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Hello Card: Geek Lab


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Hi everyone,

Melissa here with you today for my very first post as a CK Varsity Team member and I’m excited that it’s Geek Lab!

I love using cut files and my Silhouette Cameo to create projects. One thing that has been interesting to adapt is, utilizing cut files that are meant for layouts, on my cards. I’ve learned a couple of things by watching You Tube videos and just pushing buttons in my Silhouette software. I thought I would share with you today a card I made and how I made a cut file work for my card.

I used one of the exclusive cut files you can find, in the shop, that are part of the Swan Lake November kit. (Isn’t the kit a beauty???) I used the large background cut file. Man, I love a good background cut file!

Once I uploaded it into my Silhouette Software, I had to do something called ‘Release Compound Path’. This allows me to separate all the little pieces and shapes of the cut file. I’ll show you why I need to do that in a sec but, here is a screenshot of this looks like:


The reason I do this is because I’m going to take out the majority of this file to make it work for my smaller canvas – that is a card. If I were to shrink down this cut file, in it’s entirety, those cut lines would be way too tiny.

Once I release the compound path, you can see in the screen shot how I now have a bunch of pieces. I’m going to delete most of those until I’m left with the following:


Now, I’m ready to Weld the pieces back together and resize to what I want for my card. After selecting all the shapes, I’m going to head to the bottom-left of my Studio and select ‘Group Selected Shapes’. I don’t have an arrow pointing in this screenshot but in the bottom-left, you can see the little pop up bar saying just that. When I click on that, it will all be one shape again and will resize properly.


Here is another trick I use in my Studio software. For cards, I like to create a shape that measures the size of my actual card. This helps me figure it out the exact size I would like my cut file to be. Here is a screenshot of that happening:


Once I get it just right, I delete the card shape and cut out my file!

Here it is cut out and ready to go:


I did make a boo-boo when I resized the cut file and ended up having to cut it all the way out to adhere to the top of a new card base. It actually worked out just fine!

Now that my cut file is ready to go, I can finish my card by adding various papers from the GORGEOUS November kit. I mean really, you gotta love those Maggie Holmes papers. So beautiful!

Here is my finished card with some close ups:


Thank you so much for swinging by today!

To get the November kit, Swan Lake, and see the exclusive cut files, head over here.


Author: melissaelsner

5 thoughts on “Hello Card: Geek Lab

  1. Wow thanks for the tips! I will have to try them! Your card is absolutely gorgeous!


  2. lovely card Melissa…


  3. what a pretty card!!


  4. This is a great card. Love how you used the cut file!


  5. Love the tutorial!!! The card is beautiful!


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