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Locker Room: You are dearly missed, Australia!


Hello! Cassandra here and hope your week has been great! I am back to share another layout with the September Capture kit! Love every bit of it!:DIMG_4673

To create this layout, I first chose a patterned paper as the background paper then layered it with a 11.5″x11.5″ white card stock. Then I splattered red ink from Maya Road randomly around the card stock.
IMG_4670Next, I added a few vellum hearts from the Cocoa Vanilla Hello Lovely die cuts pack so that it won’t appear too plain!IMG_4671Then the rest would be layering it bit by bit. I like to first arrange everything so that I can get an overview of my end product and snap a photo so I know roughly where to put them. Though tedious, this has proven to help me make all my layouts more cohesive.IMG_4673All materials can be found in the September Capture Kit:_184304_origThanks so much for dropping by and hope you have enjoyed my project! We would really love to see your creations! Please hashtag cliquekits on Instagram or tag us on Facebook! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!CK_VarsityTeam_Cassandra


Geek Lab:


Good day to all! I have heard from quite a few of my friends recently asking me what’s the best way to add text into my photos or edit them, so I thought I would share some tips! Basically, I am almost a computer/IT idiot that’s why Photoshop is too difficult for me (though I know everything can be done through it). I, however, edit almost all my photos through PicMonkey because it’s FREE!

Being Me

Here’s how: Click on the link and it will direct you to the page as shown below.


Then, open a file and upload it. Then you may crop it to Instagram square sizes (though we finally no longer need to) or any dimension you want. I like to play around with the exposure to add brightness to the photo, sharpen it a little and even adjust the temperature of the photo (warm or colder).


Then to add text to your photo, simply click on add text. The best part is that even your own collection of fonts may be found under the “Yours” section. Do note that those with a crown sign beside it requires extra charges.


After playing around with the text, here’s how it looks like:


Then click save. I like to save the photo quality as sean but if you are concern about the photo sizes, then there are 3 options to choose from.


Then finally, have it printed out and here’s my layout with the hello lovely collection!:D

Being Me







Supplies used: August Capture Kit_184304_origThanks so much for dropping by and hope you have enjoyed my project! We would really love to see your creations! Please hashtag cliquekits on Instagram or tag us on Facebook! Please also note that this is not a sponsored post or any sorts! It’s just that PicMonkey is working best for my scrapbook needs so thought of sharing!:D

Till my next update, take care and God Bless!CK_VarsityTeam_Cassandra


Yearbook: Melbourne — Sydney 2015


Hello all! Thanks for dropping by Clique Kits! Here’s sharing a Project Life spread I did with WRMK plastic folder. Love their square format and what’s even more amazing is that in the September Capture kit, it has a variety of square format patterned cards as the ones shown below!


Using Cocoa Vanilla’s Hello Lovely collection, I first cut a few pieces of patterned papers into 9 squares of 4″ and place them randomly over the squares to add colors and variety to the spread. Love how it looks and had lots of fun documenting my Australia trip!



Hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!IMG_4662

All materials can be found in the September Capture Kit:_184304_orig

Thanks so much for dropping by! We would really love to see your creations! Please hashtag cliquekits on Instagram or tag us on Facebook! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!


Locker Room: Great Ocean Road Trip


Heyyie good day to all!:D I am up on the blog today to share a layout I created using the September’s Capture Kit! I absolutely love this hello lovely collection from Cocoa Vanilla! The colors and patterns are bright, cute and fun to play with:) IMG_4650Here’s sharing a few tips on how I create this layout:

I like using patterned papers as the border and a white card stock in the middle so it won’t appear so clustered and draws attention to the middle. In choosing which patterned paper as the base, I like to first decide on the photos I am using. A tip that won’t go wrong is to use colors that match the colors in your photos. For instance, the 3 photos I have are mostly in shades of green and blue. Comparing the first and second layout, the blue in the second layout feels more cohesive compared to the first.
IMG_4646IMG_4647Secondly, since it’s a beach sort of theme, I chose a brown patterned paper to match my layout and split it into halves at 6″ and did sort of a arrow pattern so the attention will be drawn to the middle photos.IMG_4649Then the rest would be adding details and foam dots for more dimension.IMG_4652IMG_4654IMG_4650All materials can be found in the September Capture Kit:_184304_origThanks so much for dropping by and hope some of the tips help! We would really love to see your creations! Please hashtag cliquekits on Instagram or tag us on Facebook! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!CK_VarsityTeam_Cassandra


Art Studio: It’s a lunch outing!


Hello all! I am back to share another layout using the bright and lovely August Ambrosia kit! Have you ever had the experience of not bearing to throw away your scraps because they are so lovely? HAHA, I do, ALL THE TIME! I end up having bags of scraps that I would eventually just throw them away. So, for this kit, I decided to use up whatever that’s left of my scraps!:)IMG_4632

And with a little trimming and cutting here and there, I manage to still get a decent layout.IMG_4636To fill up the white spaces, I decided to try my hands on some watermelon illustration which I feel turned out terribly wrong but I shall just embrace it. At least it looks like a watermelon(i hope) for my first try! HAHA! I figured out perhaps the patterned paper wasn’t meant for blending so it started to bleed and tear when I added more water to it. mixed media


Then I added  some American Crafts gold fonts and the reminder of the random bits from the kit!Cass ChenI am quite happy with the result! Hope you have enjoyed it too!:D
IMG_4641Supplies used: August Ambrosia486063_origThanks so much for dropping by! We would really love to see your creations! Please hashtag cliquekits on Instagram or tag us on Facebook! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!CK_VarsityTeam_Cassandra


Locker Room: Having fun in the summer!



Hello guys! Cassandra checking in today! Was your weekend good? Mine certainly was and with the weather getting hotter (it’s killing me) in SUNNY Singapore, it’s definitely gonna be a summer layout today with lemonades!

Here’s how I created it: The background paper was created by first trimming off 0.25″ around a white smooth card stock and glueing it down. Then I used my sewing machine to create different stitch patterns on 3 sides of the card stock as shown. And added simple embellishments to both ends of the paper.

suppliesNext, I used some of the different mediums to decorate the background by randomly flicking the inks over the paper and tapping the distress stains down for the subtle pink stained look. I also used some of my stamps to randomly stamp over the page.

supplies 1Then I gathered anything related to lemonade and summer from the August Ambrosia Kit.

Cassandra ChenTa da! Here’s my final layout!:D I cut small inserts around the lemonade embellishment to create a slice effect to add more dimension to my projects as well! And I folded the acetate butterflies into half so it appears to be popping up from the page! Hope you like it!


Thanks for dropping by! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!






Locker Room: My Daily Bread & Inspiration!



Hello! Cassandra here and good day to all! Hope your weekend had been well spent! Here’s sharing two project life pages I did recently with the August Ambrosia Collection!

1These were some of the supplies used in creating the Project Life Pages. I like putting the small embellishments into containers for easy reference and to prevent them from getting blown away. I am using the WRMK plastic protector sheets with Instagram square sizes.

2For starters, I chose the photos I wanted and printed them square sized. *These inspiring picture quotes were taken from Proverbs 31 and head over if you are interested in more inspiring quotes.* Then I cut the patterned papers randomly into 4×4″ each.

IMG_4508Here’s how the first page looks like. I decided to add some sequins into one of the pockets to add a fun element and sealed it by sewing it through. The rest were created by layering the embellishments together. Here are some of the details:


4This was sealed with a sewing machine. Here’s the second page of my PL spread:

IMG_4515I added sequins too on the flip side so both sides have sequins in the pockets and sealed tightly with the sewing machine! Supplies were all from this month’s kit:

486063_origThanks so much for dropping by! Hope you like my project! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!



Geek Lab: Fun under the sun!


cassandra_ Aug kit

Hi everyone! A great day to all of you! The August kit is just so full of summer love that I can’t help scrapping a photo of a day out with my friends. I made a spinning photo wheel just simply by attaching a brad to the centre of the photo and it does creates more interest to my project. The clouds and sun were created using my Silhouette Cameo! IKR, how can summer not have sun and clouds?:P Here’s some simple tips on how to create your very own clouds with Silhouette Cameo!

1. Open up the cameo software and start with an empty page.


2. Draw circles around as shown with the eclipse tool.

3. Then select all of the circles.34. Then select the weld tool. Ta-da a cloud like pattern is formed. 45. To have a flat base like in my layout, use the rectangular tool and make sure the rectangular covers the bottom of the cloud completely.56. Then select object, modify and subtract.67. Here’s how it looks like! Of course to get a nice clouds you need to attempt a few more times till you like it!78. Lastly, I cut it on a white smooth card stock and watercolored it. All the products were from the August Kit:

486063_origHope you have already gotten yours and till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D


Yearbook: Cherry Blossom 2015


Hello everyone! Cassandra here today to share how I document on my layout using the June Kit filled with Crate Paper products! I really like playing with the grid style to add more photos and not make it appear too cluttered!

Crate Paper_ Cassandra ChenFirst, I used a black pen to add stitched lines to my card stock. Then using Crate Paper’s Allons patterned paper, I cut 6 3×4″ patterned cards and added them as such. To make it look neat, it’s important to have patterned papers and photos of the same size. Next step would just be layering with embellishments and journaling! CP_CassChen

CP_Cassandra Chen

Thanks so much for dropping by! Hope you like this project! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:Dck_VarsityTeam_square-Cassandra1


Locker Room: DIY Magnetic Album Tutorial

lockerroomHello everyone! Cassandra here today to share a short tutorial on how to make a DIY magnetic album using the June Kit filled with Crate Paper products!

IMG_4368These are the materials you need: IMG_4357I found the magnetic tape at my local craft store in Singapore but any similar magnetic products will work fine too!IMG_4359Cut out the cardboard using the measurements as shown above.  Then fold it inwards and glue it down. You may cut the patterned papers at each fold till the start of the cardboard to facilitate folding and glueing it down. IMG_4360Then use another patterned paper and glue it down. Add the magnetic strip at the last 1″ and glue it down to the other patterned paper.IMG_4361Make the accordion by folding it at 0.5″ marking and cut out patterned papers of 4.5″x5″ and slot them into the accordion and glue them down. This will form the inner part of the album.IMG_4362Then glue it down on the album and embellishment it with lotsa yummy goodies from Crate’s Journey collection!:D The magnetic strip will hold your album tightly together! Oops if you have already noticed, the sides of the album are slightly torn as I pulled the patterned paper too hard and tight when bending the album. Alternatively, to prevent something like this from happening, reduce the 1″ cardboard slightly to about 0.8″. That would give it some flexibility from long term handling of the album! Hope it helps!
IMG_4368Thanks for dropping by! Hope you like this project as much as I have enjoyed making it! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D