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2016-2017 DT Announcement



Happy Thursday everyone! I have some very exciting new to share with you all. First, let me start off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who applied for the 2016-2017 Design Team call. We received several beautiful entries and it was so hard to narrow down the team to just 10 girls! Seriously, you all rock and I wish we could have taken you all. For those of you who didn’t make it this time, don’t give up; there’s always next time!

Like I said, It was a tough decision to make, but in the end, we were very pleased with out selections. There is so much talent out there. As we were looking through our selected DT’s application, we got giddy because they are so GOOD! Their work puts a smile on my face and makes me think, “damn, I can’t scrap like that! What inspired them to do what they did on their layouts? Wow!” So, after reviewing these submissions, we thought, well, if they make us feel this way, what will our subscribers and readers think?! We think you’ll love them!

Please welcome our 2016-2017 Design Team! They will begin sharing their projects beginning September 22nd. Also, please mark your calendar for October 1st because we will be hosting a Blog Hop to introduce our new team one-by-one so you get to know them better and see more of their work!

CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Audrey CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Candace CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Caroli CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Dani CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Enza CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Magali CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Maryam CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Melissa CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Nathalie CK_DT_Headshots-1617_Stephanie

In addition to our new Design Team, we also have 9 Design Team Contributors. Each of these  Contributors (guest designers) will be highlighted on our blog for a month during the 2016-2017 term sharing their work using our kits and limited edition kits. We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity and give more designers the chance to share their love for this craft with you.

CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 11 CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 12 CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 13 CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 14  CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 15 CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 16 CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 17 CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 18 CK_CoorDT_Headshots-1617_v copy 19

You will start seeing more of these designers in October 2016. Until then, make sure you check out our current amazing design team and the projects they share using our kits, limited edition kits and store products. Thank you for joining us today!


6 thoughts on “2016-2017 DT Announcement

  1. Congratulations, ladies! I’m thrilled to be a DT Contributor this term – thank you for the opportunity!

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  2. YAY Audrey! What a great lineup, congratulations to us all!!!


  3. Congrats to all the ladies!! I am so excited to be a DT Contributor.


  4. Congratulations ladies! This is a great team to be on, you’ll love it here!


  5. Congratulations to all the new Design Team members!! I can’t wait to see what you create!!


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