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Art Studio – Bulletin Board Layout


Hey there!

I really wanted to channel my inner college student with this layout!  Somehow all these little sayings and words of encouragement throughout this fabulous kit reminded me of my college dorm bulletin board.  I used to cut out things from magazines and put random candid pictures up.  Honestly, I still kinda do that now in my office!

Those little bits of Pretty Little Studio word strips caught my eye as little fortune cookie papers.  Grouped together they look like I’ve had too much takeout!

I used a lot of those little dot stickers from Fancy Pants Designs as replicas of push pins.

The faux layering of elements is something that my real bulletin board already looks like.  Just sticking another saying up on top of another is achieved but adding little bits of patterned paper.

That squirrel was so cute I attached him to a piece of the exclusive journal cards.  Random staples on word strips add another level of informality.

By having the top of the 12×12 paper be 2/3rds of the KaiserCraft dot paper, that left the lower 1/3rd plain white.  It allowed the journal cards and pics to hang off the edge of the ‘bulletin board’ just as they would have been in my dorm.

It has been a blast being on this team for Clique Kits and I hope to see you around all my social media outlets and blog!  Create lively my friends!


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Study Hall: Hello Adventure


Hi there,

It’s my second to last post for Clique Kits and I wanted to try something new with this beautiful September Kit.  (I’m not sure how they always pull together the most fantastic kit every single time btw.)

So instead of a scrapping about a picture of something that was meaningful to me, I wanted to write about something that was meaningful in a scrapbook layout.  What I felt, emotionally and physically when I took this screenshot last winter!  I mean who wouldn’t take a screenshot if the temperature outside is -24?!?!

I just wanted a monochromatic layout with just blues, blacks and white; a chilled out version of a night scheme.

Starting with an 8 x 12 starry night background I placed it on the woodgrain full page.  Then adding strips of varring widths of paper, I layered on top of those. Using a few of those exclusive project life cards and Pretty Little Studio words along the way, it helped  round out the color scheme I was going for.

I couldn’t resist adding 4 full rows of Fancy Pants Designs Dot stickers.  It just added so much detail with very little work on my part.  ;0)

There is one paper in the grouping that had sentiments written by Kaiser Craft but I chose instead to line those strips with the accents seen between the words and not the words themselves. Just another element of layering I can’t hold back from.

I’ve been also trying to hold back and not use this Acrylic ‘Hello Adventure’ just yet, but I couldn’t help myself.  I also added some black stars from my own stash as well.

With journaling to finish it off, and add that something I wanted from the beginning, I’d say I met my goal with trying something new!

Thanks Guys!



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Yearbook-Instant Journal Cards


I met my mail lady in the yard, opened it within 10 seconds and started working with it 1 minute after that.  Yes, my Cliquers… is that FANTASTIC!

The colors matched so well with the last of my 2015 pictures (insert hang head in shame emoji here:), it was such a cinch to put together!

I have never done a Design Z layout so I thought it was about time to try!


It came with these Kaiser Art 2-sided journal card paper where I got this triangular and moon shaped card.

  All I did was add a yellow plus sign from the Dear Lizzy ‘Hello’ Thickers and bam! Instant card.  Thicker hearts were also added to the door in the picture below.

By far my favorite piece of paper from the whole kit!

Exclusive Clique Kits designed paper is what I used for both journaling cards!

I had fun with with this 3×4 piece of exclusive paper by adding a whole bunch of word stickers from Pretty Little Studio and some enamel dots to finish it out!

This bottom card is a a hodge podge of Thickers, paper and end cuts.

What a fabulous kit this month!  I will definitely be using every last inch!

Thanks for stopping by!





On Repeat


I’ve always wanted to do a repetitive picture layout but I wasn’t sure how to put it together.  Finally, with this June’s Kit, I was able to put the pieces together in my head enough to go for it!  I figured out I could use the repetitive picture as the “paper” and mask it somehow to make it a little softer.



I printed out the same picture and pasted it as a base with some Ellie’s Studio Paper as the foundation and accent.

  Then using the exclusive Just Nick Cut Files, I isolated the circle shape.


Repeating it and with different sizes, I made my own cut file design.




 The journaling was printed on velum and placed on the bottom with a row of labels covered with the vellum as a base.


 Again, more layers of paper underneath the main picture with bits of the same repeat picture peeking through the cut file.


I always seem to go for the stapler! Guess I appreciate the industrial look in a softer layout to balance it. #stapleallthethings 🙂

Here is the whole layout!Thanks for stopping by today!XOXOXO-Kim


Printables to Planners


This months Clique Kits printables are pretty darn crazy cute!  With the boxes, flags and phrases, I thought it would be cute to use them in my planner since they match this week’s spread.

Yes, I could have just printed the pdf on sticky paper, but I wanted to customize them to EXACTLY fit the boxes in my planner. For this week, I used my Erin Condren Life planner with the vertical boxes edition. I’ll show you how to resize them and also make custom stickers below.

I imported all the .png’s into my Cricuit design space and added them all to my canvas for resizing.

Each box is 1.5 inches wide and 1.9 inches in height so I used the edit function to unlock the proportions and type in the dimentions.

I also made some layer sticker sets to print off as is as well.  Like scrapbooking, layers of stickers to add dimension is always a great way to be creative with your layout.

The best part is that the program is that it fits them on a page for me in such a way as to maximize each sheet of paper. It will print the page first and then it will be ready to kiss cut. Load the print out, turn your dial to custom to choose sticker paper, and it’s all ready to go!

Have I told you how much fun (and cheaper) it is to make your own stickers?!

The program bleeds each picture so the cutter cuts just inside the designs box.


Now it’s time to have some fun!

See how lovely they fit in those boxes!? Perfection!!

BTW I used bleeds from the designs and cut them out, like where it says “Hello June’. Then I add those to my planner as well!  Adds a little extra highlighted box fun!

On the other side of the coil. I’m off to a good start!  It looks a little bare right now, but if you follow me on Instagram, I’ll show you each day this week how I’m filling it in and adding more stickers as well!

Thanks for stopping by!!!





The Devil is in the Details

Blog Image_Yearbook

Pocket pages are supposed to be simple; put a piece of paper in a plastic pocket with some photos and writing and you’re done.  While the overall project would get done and done quicker, would it get done so that I would like it in the end?

For me, the Devil is in the Details. The letter stickers, fussy cut heart from one of the 6 x 6 papers and ephemera flag work together to create a corner of happiness in this layout.

I used the packaging from the Elle’s Studio ephemera pack and turned up the corner on this card. A large print, small print and stripe are always a winning combination.


This card I decided to fringe this paper a bit thinking the pocket page could use a little texture. I know it would not be at it’s full potential since it will be placed in the pocket but it really will make a difference in the long run.

Using the cut aparts to journal on the picture, which is mounted on a ‘little moments” paper, is quick way to add a specific thought to a picture.  Attaching it with stamps adds another layer of love!

Honestly, I have never used completely clear acrylic die cuts. As for the ones from JellyBean Soup included in the kit,  I added a special touch to it to make them sparkle! (I’d love to spill the beans but I’ll show you how I did that on June 2nd!)

Finally adding something bold, like the family sticker to draw you eye to the picture below, is always a favorite trick of mine!  Now, try imagining this layout with 5 plain pieces of paper.  See?!

I totally appreciate you stopping by. Until next time….





Geek Lab: Use Those Freebies!


Yippee, I’m back again! Kim here to share some digital love!  I hope that you are aware that you get so many freebies each month you could really stretch that kit! I figure you could almost double your paper and ephemera alone if you use the cut files and printables each month!

Lets start with this beautiful cut file!  So amazing!  Here’s a tip…I found out that after cutting, just trying to pull the paper off the mat is not so fun. But if you place your mat right side down peel the mat away from the paper instead, your results are so much better with the delicate file.

Here is the printout of this months gorgeous designs!!

I then pieced the background together with bits of printables and paper from the kit.  Those words fit so nicely in the leaves!

I wanted each rose to have the same pattern so I used this soft buttery yellow and made sure all the stripes lined up under my cut paper. Again more printable love here with the ‘beautiful day’ piece.

 Now time for the ephemera!  Little bits from the die cuts but also quite a few from the printable sheet!

I love the way the butterfly is dimensional and has so much shimmer too!

So glad you could join us today!  See you soon!





Yearbook: Week 8 with Simple Stories


Hey there again!  Kim here to share a pocket page layout using some fun treats out of the April Clique Kit!

Week 9 was a big one in our family as we were moving into our home! I took way to many pictures (if that is even possible) so I’ve ended up with 4 double sided pocket pages in an assortment of sizes.  It was so easy to put together too because this kit has so many fun filler and journal cards!

I used the 4 x 4 card paper to snatch these two filler cards as well as the 3 x 4 card in the card on the main page.

Instead of cutting this diagonally designed filler card where it was intended,  I just left the endpaper on because it matched the card below and cut 1/2 inch below the top.

Seriously!?!?  This coffee cup with the heart!  Had to include that since no move is complete without donuts and coffee!

Don’t think I forgot about journaling!  I just took a fine tip sharpie and write on the “door”, then added the life strip die cut and a piece of wood grained paper and attached it with a stapler. Viola!  Instant journal card!

This kit is primed for many pocket page layouts. Enjoy it!





Paste and Splotches

Hello there again!  I’ve got a layered process for you to try!

 It’s simple and I’ll show you 😉

I chose a pattern paper that would contrast nicely with the his face. Then I mixed some light molding paste and these three acrylic paints to match the tealish color from the photo. I eyeballed it and ended up adding more green than I expected.

I then splotched, in no particular way, on a 12 x 12 paper.  While they both were drying, I assembled the rest of the papers. and die cuts.

I used the instax looking page from the kit and cut out some rectangle pattern pieces and frames.  Then I cut from the molding paste paper, the same type of shape and attached all of those to the heart acetate from Bella Blvd.

I couldn’t wait to use this mirrored camera from Colorcast Designs. I found that adding the acetate on top of the splotches made it a nice subtle effect instead of harsh.

And that molding paste was the perfect shade of tealish and added some texture to the project.

Thanks for joining me today for this fun, quick layout!





HI there!  You’ve caught me on the first day of the  April Kit reveal AND it’s CK’s anniversary month!

Today we are going to talk about trying new things. Sometimes I jump right into a project and just do it with out spreading my wings a little bit. But I wanted to show you a few things I’ve been doing that are new for me!

Here you can see I wanted to use these three pictures in a cluster so I tried which one set the best mood for this layout.

 Of course I ended up using only 3 due to the massive amount of toes present but sided with the yellow stripe from Simple Stories.  He was so cheery, I thought the stripe should be too.  Also, I know the kit comes with these die cuts that spell ‘Life’ but I loved them too much not to have them go with my precious Eli on here.

I also trimmed the pictures down to a manageable 4 x 4 size.  As I have stated before, I do not print at home but use Walgreens instead and to have me crop and print 4×4’s from there is twice the price. So instead,  I use my trusty rotary cutter and see through ruler.  It’s found in the quilting section of your craft store and I find that I can get a more precise, clean cut using it instead of a paper trimmer.

I love using paint as a background just as much as any crafter, but I wasn’t so sure it was my thing today.  Playing off the geometric style of the letters, I composed a grid and some dots to use instead.

I finally ended with this layout all clean and fresh.  Hopefully you’ll test some new techniques to you that will become favs you’ll work into other projects too!