started! Here is my desk. I have the things that I most use, like stickers, stamps, papers, etc. I also keep my laptop and my graphic tablet on the desk.


On the right side of the desk I have some organizers where I keep some die-cut packs that I still have some pieces. On the other one some stickers, and on the big one I have my alphabets.


This is a glass jar and I keep some of my most used tools in it. By the side, I have one plastic bowl where I put “planner” stuff like clips, little wood veneers, etc.


Then, I have three organizers and they have dividers in them, so they are perfect to keep my sequins organized… I also keep the Clique Kits Flairs buttons.

As you can see I have this polka dots box, and here I put Clique Kits stuff.


In this little drawer I keep my Pretty Little Studio DT stuff and some things for my Project Life.


In the next wall, I have two shelves. On this one I have pencils, PL cards, flowers, mini albums, punches, thread, gesso, washitape and films for my Instax Camera.


And here I have my PL album, The Chronicles of Narnia book collection (Yes I know, left one book, but my sister is reading it), a black and white drawer, two crowns made by me, my camera charger and an earth globe.


I still have a lot of things to organize, but I hope you liked my little space where everything happens and the creative flows.

See you soon,



Share Your Space – Caroli Schulz

Hello! Caroli here and today I want to share my crafts space with you.

I don’t have such a full room for myself anymore. I used to have a room but in March this year my baby boy was born and took over the space, so I had to move all my stuff to a corner in a little family room we have upstairs.



Although it’s tiny, i’ts a pretty space and I’ve made it work for my scrapbooking needs. I took advantage of this moving and decluttered A LOT! Also, I decided to decorate it with bright colors and pretty things I have made or collected during years, this way my creative process is easier 🙂  I bought new white furniture and enjoyed the process of adjusting my creative space.

I have my desk, it’s not too big but it keeps my Silhouette Cameo 3 (which is huge) and my cutting mat. You can see there’s a bunch of last layout I’ve made waiting to be stored on the albums, I should start doing that soon!


I keep tiny containers over the desk to keep small things I’m using in a given moment, for example an ephemera pack, cutfiles, some embellies, etc.  I also keep handy this display thing a friend got me at a flea market, here I store mostof my alphas and some embellishment I use more often.


Next to my desktop I have this shelving unit where most of my stuff is contained. I modified the modules a bit so I can use them more convenientely.

For example, I divided one space into several levels so I can store papers per manufacturer/DT I work for. I keep the kits or collections all together in plastic bags, so it’s easier to have all the stuff in just one place when I need to work with it. The boxes store my tools, punch tables, embroidery and sewing floss, Crop-a-Dile, Cuttlebug and Bind-It-All stuff.


Here I also keep some baskets with minialbums and cards I have made during these years, I have a lot of them and I enjoy taking the baskets out once a while and looking throught the minis, so many memories there!


Finally, next to the shelving unit I have this cart, that stores stamps, inks, some mix media stuff (which I barely use, LOL!), glue refils for my ATG gun and foam dots, paper punches, washi tape, liquid ink and my dies. When I’m working on my desk I put this cart next to me so I can keep on taking stuff out. Once I’m done I put the cart back on its corner.



Here I store my treasures, my albums with all the layouts I’ve made during these years! The black ones are Family themed, pink ones are my daughter’s, black and white are my Book of Me, and kraft on is my son’s album (who is just 10 months old).



I love my inspiration wall. I have framed some cards I love from different manufacturers, and that little hanger by Jillibean Soup is perfect for hanging layouts. I hang my current fave layouts there and also on the little stand over the shelving unit.



Ad this is my space. I hope you liked it and take some ideas for organizing yours. Thank you for stopping by today! Have a lovely day 🙂
XOXO – Caroli


Share Your Space – Nathalie DeSousa

Hello everyone!

Nathalie here, and this month I am sharing my workspace/home with you all.   Trust me, i was reluctant to share my apartment with you all,  as I don’t have an specific work room.   But I think many of you might identify with my area of work, also known as my living/dining/office room, so I  welcome you all to my home!



Welcome to the DeSousa household (a.k.a my apartment – and yes!, we are in Christmas mood already!).  We are blessed to own this large apartment with huge windows that let lots of natural light in.



This is our dining room, and our dining table doubles as my scrapbook table most of the time.  In a few occasions, I have had to open a second table so that this is available for my teens and their homework.   As you can see, my inspiration comes from my family, I just have to look up to see all the beautiful memories captured in the black and white canvases.



Whenever i am working on a project, I usually set my mat on the table (i own a few mats, but this American Crafts is one of my favorites).



I always cover my mats with white paper when I am working on them.  This way, i can throw it away I have an accident with any media.


This is how i keep all my embroidery floss. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to organizing it.  Plus this saves a lot of space on my shelves.


I found this box at Target, and filled it with all my most used tools. There is an old cookie tin on the table that serves as garbage can, and my Starbucks cup filled with water.


When the kids were little, we purchased a small plastic toy box (it looks like a small sofa) that now houses all the paper pads and collections I own.  Please don’t judge, I love pretty paper!  Once the lid is on, there is usually an Iris case containing the kits I am working with.  This bench/sofa sits next to the dining room table, and it is my littles (niece and nephew) favorite place to sit and play when they visit.



My dining room table is set next to the door that leads to our balcony.  I use the back of the door as a way to organize, and store some of my supplies.


We built the pallet from an old book case.  Usually the clips house layouts that are  being worked on, and they come in handy for hanging embroidery hoops full of washi tape (my daughter collects washi tape, there is at three more hoops  in her room!)


Since my work space is also my home, we have added furniture pieces that serve dual purposes one of them is storage for some of my scrapbook stash.   Here is small slide show showing you some highlights from my space:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I hope this gives you an insight as where and how I work,  and what inspires me.   I love my work space since it allows me to be part of my family happenings while still doing what i love.  I am sure many of you might identify with me.  Though once one of the kids leaves the house, I will most likely used the extra room as a craft room!  Time will tell  😉


This is all for me today, let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day!







Share Your Space | Stephanie Gold

Hey everyone!! Stephanie Gold from Golden Simplicity here this month for some Share Your Space fun! I sort of took over our home office at our old house so when we moved this summer, I made sure to organize the room to be more craft room with a side of home office. 😉 I am the home “office manager” anyway, right?!

Starting off our luxurious tour, I will bring you to the office side of the room which is beautifully decorated with this old… I mean VINTAGE… folding table typically used for parties when covered in plastic table cloths. It sits on top of a few gorgeous plastic tubs with items from our move that have been sitting there for months and will probably end up getting donated in a couple years when I decide I no longer need them sitting at my feet.


The lovely desktop computer has proven no longer working, but still contains all of my addresses so here it sits, a completely non functional, expensive, Apple computer shaped statue until I can figure out how to fix it (don’t tell hubby). The chair is actually from my parent’s dining set growing up and is surprisingly comfortable… this might actually qualify as vintage haha.


On the other side of this gorgeous piece of furniture you’ll find my Silhouette, paper cutter, cardstock organizer, and my $3 Target steal of a light pink card base holder thingy (completely scientific term).


On the left of the folding table and fancy computer “art” is my printer which sits on top of our filing cabinet and the “No Craft Room Is Complete Without” Teal Raskog Cart (but this sucker is seriously amazing and I can’t imagine my life without it).


The top of my cart holds all of my inks and acrylic blocks, colored pencils & pens, date stamp, and some oddball items like those gold clips, chapstick, and that one random Maggie Holmes stamp that I love. 🙂


The middle holds all of my dies, washi tapes, and my baby wipes which are adorned with sort of a “steal these and see what happens” note (but it’s ok because I put a smiley face at the end of it).


And then the bottom holds all of my punches, MISTI, and embellishments organized in plastic bags inside that yellow wire basket.


Onto my craft desk which I couldn’t fit all in one picture… apologies!! The left side has my clock/speaker/phone charger iHome thingamabobber (again, scientific) and my Traveler’s Notebook which I use quite often. I write all over my mat with random quotes and phrases and song lyrics and it ends up getting pretty filled up. My kids also like to come scribble something down for me or place a sticker on there for me too. 🙂


I have some Moroccan lanterns, a family photo of my lovies, and a framed quote that keeps me motivated… The birdy is from my Grandpa’s house – it always reminds me of him. And then I have feathers and some paper antlers always hanging out (don’t know why… I just like them because I’m all hippie and random) and right now I have these gorgeous dried leaves too that one of my besties brought back for me from up north because fall is my favorite – isn’t that the SWEETEST?! Love her… Real leaves are hard to come by around here (I live in the desert) so I truly love having these around. 🙂


And then the right side of my desk has the tools I use the most… scissors, adhesives, a few more washi tapes, doilies, water colors, water color paper, rulers, etc… and then my beloved Big Shot. 🙂 I have clear plastic containers (99 cents from Home Depot ya’ll!!) on a shelf with all of my DT stamp sets. I’m pretty big on keeping my stash and tools low and I don’t like spending top dollar on organization either. Most everything I use is either hand me down, gift, or Target dollar aisle.

Welp, that’s basically it!! Thank you all for stopping by to check out my little crafty space!! Much love friends!

Xo, Stephanie

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