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Share Your Space with Evi


Hello Scrapbook friends!  It’s Evi and I’m here to share my creative space with all our viewers.  I have been fortunate enough to claim a room in our apartment for years and now a room in our new home.

Lets start off with my desk.  I actually have two identical desk from Ikea and I arranged them in an ‘L’ shape in a corner.  I have two sets of the five draw Alex draws from Ikea as well.  I keep my inverted tripod permanently on one desk that I use for filming my process videos.

All my draws are filled with all sorts of scrapbook supplies like my punches, stamps, inks, mists, glitters, watercolors, wood veneers, markers, acrylic paints, and extra mixed media supplies.  On top I keep all of the ready to use supplies.

Along my long wall, above my desk, I have my collection of art pieces I have collected throughout the years.  I have an obsession with dogs (doxies in particular) and collect colorful pieces that inspire me with I gaze up.

Beside my desk I have stacked cubes from the Recollections line at Micheal’s.  These cubes used to be on top of my shelve when it laid vertically but I have done some recent re arranging.  These draws hold ink for my printer, printer paper, embellishments or sorts and my collection of 12×12 paper.  My Ikea Kallax shelves hold all my albums, paper pads, magazines and photo boxes.

I am also a LuLaRoe consultant and the opposite wall from my desk holds a double installation to house all my inventory for my small business.  Everything is hung according to style and in size order.

My Raskog Cart from Ikea holds all my 6×12 alphas and sticker collections.  I have multiple glues, pastes, gesso, paints and all my mixed media supplies are housed in it.  I love the card cause I can wheel it to and from the side of my desk when needed.  I have my additional tripod always ready to go and my mannequin to run my LuLaRoe business.

On top of my desk I have a fruit basket that holds most of my washi collection.  My Silhouette Cameo and a roll of glitter, a mail holder that contains all my scraps of patterned paper, I have a peg board for more washi and tones of cups and jars holding pens, pencils, paint brushes and palette knives.

I keep small dishes as well to keep the last bits of die cut packs and ephemera in.  Tiny jars hold flair buttons, enamel dots and buttons.

I love my scissors, ATG gun, fine liners and last details readily available.  They all sit close along with with heat dryer, hot glue gun and paper trimmer.

Kobe keeps me company in my office all the time.  There he is, he’s so cute.  Thank you for stopping  by today.

2 thoughts on “Share Your Space with Evi

  1. What a great space. I love all the dog prints and especially LOVE the original, Kobe. (We are a doxie family, too!)


  2. Very nice space! I love the table and the storage ideas!


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