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Need a Title? Just Use a Song


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Hi, all! I am quite excited to begin sharing my projects with the fabulous August kit! I think I say this every time I get a new kit, but the colors just blow me away. Lots of black and white together with bright shades of pink, blue, orange, and green. It is so much fun to work with.


So, back in December, I heard a song. And when I heard the song, I said, “Yes! That song just captured the entire essence of my being!” Those might not have been my exact words, but something along those lines. I later learned the song is by Courtney Barnett, and it is called, “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party.” The refrain that just got me is this: “I wanna go out, but I wanna stay home.” As an introvert, this line expressed so much of what I feel, like, all the time.

closeupEven back then, I knew I wanted to use those lyrics in a scrapbook page, but it did not come together until recently. As I have scrapped and blogged several times this year, I have begun to take dance classes at the ripe old age of 41. I love it, but it does mean I have to leave the house to do it. Hence the inner struggle between going out and staying home. I also included in my journaling, the struggle between going out and following my dreams, and being around and present for my family. Because those are all parts of this dancing story.

alizadeutsch_august2016_I wanna go out


If there are song lyrics you love, hold onto them. Because they might help you scrapbook a story.

Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Need a Title? Just Use a Song

  1. I love using lyrics or song titles on my layouts. Cute layout!


  2. Perfect timing, indeed! I like the picture on the lay-out! 🙂


  3. Love how you did this. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar! I just need to do it.


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  5. A+ journaling and heartfelt project as always Aliza- love it!


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