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Hello everyone! I am so excited and happy to be sharing my space on the Clique Kits blog today! My name is Sara Mishler, Sara Scraps on all my scrappy social media. I have been subbing to Clique Kits for almost a year and love my kit each and every month!

Let’s get into a photo tour of my space, shall we?

My scrapbook room is in the attic of our home. I love it up there! It has a nice view,is quiet and full of natural light. Our home was built in 1920 and has 8-10 foot ceilings throughout so when I am in my attic room I am high up! While my space started as a dedicated scrap space, over the years it has also become home to a pool table, TV, desk, and a futon for guests…and my dedicated scrap space shrunk. But I am okay with that- my boys usually spend their free time up there with me.

Here is an overview of my little scrap “corner” as it is today-


So there are two things I really love…besides paper…and those two things are antiques and Impressionist paintings. The Impressionist paintings is well represented in my Monet print from The Met museum above my scrap desk. And the repurposed antiques are also well represented too. My scrap desk is an old drafting table..and while the director’s chair is very cool, I almost never sit in it as I scrap standing up.

dsc_4191-001 My paper tower is one of the few newer organization products I’ve purchased. It is all wood and holds all of my paper. When it gets too full..I stop buying supplies for a while..I really try to keep a smallish stash…clutter and too much product can make me not feel creative. I am also a clean as I go scrapper….


My printer is a Canon Pixma and sits on, not one, but TWO non-functioning old sewing machines I own…but don’t worry, I just ordered a brand new one, so sewing will resume on my pages soon….I have a lot of digital stash so having a printer in my scrap room comes in very handy!


dsc_4196-001 dsc_4197-001

The last two areas of my scrap room are my Raskog which is full of all my paints, mists, spray, pastes, etc. And it is full to the brim…but it is also the most used of most of my products…except paper. The old suitcase was altered by me when I was a teenager and now serves as some extra storage for my finished albums. Just to the left of my Raskog you can see the second sewing machine…also non-functioning and it holds albums right now.

I hope you have enjoyed this little photo tour of my scrap room and all my re-purposed antiques in my little attic space.

Have A Lovely Day!


4 thoughts on “Share Your Space

  1. What a great scrap space. I love the drafting table!!


  2. I love looking at other’s scrap spaces, TFS yours!


  3. Your Welcome! It isn’t slick or sleek, but I love all the bits and pieces I’ve quilted together. 🙂


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