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Study Hall-The Story of This Stuff


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Hello friends!  Candace with you today to share a very special layout using the April kit, Jellybean.  Here is a look at the kit incase you missed the reveal.  Currently our subscriptions are sold out but you can get on the email list here and we will be happy to contact you soon when space opens up!  There are a few add ons still available in the shop here!


For my layout today I knew that I wanted to tell the story of a quilt that I have had for a very long time and is starting to fall apart.  It is these kinds of stories that I am looking to tell this year.  Stories full of heart and love.


For my spread I started by printing out a 6×8 photo of my quilt.  I used a stamp from my stash along with the white alpha stickers that came in the kit to create my title.  I also added one of the adorable foam hearts for contrast.


For the base of the layout I used the beautiful ombre paper from Pink Pasilee.  I chose this paper to compliment the photo of the quilt.  I wanted to keep with the light delicate theme of the quilt and added a few pieces of the doilies to the edges of my journaling block.


If you are interested here is my extended journaling included on my layout.

“Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love.”

I have always loved quilts, always.   It started when I was very young, I was drawn to the bight colors stitched so lovingly together.  The combination of colors and designs always kept me staring.  The machine made quilts never held as much interest to me. I liked the handmade quilts the best.  I liked to sit and think about the hands that stitched all the colorful pieces together.  Were they old weathered hands from a hard life?  Were they young hands just staring a family?  Where did they sit as they stitched the perfectly cut squares together?  What did they think about as they pulled the needle in and out of the fabric?  Who did they love?  Were they happy, or sad?  I loved that every quit had a story, a life of its own.  I stared collecting quilts when I was eight.  I remember asking my mom for a quilt, any quilt, as long as it was handmade.  One summer as our family was driving across the country in another one of my parents attempts at a fun family adventure I saw a little cottage on the side of the road in Alabama.  It was a brown cottage with quilts hanging all over the front porch.  A large wooden sign hung from the top of the porch that said, “Handmade Quilts for Sale”.  I remember my whole spirit lifting when I read that sign.  I begged my parents to stop and let me go inside.  I remember walking into the little cottage.  Quilts everywhere.  I remember running my hands over all the quilts.  It was  magical.  A cottage full of stories.  I saw this quilt, this beautiful blue quilt, this enormous, beautiful, blue quilt.  I had to have it.  I don’t remember what I promised my parents I would do in return for purchasing this quilt for me or how long I begged for it.  But what I do remember is sitting in the back of our 1987 Ford Aerostar van running my hands over this beautiful quilt and knowing for sure that I would never love anything more than this perfect quilt.  For years this quilt laid across my childhood bed, then to my college bed and finally to the bed I placed in my home with my husband as we began to build our life together.  Not many years after that I laid  my newborn babies on this quilt as they crawled around.  This quilt may have had a story when it came to me at eight years old but I think the story it has seen for the last 26 is even more magical.  It is now torn and tattered, ripped and rugged but I love it even more than that hot Alabama day years ago.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope this inspired you to tell a special story about something in your life.


2 thoughts on “Study Hall-The Story of This Stuff

  1. Love the blue paper, it makes your photo pop!!!! Such a pretty page!!


  2. This is beautiful, Candace!


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