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2016-2017 Design Team Call!!!



2016-2017 Design Team Call!

***6 Months Term***

March 2017-September 2017

 We are looking for…


  • Designers that maintain an active Blog
  • Designers that are connected to online communities and galleries
  • Designers who aren’t afraid to use social media
  • Designers who are highly motivated, friendly and easy going
  • Designers who actively participates in social groups
  • Designers who have a passion for scrapbooking
  • Designers who can submit quality projects on time by 3 days of scheduled post date.


  • Designers must design for Clique Kits exclusively and no other kit clubs during term.
  • As part of our team, you will be required to create at least 4 layouts/projects per month to share on the CK blog as well as your personal blog.
  • Designers are required to participate in monthly blog hops.
  • Participation in the “Clique” group is a must.
  • Upload projects to online galleries.
  • Share projects using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Help us promote Clique Kits wherever possible.
  • Use 90% of the kit on your monthly projects.
  • Great photography of projects with close-ups


In return you will receive…

  • Each design team member will receive a full Clique Kit with free shipping each month.
  • Designers will receive a 30% life-time discount on all other products in the CK Store.

To Apply…

Send an email with 2016 Design Team and your name as the subject to with the following information:


  • Contact information. Please include your name, and contact information, including resume.
  • Tell us about yourself. We would love to know more about you and why you would like to join our team. When did you start, why did you start scrapbooking and what do you love most about scrapbooking?
  • Show us your work. Include 5 of your best projects & any online galleries where you post the majority of your projects.
  • Show us your connections. Include links to your Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Applications are due by January 8th.

International applicants are welcome! Good luck to all.


8 thoughts on “2016-2017 Design Team Call!!!

  1. Good luck to all that apply!

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  2. So excited!! I can’t wait to apply! 😊

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  3. New to Clique kits, excited to read about this dt call 🙂

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  5. Great oppurtunity . i have a query so one cant be on designer team for another platform along with yours

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