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Discovering trees in Quebec


Good morning!
Today, I want to show you a page of my travel notebook. It’s not an actual travel notebook, as I don’t speak about traveling around the globe. But it’s a notebook in which I like to write my precious moments of life. And last month, I had one of these…

My sister visited me (a total surprise!) from Europe for a few days and we had fantastic moments together. I had not seen her for three years… it’s a long time!
One of the characteristics of my sister is that she loves trees (“arbres” in French). She loves to learn all the different species. She had a fantastic time discovering that the species were so different than in Europe. And I’ve learned a lot during her stay.


As the picture shows it, I used the left page to explain how I’ve loved to discover my own environment with fresh eyes. I used the Post Card die cut, as it was perfect to write down this memory.


I added a big tag on the right page. This tag indicates all the trees we have seen during her stay (with their latine names). And then I used the leaves die cuts that I love so much.


As there is a touch of gold on the leaf and that leaves looks like gold in fall, I added some gold touch (like the title, the washi tape in the middle and the little drops of ink).

I really love the result! And I hope you will feel inspired by my notebook!



5 thoughts on “Discovering trees in Quebec

  1. This is so creative. Love the journaling!


  2. This amazing! I love trees, too, and I’m nerdy and like to go and identify them as well! I especially love the yellow leaves!


  3. Love love love loveeeeeee. It’s so beautiful Magali. ❤


  4. Oh my gosh!!! I adore this! So much inspiration! I am going to give this a try! LOVE!


  5. This is completely beautiful, love it to bits! Now I want to work on a travellers notbook so bad, haha!


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