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Geek Lab: Moments captured with love



Hello everyone! Maryám here and today is Geek lab day! I usually use printables for this section of the blog, but today I want to talk about something a little bit different for me.

I asked to my mom if she could stitch something on my layout, and she said yes! I gave some “instructions” to her, and when she finished, I said that I loved the result.


The stitched look is so cool and also added some texture to the page.


For this design, I only used white thread, but I think the next time I’m going to try with more colors.

mperez_oct16_capturedlayout mperez_oct16_capturedlayout2 mperez_oct16_capturedlayout3

I hope you liked this layout, and if you have the oppurtunity, just add some stitching to your pages!

By the way, Audrey posted some videos about how to use your sewing machine on scrapbook, if you want to see her post, just click here.

Have a lovely day!



2 thoughts on “Geek Lab: Moments captured with love

  1. Great design Maryam and I love the photo!

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  2. I love the stitching on the page, adds some great dimension!

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