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Geek Lab: Stuck on You – An Adhesive Primer

Hey Friends! Happy Weekend.  I’m here to share tips on one of the most basic, unseen but important tools in paper crafting — Adhesive!

A good, no great adhesive sticks the first time, allows your layout or card to be the star of the show and leaves no trace! Let’s take a look at some of the most common adhesives:

  • Roller Tape I love this style of adhesive for its ease of use simply by rolling.  Most  if not all adhesive tape rollers are refillable as well.  I usually use this type of adhesive to attach cards panels to bases.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Adhesive_Hello_Card_Tyra Babington_1_edited-1

  • Foam tape: My go-to adhesive to pop out card layers and embellishments. Foam adhesive adds depth  and case be used to simulate movement.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Adhesive_Sparkle_Card_Tyra Babington_1_edited-2

  • Liquid adhesive: This type of adhesive provides the flexibility I need to attached smaller pieces, like sequins, where regular adhesive is left looking exposed.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Adhesive_Happy_Card_Tyra Babington_1_edited2So there you have it.  I hope you learned that there are a variety of adhesives available to paper crafters to achieve different effects.  The right type of adhesive can make your creation the star of the show! Thank so much for stopping by! xo, Tyra



Fun with a Pocket Mini Album!

Blog Image_Art Studio

Hello It’s Tyra and I’m here to share a fun pocket mini-album.  This style allows me a lot of flexibility to add or subtract photos over time, especially if I create a theme album, for instance, focusing on one child or type of event (e.g. The school year).  Binder rings will hold the album together and allow for expandability as well.  Let’s take a took at my mini pocket album up close:

CK_Sept 2015 Laugh Mini Album Tyra Babington 1

CK_Sept 2015 Laugh Mini Album Tyra Babington 2

This album was easy to pull together simply using the beautiful colors and patterns in this months kit! I used foam adhesive to create layers and add depth.  I like how most pages showcase a contrast between a neutral black/white combination and a splash of color.

CK_Sept 2015 Laugh Mini Album Tyra Babington 3

CK_Sept 2015 Laugh Mini Album Tyra Babington 4

I will fill this album with pictures of my little girl from birth to now. I’m sure this album will also contain a few tears (of happiness)  from me as I reflect on how much she has grown from a baby to young elementary-aged little girl. Does tears count as part of my supply list (smile)?  Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!




Geek Lab: Let’s Tell Our Story



Hello It’s Tyra! do you ever find that you have several photos that really tell a story and your challenged as to how to use them? I’ve shared this tip before, but’s its worth sharing again — the magic awesome photo editor, Picmonkey.  Use this easy photo editor to create a collage of photos that tell a story.  Photo collages are also a perfect solution for layouts smaller than the traditional 12 x 12 inch layout. Size the collage to fix a scrapbook page of any size.  Here is I’m using a 6 x 8  inch format.  Take a look at my process below:

  1. Open your photo editors and follow the prompts to create a photo college. In this case, select a collection of photos from another open window. Drag and drop into the photo editor. Select a collage style. Again, drag and drop photos.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_0

2. Print!

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_1

3. Trim your single photo to your desired size.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_2

4. Mix, match, layer and embellishment your way to an awesome layout.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_1

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_3

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_4


I really really love creating photo collages as a way to get a lot of pictures on a page and tell a story.  Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! Tyra CK_VarsityTeam_Tyra



Embedded Mini Album


Hi It’s Tyra and I’m here to share a fun way to add a layered mini album to your pocket page album.  This year I’m using a 6×8 album, but I find that I still love creating mini-albums as well.  This embedded mini album still allows  me to preserve special photos within a pocket page, while using a mini album to play with textures and layers.


Project Steps (for use in a 6×8 album):

1. Cut and trim patterned paper to the following sizes: 4×8, 4×7, 4×6, 4×5.5,4×4

2. Punch holes to match existing album.

3. Size photos and add to each page.

4. Add embellishments to your taste. Enjoy!


CK_May15_Babington_MiniAlbum5 CK_May15_Babington_MiniAlbum2 CK_May15_Babington_MiniAlbum3_edited-1

If you have enjoyed this month’s kit as much as I have, you might have just a few pieces of paper left to create an embedded mini of your own! I hope I have inspired you today! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!



Locker Room: Layers and Layouts


Hi it’s Tyra and I’m here to share two examples of how I use my favorite technique I use with cards — layers — and apply the concept to creating layouts! If you attended Clique Kits National Scrapbooking Day Event, you might have noticed the first creative challenge involved playing with layers! I mentioned that I pull layered looks together by using any combination of:

  • Color
  • Theme or
  • Pattern

I also keep my sizing easy.  In the case of scrapbooking layouts, many photos are sized to either the popular Instagram sized 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cm),  4 x 6 inches (10 × 15 cm), or 5 x 7 inches (13 × 18 cm). So, similar to how I cut cards I’ll usually cut layers for my layout up to 1/2 inch to a full inch larger so that al those pretty layers peek through!

So, here is a card with lots of lovely layers:


And here are a few layouts where I applied the same principles:



I love how these clean and simple layouts using May’s Kit “Carnival” turned out:

I hope I have inspired you today! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!



Cards To Encourage

study-hallI hope you are having a terrific weekend! Its Tyra and I’m here to share a cards all with the theme of encouragement.  I’m using the May Kit, Carnival and first, I need to tell you that it’s packed with all sorts of fabulousness! Amy Tangerine’s Rise and Shine is the featured collection.  This month’s kit is all about beautiful color with a slightly washed look and, of course, coordinating embellishments.  As with any kit, I love to start with creating a few cards, before I dig into creating layouts or anything else.


This time I focused on cards of encouragement. Honestly, I think I created these cards as a way to encourage myself, as my family and I navigate a busy season in our lives. We soon will be transitioning the kids from school to summer camp, looking to buy a new home all on top of our regular work and home related obligations!

Babington_April15_HelloSunshineCard Babington_April15_YouRULECard


Whew! I feel better already! Next I think I should mail these lovelies out to someone else needing a little encouragement!

Before I go, I wanted to share one more card I created from the Clique Cards Spring Edition. Umm – I’m in love with the gold, mint and peachy pink goodness featured in this kit.  Here is one of the first lovelies I created!



Stop by my blog tomorrow for a few more. Thanks so much for stopping by! Take care!



Yearbook: Three Reasons Why Card Makers Should Try Pocket Pages

Blog Image_Yearbook

Happy Tuesday! It’s Tyra and I’m here to share three reasons why pocket page style scrapbooking is an awesome way for card makers to get into memory keeping.

1. Smaller canvas size


This year I’m using a 6×8 album to preserve memories. I’m finding that the smaller canvas size is less intimidating.  Pocket pages are all about 6×8, 6×4, 3×4 or even smaller! So the card makers out there can use the same design principles to create their own custom journaling cards on a similar canvas size.


2. Photo collages

Many card makers love combining different textures, colors, sentiments to create a look. Photo collage involves combining pictures, to tell a story.  I like using Picmonkey to combine several pictures from the same week to create a “week in review” collage. The best part is that once I created my collage I’m done capturing a week (or a month) full of memories!


3. “The days are long, but the years are short.”

I love using pocket pages, especially a smaller format this year to quickly capture my family’s memories. I have figured out a process that I enjoy and will help me accomplish my goal of capturing a year’s full of memories, using familiar design concepts I borrowed from card making.

Babington_Mar15_Half_Page_PocketCard_edited-1 Babington_Mar15_Half_Page_CloseUp_PocketCard

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! Take care! Tyra



Locker Room: Fun with stitching


Happy Friday! It’s Tyra and I’m here to share two cards I created using two different stitching techniques! This all started when I was shopping at Target the other day. For anyone familiar with Target, you almost always leave the store with a little more than you intend to.


In my case, I picked up a smaller stitching machine seen above and decided to give it a try:


The verdict? I am going to continue to use this tiny stitching machine for card making  as I really don’t want to use the larger sewing machine I recently purchased.   A steady hand and a slow stitch is key to using this handheld device! I was hoping the stitch would be a little straighter, but I think this will come with practice.

An alternative to using a sewing machine, or even the model shown above are craft steel dies:


Here is what I created:


I love that I’m able to position the craft die so that the stitch is nice and straight, but weaving the string through the individual holes (see where I missed a hole?) takes time.

Well there you have it! I hope I inspired you today! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!



Anything Goes: Tokens of love and appreciation

Hello, It’s Tyra and I’m here to share a few lovelies I created with the beautiful March kit, J’Adore!

When I first discovered the wonderful kit club that is Clique Kits, I have always loved (and still do) the versatility the kits offer for card making and other paper crafting!  Whenever I break open my Clique Kit I immediately make a few cards before I start creating layouts!  Creating cards gives me the ability to use a smaller “canvas” to explore the different design combinations possible from each kit.  So, today I want to simply share a few projects inspired by the fabulous papers and embellishments from J’Adore!

Love Wild Card Clique Kits Tyra Babington 72dpi

LOVED Card Clique Kits 72 dpi Tyra Babington

Last but not least,  I used the Ori Kami stamp set from Altenew and Kesi Art dies together with the papers from J’Adore to create these library pocket sentiments! Simply add a gift card to these lovelies for a simple token of appreciation!

Bliss CloseUp Library Pocket Clique Kits Tyra Babingtonv2

Happiness Library Pocket Clique Kits Tyra Babington

Bliss Library Pocket Clique Kits Tyra Babington

I hope I have inspired you to create something beautiful today! Take care and thanks so much for stopping by! Tyra



Click Into The Holidays: My December Journal

Happy Holidays! It’s Tyra here and I’m delighted to share a peek inside my journal featuring the oh so perfect  Clique into the Holidays Kit.  I am happy to report that my journal making this year has been a success. What made the difference for me this year?

  • A new smartphone (and ample space to take pictures)
  • A wireless compact photo printer (e.g. Canon Selphy), which allowed me to print directly from my phone
  • Last but not least, the super affordable Clique Kits Holiday Kit, including the well coordinated papers and embellishments, along with an ample supply of pocket style journal cards!

So, let’s get to the journal!

I used a 6 x 8 binder:

Tyra Babington Clique Kits December Journal Feature


I created a few journal cards of my own, but kept it simple.   Knowing that I’m using a pocket style journal, I precut a lot of paper to a 3 x 4 or 6 x 8 size and used my tiny stapler to make everything come together. The holidays are super busy, so this journal needed to be quick and easy or it wasn’t going to happen at all.

Tyra Babington Journal Cards

Here are a few of my journal pages! Literally everything came together fast as I simply remembered to snap a photo everyday during the month of December. I also added my children’s school projects, church and event programs, weather forecasts, and receipts for special purchases.

Tyra Babington December Journal 3 Tyra Babington December Journal 2 Tyra Babington December Journal 1

I’m soo happy with the progress I’ve made.  I’m soo happy I was able to capture December my way.  Just remember the next time you decide to assemble a journal, it’s really about the memories.  Keep the journaling part easy. Clique Kits help make that process so much easier.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Take care, Tyra.