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Sharing my little scrap space!

Hi, It’s Kate Blue from Blue’s Blog and I’m a lucky fan of Clique Kits who gets to share my little getaway space today! I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home PT and I have a combined dedicated scrap space/home office of my own.


I’m in the middle of a scrap room repaint so pardon the wonky areas where the paint doesn’t match. Since it’s a basement studio, I’m lightening up the walls in a whiter shade of white.  2017 will bring all new furniture pieces and a more cohesive look…I struggle with using white furniture anywhere in my house and I struggle with using plastic so I’m on the search to make my room look like Pier One  or something similar.  That being said, you’ll see that I love some things contained and so I love, love, love IKEA baskets!


I have my little tool and sewing area and it’s also where I keep my Big Shot, coloring books and crafty magazines.  Then, here’s my desk which is always always always messy!


One thing you’ll notice in my space is a lot of tchotchkes; some are non crafty things that have special meaning to me; some are artsy projects made by my children, others are things that have been  gifted to me by crafters but I love them all because they inspire me  and also because my neat freak husband does not want to see any hobby/collectibles/crafty things upstairs!


Storage wise, I use the IKEA Raskogs for  mixed media only.  I try to keep scrapbook things in baskets and if the one basket gets too full  of a particular item, I know it’s time to destash. I don’t keep lots of ribbons and stuff like that since I don’t use them that much.  I keep my Clique Kits in the bags they come in and most times, they are laying on my desk 🙂  Other kits and paper are either in the paper storage holder or in a tote that I lug around.  I’m one of those people who can go to a crop with one tote full of kits and only one other bag with misc goodies!




And so there you have my little space where my kids can watch tv or do homework, and I can work from home, relax, or CRAFT!  Thank you again Clique Kits for having me; hope you liked  space!