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Art Studio – Today

Art Studio

Hello it’s Leeann here, and I have a fun painted background page to share with you all using the September Moon Child kit!

It’s also my last post for the cliques kits too. It has been the coolest team to create with. I adore there kits and adore all the creations I’ve made from them. Just the other day I went through all my pages I have created for them. And I had the biggest smile! Wow I made awesome pages and recorded awesome stories at the same time. I love every single one and that really makes my heart happy.

sept kit

 Lets take a look at my page and then a little how too.


To start of, grab a white cardstock and select you desired paint colour. I look at a coordinating colour from whats in the kit. I painted 3/4 of the background.

I then paint the other 1/4 using white paint. As you can see it starts to mix. Once I’m happy with my painted background I use single short brush stokes of each of the colors over the finish background to add an element of pattern.

Next I wanted to add some random doodling and stamping.

Once you have completed this step you can then select photos and embellishments and scrap it!

Thank you so much clique kits for having me be apart of your awesome team.

I wish you all the very best… much love to all xxx



Art studio – I love this right now…

Art Studio

Hello it’s Leeann again with another fabulous project created with Septembers Moon Child kit.

sept kit

Today we are getting a little bit of medium on. When it comes to using acrylic paint you  can just play with simply designs and brush strokes, if you don’t feel comfort painting the whole page. I’m finding less is more my kinda style. Anyway today it’s just simply brush strokes, mixed with some random ink stamping and scribble doodles.

So lets take a look at my page.




Here’s a quick how too to achieve this background.

Select a color and a thick flat brush and dip the brush into paint and then swipe onto some card stock. Repeat until happy with your design.


Allow the paint to dry, gather some ink, stamps and then randomly stamp.


Add some water color splashes.


Next doodle with a lead pencil for detail. Once happy then scrap your page.


Thanks so much for popping by and I hope you give this a go.



Locker Room – Hello Adventure



Hello it’s Leeann here today and I have scrapped a double pager,  I have  a heap of “city fun adventure  photos”. First of all I started out by creating a sketch of the design I had in my head. Once I doodled this down I got stuck into creating a simple watercolor background with some random pencil and stamp work. That’s just so me. From there I cut each shape out as well as  extras as I wanted too layer each circle element for texture. Once the photos were in place I added my title and used those tiny words quotes from pretty little studios. Love them alot! I then finished this double of by adding  the epoxy shape embellishments.

Today I am also using this fabulous kit – MOON CHILD September 2016

sept kit

Here’s my doodled sketch design… please feel free to have a go if you too have a few photos you wish to get down.


and  now lets take a look at my double pager!

“Yep hello adventure 2015”




This is us in our new city, so many great new adventures we get to go on. I love exploring this city. I get excited every time I go into the city of Melbourne. So do my girls!

Thanks so much for popping in and I hope you have fun creating with this Kit.





Yearbook – Family fun

Blog Image_Yearbook

Hello, it Leeann today and I have a wonderful page to share with you all. I am slowly scrapping our #pearcefamilyadventage from 2014. I am enjoying going through all the photos and remembering our family travels. So many amazing places and time spent together! Some days I wish we were still moving about and exploring this great country. If ever the opportunity comes your way you have to do it!

I created this page using the “La dolce vita” June Kit I love all the tabs and tags in this kits and all the sequins too! I had fun layering them here.  I love using alot more photos on this pages to help tell the story. This is us in Coober Pedy, South Australia. So much to see and do here famous for opals and also mad max movies. Going out to the moonplains and breakaways was so awesome too. I can see how easy it is to get lost out here.  The colour was amazing!

“family Fun”

CK family fun

CK family fun 2

CK family fun 1


I hope you were inspired to grab out some travels photos and get them all on the page. Created you own background if all the papers weren’t working. This is a great way to get stuck into all the tabs and tags in this kit!

Have fun creating!

“la dolce vita”




Art Studio – Little Moments

Hello it’s Leeann here today and I have another page to share with you all.  I am loving the la dolce vita June kit. There’s so much in it that makes me happy. Especially that I can add so much color myself. I love all the tabs and tags from elle’s studio in this kit. They are a staple in my pages. These I love using for layering on photos. But today I wanted to show you how quick and simply it is to add color to pattern papers that are more neutral. Hoe amazing is that pattern paper with all the quotes using different font. Love it Mega! All those quotes are so this girl too. Ok so lets take a look at my page and go from there.


“Little Moments”




I think most of you know that I LOVE my watercolors and I use them alot on my projects.

So let start with placing our pattern paper down and getting our watercolor paints ready.


Using a flat head brush with a width of 1 cm, I dip the brush in water first and add that to the paint creating a pool of color. Once I’m happy with my pool of color I start at one side and swipe the brush across the page, just once. Add a flick of color to the top and bottom color bands.


For extra detail I’m adding some random stamping using a mixture of shape and quote stamps. And some doodling with a black gel pen. I have added some machine stitching for extra detail also.


I hope today was fun and you grab your watercolors and have a play. Try using different bushes for different strokes.




Locker Room – Love you

Hello it’s Leeann here today and I have a fun layout to share with you all. I just love all the 6×6 pattern papers in this kit especially the white and black and grey sides. They are my favorite types of pattern papers. I had fun punching them out and then adding colors tabs and tags  to them. I used the la dolce vita June kit.  So lets take a look at my page and them I can take you through some steps on how I created it.



CK JUNE locker room LP

CK JUNE locker room LP2

CK JUNE locker room LP1

First gather together a mixture of the pattern papers and a 2 inch circle punch. punch as many out as you like. I have layered the circles to give extra texture. I’m using a white card stock as a base. Add a splash of watercolor  for that extra pop of color.

CK JUNE locker room LP3

Once all the circles are punched arrange  onto your base. I went with a 4×4 grid.  Don’t forget to layer them for added texture and dimenson.

  CK JUNE locker room LP4

Next grab a lead pencil and doodle around each one. Next step is to add a little random stamping with a mixture of stamps.

Once you are happy adding those tiny details all you have to do is scrap it!

CK JUNE locker room LP5

I hope today was fun and you have a couple of fun ideas to play with.




Locker Room – Collage bankgrounds

Blog Image_Locker Room

Hello, I’m back again to share another fabulous project I made using this months  kit – Origins. 

After creating a handful of layouts I always have plenty of scraps. I love this idea of creating a collage background using up your scraps of pattern papers. You can have so much fun with this, by creating lots of ready to go backgrounds. They are quick and easy and fun. I love simple patterns and then pops of color. You can let your inner freestyler out here.

This photo was taken from our Pearce family adventure in 2014. They are boab trees and they are my favorite tree.


“There are places I long to go”

CK locker room 1 LP

CK locker room 2LP

CK locker room 3LP


Start by gathering all your scraps together and lay out on a base card stock.

CK locker room LPA

 Once you are happy with your design simply adhere in place. Use a few sticker numbers and randomly place along with some washi strips.

Ck locker room LPB

 Next add some stitching. It adds great detail.

CK locker room LPD

Now select a few stamps shapes and quotes and randomly stamp.

CK locker room LPC

Create your own title using watercolors and a paint brush onto card stock. When dry hand cut and arrange on your layout.

CK locker room LPE

Once you are happy start to adhere everything. Add a few flicks and pools of water color to help blend in the painted title.

CK locker room LPF

I hope today was fun and you free inspired to go create a few collage backgrounds. Thanks for popping by!



Geek Lab – Confetti fun


Hello it’s Leeann here today and I have a super fun page to share with you all using the Origins Kit and also the Origins April printables. I wanted to have a wee bit of fun this time round and so I decide that I would use some of my punches that have been sitting around. I have an assortment of shapes and sizes. My idea come from the photo strip of the girls. I decide that it needed to be alot like there personality, a little bit of this and that… crazy/happy!

CK Geek Lab memories LP

CK Geek Lab memories LP1

CK Geek Lab memories LP2

So lets get started.

First of all I printable this month April origins printables  – three times in three sizes.

CK Geek Lab LP1

 Next I gather an assortment of shaped punches.

CK Geek Lab LP2

Now for the fun part. Punch out as many shapes as you can from the April Origins printables. You can hand cut a few shapes too.

CK Geek Lab LP3


Once  you are happy with all your shapes, start by arranging your photos. Next start arranging your punches shapes. Once you are happy with your placement glue in place. Next grab the simple stories clear stickers and adhere in any white spaces.  I added some doodle scribble using a lead pencil. Next I add the enamel hearts from Bella blvd and also a few brads to add that little bit of detail.  To finish this page off I add flicks of black water color and curled the edges of the punched shapes.

CK Geek Lab LP4

Thank you for popping by today and I hope it has inspired you to grab those punches and have a play! Don’t forget those April Origin printables are there too!





Yearbook – hello

Blog Image_Yearbook

Hello, I hope you are all well. Today I’m sharing a page that I created using some photo booth strips. Just recently we took our girls to Luna Park in Melbourne. It was an amazing day filled with many crazy rides. I saw my girls go into the photo booth together and come out laughing. I to wanted to have a wee bit of fun with them. And because I’m always behind the lens I tend to miss out on being in the family pics. Anyway we all climbed into the booth and snapped some silly pics. I absolutely love them.  It is a right here right now moment! I had a blast using the origins kits and loved the chipboard frames they were perfect for this design. Plus that gave me the choice to use the bigger paper die cut  embellishments. I used the whole strip of photos too.

“This is real life”

CK yearbook life

CK yearbook life 1

CK yearbook life 2

I used the simple stories clear stickers to add extra detail to the frames and titles. They worked perfectly.

I hope you enjoy today and if you have instant photos grab then and scrap that moment.

Thanks for popping in today!



Art Studio – Good Stuff

Blog Image_Art Studio

Hello CK fans, oh its awesome to be here today! I have been playing with the origins kit and boy oh boy its fun. Today I get to share with you how I created this painted background, because  we all love a bit of paint! Inspiration came from a few different places to start with. The photo was taken in Melbourne in a graffiti lane. Another idea sparked when I open up the simple stories clear stickers, notice the swipes and splats of paints. You see the smallest things can sparkle the best ideas, especially if you feel your mojo has gone walking!



Let start by having a look at the finish page. And there’s also a couple of close ups with details of those awesome clear stickers by simple stories.

I love them!

“Good Stuff”

CK good stuff art studio
CK good stuff art studio 1

CK good stuff art studio 2

Ok, so lets start by selecting a few colors of acrylic paint. Plus a few paint brushes and a sheet of white card stock.

art studio 1

Once you are happy on your color choice decide where on your sheet of card stock and unscrew each color and squeeze a blob of paint out.

art studio 2

Grab a paintbrush for each color. Do not wet the brush. We are dry brushing  the paint. Start by placing the brush in the blob of paint and swipe down and flick up. Allow each of the colors to then dry.

art studio 3

Now simply get busy using the Origins kit and scrap it!

At the very end, cover the adhere photo with some scrap paper and grab your watercolor paints and add a few flicks of yellow and green. This just adds that little pop of detail to the swiped paint!

CK good stuff art studio

I hope today was fun and you are inspired to have a wee play with some paint in a different way. I look forward to checking some out, let me know if you do!

See you all again soon… Leeann