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Share your space – Leeann Pearce

Well Hello, Today I get to share my creative space with you all. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that it’s actually just a small spot.  But I can inform you that my last crafting room was not. It was huge, I actually had an amazing space back in Western Australia. You see we build our dream home back in 2010 and I build that dream scrap room to go with it. But things happen in life and you change your dreams for another dream! We sold the farm and moved state. This was a big move. So we packed the caravan  and the kids up and headed on out and travel around Australia for  6mths. We had nothing to lose, we had time on our side and places to explore.  Anyway once we reach our new state (Victoria) we looked around for houses. And we found one. Now I didn’t care if there was not a room for me and my paper and glue.  I was happy just to fold out a table somewhere. And so here it is my spot were I create my magic and feel inspire!

I actually love this spot. I share this space with all the kids too.  My plan is to fill the main wall with creative pieces of art. Its a little random and quirky.

“My creative space”

space leeann 11

Here’s some canvas art I created… this makes me happy!

space leeann 4

space leeann 3

And the family computer sits  perfectly on holly’s desk that doesn’t fit in her room.  Iv’e added a few of my crafty supplies and art works. I have a mini fish bowl that is filled with washi tape and all that twine… love! Hmmmm seems the kids love it too! Glass jars are great as I can view them instantly… I  always buy my jars from the op shop for only a few dollars.

space leeann 5

I have lots of my embellishments stored in odd glass bowls and the plastic tackle box’s. I do sort my embellishments so I  know what I have. I love that feeling when I completely clean something out too. I get to refill with an embellishment thats been hiding for some time!

space leeann 10

These are my handmade clay pots.  Made from air drying clay.  I recently painted the insides… I think they are cute!

space leeann 8

I’ve had this muffin tin for like ever… it was rusty years ago. I gave it a light sand and spray painted it black. It’s been the best storage item for like ever.

space leeann 9

I love this trolley it’s from ikea and I know thousands that have them. Yep totally rocks. Anyway I have all sorts of alphas and stickers in the top, scrap card and paper in the middle and punches at the bottom.

space leeann 6

I do have some paper racks which I love and they totally organized my stash of pattern papers. I really need to get stuck into them!

space leeann 7

I have lots of little containers that have bits and bobs in stored all around the house too even the shed!

Space leeann 1

Hope you enjoyed seeing where I create my magic.

 Thank you for popping by …  I cant wait to get stuck into my February  Clique kit… it’s here on my table!



Locker Room – Graphic Heart


Hello Clique kit fans, Leeann here today sharing another fabulous page created with the Alegria kit featuring Fancy Pants Designs – Happy Place! today I wanted to share with you this graphic heart,  made from cutting  squares into triangles. Graphic shapes are on trend and this heart, well what can I say it’s a winner in my books and so easy to create.  And if you own a square punch why not use that and make smaller size hearts to embellish your pages.

The possibilities are endless.

So lets get started I first sketched and ruled this graphic heart shape out so that you have something to work from!

CK Locker Room LP4

Start by selecting your papers from the Alegria kit. I cut 3″x 3″ squares for this page. Then simply cut each square thru the middle  leaving you with 2 triangles.

CK Locker Room LP3

Once you are done cutting you can place them on your background card-stock. It fills the background perfectly! Adhere  in place. I added each detail by cutting a few more triangles from scraps and layered them for more dimension and texture.  I also added some machine stitching and  a little watercolor paint.

The next step was to finish the page off by adding your photo and title and hidden journaling.

CK Locker Room LP5

and here’s the finished layout and a few close up shots.

“Today was awesome and fantastic”

CK Locker Room LP

CK Locker Room LP1

CK Locker Room LP2


Thank you for popping by today, I hope that you give this a try and you could share this with us at the January pep rally on the 20th.

That would be fun!



Art Studio – Textured backgrounds


Hello Ck fans it’s Leeann here. Today I’m sharing  how I created this textured background using up some left over alphas. And I’m  using the January Alegria  kit because it’s fancy and gorgeous of course!


So lets get started – I’m using the pinkfresh studios alphas ( happy things) leftover from the  October funfetti  2015 kit. You can used any alphas you have leftover for this! I randomly place them on a piece of white cardstock. Applied two coats of gesso and allowed each coat to dry.

CK art studio 1

Once dry I used my water colour paints. I created a pool with the black watercolor paint and brushed over the letters. Add flicks and splats. Once happy with the amount of color blot with paper towel to soak the excess off. Allow to dry. I love the result of the letters they pop under the color!

CK art studio 2

I added  some detail by randomly machine stitching zig zags in a bright yellow thread. I love using my stamps to add pops of designs. I have an assortment that I go too all the time.

Once you are happy with all the mixed media layers grab the January Alegria kit and get scrappy.

CK art studio 3

and here’s my page. I loved using the teal and yellow puffy stickers they really pop against the black!


CK art studio lp1

CK art studio lp2

CK art studio lp3

Well I hope today’s post was fun and you have ago at this one. It was great having you pop in and I hope you continue to come back as all the girls have amazing inspiring projects to share with you using our totally awesome Clique kits!



Geek Lab – Embellishments making and layering.


Hello Clique Fans, its Leeann here today. I cant wait to share this project with you all. I’m using the January 2016 Alegria Kit featuring Fancy Pants Designs  – Happy Place!

I decide to pull out a few of my punches and team them up with the Fancy Pants Designs Happy Place Ephemera pack, Clique Kits: Journal Cards, flair, hemp twine and a few of the Fancy Pants Designs pattern papers. I wanted to get stuck into these packs and make an embellishment full of dimension and layers.

Let take a peek at my project.

“smile / sweet”

CK Jan GeekLab LP 01

CK Jan GeekLab LP 02

CK Jan GeekLab LP 03

 Start by selecting  a few of the tabs, tags, arrows etc from the Fancy Pants Designs ephemera pack and a few from the Clique Kits journal pack and  lay them out. Cut a few 1″ strips from the pattern papers.

CK Jan GeekLab LP 04

Next select a few punches.

CK Jan GeekLab LP 06

Punch out a few shapes from the pattern papers. Now all you need to do is start layering the strips of pattern papers and  punched shapes, adding bits of the ephemera at the same time. Once you are happy with your placement staple. You can add more by cutting the tags in haft, adding glue to the ends and slide them in and under. Don’t forget to fan the layers, use your fingers to lift each piece. So that you see the layers.

CK Jan GeekLab LP 05

and the end result!

CK Jan GeekLab LP 07

I hope today was fun and you go and make a few of these for your next project. They are great on any type of project too. Thank you for popping in today and I look forward in sharing more creative things with you soon!





Yearbook – Remember…


Hello, its Leeann here with you today. I am so happy with this page and the little memory notes I jotted down. It wasn’t that long ago that we sold this farm and moved state. I have so many photos to scrap and memories to record. The yearbook is all about documenting and preserving those memories. And here’s a great way to do this, why not print your photos mini and group them on your page.

I’m using the January Alegria kit, featuring Fancy Pants – Happy Place collection.

I was inspired by the mini film strips in the Fancy Pants Ephemera Pack and the Clique Kits Journal Spots. Once I decided on my design.  I jumped straight in, as it was simple. I wanted each of the mini squares to have texture so I created layers using pattern papers from the Fancy Pants collection. I couldn’t help but fall in love with all those puffy stickers too, seriously how awesome are they! I jotted a few of the things we did, there’s way more of course!

“Beautiful happy life”

CK JAN Yearbook LP 001

Here’s a couple of detailed shots, showing you the layers. Once I have the layers sorted I then add my embellishments!

CK JAN Yearbook LP 002

and finally I like to use  my fingers to crinkle and lift each layer!

CK JAN Yearbook LP 003

Well I hope today has been of some inspiration  to you. If you have a few tiny photos maybe you would like to try this design and jot those memories down. Its quick and a lot of fun. I look forward in sharing more projects with you soon.




Study Hall – Circle Pie Charts


Hello Clique Fans, it’s Leeann here with you today. You probably have worked out that I love circles alot and  pie charts. Today I’m sharing this page I created using lots of circles cut into pie charts,  creating simply texture and layers with each one. I wanted to feature theses and fill the background. I’ve used alot of the more neutral papers from the Girl Cave December Kit. Its also a great way to use up the tiny bits of scrap pattern papers.

CK DEC 28 Studyhall-lpearce happy

Here are a few detailed shots where you can see the layers and texture I talk about!

CK DEC 28 Studyhall-lpearce happy2

CK DEC 28 Studyhall-lpearce happy1

 I start cutting out a heap of circles all different sizes using my circle cutter. I use scraps of copy paper and cut a heap out too. I arrange them on my background until I like my placement. Next I take each circle and make  3/4 cuts into each one.  Layer and adhere each one with some double sided tape. using small scraps of pattern papers left lying around i wedge each piece and layer once again randomly placing anywhere.

CK DEC 28 Studyhall-leeannpearce

Once I am happy with my layering I play with each layer and crunch/fold to add dimension and texture. I also like to doodle and added some scribbles with a lead pencil. And finally a splash of watercolour paint splatters.

CK DEC 28 Studyhall-leeannpearce1

So next time you use circles on your page try layering and cutting them into pies. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into how I create and have ago yourself!



Yearbook – Hello


Hello, It’s Leeann with you today, I hope you all are well and have been busy crafting after checking out the cliques blog each day. How amazing are all the inspiring projects that pop up. I hope you are in love with this months kit, I am! So today I am sharing this page with you. Today’s focus was all about scrapping more than one photo. I scrap heaps of one photo pages. But sometimes I have lots of pics from a special event or outing. This page  makes my heart happy as it features my family and my beautiful friends from Western Australia. We recently moved state and I just don’t get to see my best friends that I’ve known for a long time! So this is us hanging out in Melbourne seeing the sights. We all had so much to talk about and the kids loved seeing there old school buddies too!



So because I had lots of photos I wanted to be a little more creative with this one and because I am a circle kind of girl I chose to create a circle grid. Before I added my photos and embellishments  I added a splash of color using my watercolour paints. Waited for them to dry and proceeded to back each circle with pattern papers and other embellishments from the Tapestry kit.




and here are a few detail shots. You will notice I layered lots of the embellishments and sprinkled the mini hearts like confetti. Added some doodling around each circle for extra detail.






So if this is a design you would like to try, it offers the opportunity to scrap lots of photos and some creative journaling spots.

Can’t wait to see your take on this design.

Happy Recording!



Art Studio – Water Color Designing


Hello CK fans, It’s Leeann with you today and I’m super excited to be here too. I love using watercolors  on my creations. You will notice splashes of color from some sort of medium on my pages always! This page was created using the Clique kit  November tapestry kit. This kit is just so delicious and I was sold as soon as I saw the color navy… right now I am in love with that color! So lets get our watercolors out and have a wee play.


Lets start with a blank piece of card stock and paint some random circles using our water colors. We want 3 colors and 3 sizes. Allow to dry and cut out.


I have scrapped my page onto a black piece of white cardstock. So lets start with that as the base. All you have to do is paint lines down one side of the cardstock. Allow each line to fade before dipping back into the paint. Once you are happy with your painted lines. Place the circles on your page. Now we want to blend the colour from circle to lines and create a spill pool, add a few flicks of watercolor too. Allow to dry.



For extra detail grab some stamps and ink, stamp randomly. This adds extra detail.


Once everything has dried. Scrap your page. Isn’t it so much fun adding mediums to your pages. I like that it’s totally up to you how heavy or light you want to go. This is a great way to start out if this is your first time using mixed media products. And remember there is no right or wrong way…its all about having fun and telling the story!

Now you can check out the finished detailed shots.



I hope you have fun here today and come back soon for so more…






Locker Room – Embellishment Cluster


 Hello CK fans its Leeann and I’m excited to be here today to share one of my pages with you. Using the November Tapestry Clique kit. I have a massive love for embellishments they make me squeal, it’s like looking at yummy  candy, but you cant eat these ones.   Today’s post is about creating  layered mats  for your photos and journal cards and also embellishment clusters. This is something that I love doing and you will notice I layer/mat my photos alot. So lets take a wee peek at my page and then get started on the process.



Lets start with grabbing some photos and designing a four square. In this first pic,  you can see that I like to layer paper and create photo mats.  I do the same for ready to go journal cards.


 This next pic shows you that I like to add detail, with some machine stitching.


Once you are happy making all your layered mats for photos and journal cards adhere together.


Next we are creating a punched out mini circle grid for our embellishment cluster. Once you are happy with the  design glue the circles down.


And just a quick tip while I am here. Always look at the packaging, products come in such cute packaging these days that you can use them on your creations. Here you will notice I snipped the end of the flair packaging.


And I layered that piece under one of the photos, creating a tab.


As you can see in this detailed shot I filled each of the punch out circles with twine, flair, printables, tabs, tickets, butterflies, cork heart, paper arrow, buttons etc. See, I told you eye candy right there!


And in this detailed shot layers under and also on the top.  Be creative in your layers at the top by cutting them into shapes. That way you still can add your journaling.


I hope today was fun and has given you a fresh look on creating clusters of embellishment. Next time you have a handful of scrappy candy create a shape and embellish it! Thank you and I look forward in seeing you again!