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Art Studio: Recycling Old Alphas



Hello there! It’s Caroli here and today I want to share my last project of this month using the fabulous kit RASKOG, filled with beautiful Life Noted collection by Pinkfresh Studio.

Today I want to show you a simple way of embellish your projects and use your stash. It happens to me very often that I ran out of some specific letters on alphas and then I don’t know what to do with them, because I can’t write anything with a lot of letters x, w and q!

This time, I decided to create a layer with those remaining alphas, so as to give volume and texture to my layout.

First, I cut a piece of thin cardboard and placed all my remaining letters as close as possible, then I used some acrylic paint and painted everything.



I recommend to paint two thin coats so that the color will be uniform and flawless. Once the paint was dry I cut the cardboard in squares and used them for creating layers in a grid design layout, here you can see the result:


As you can see, the composition of my layout gains a lot when using the painted-alpha layer 🙂 Here some close-ups, I love the result of this!



In this layout I used a lot the exclusive Cut Aparts included on my kit, love the designs, they perfectly match the patterns of Life Noted collection.

I hope you like this simple idea, it’s a good way of giving good use to some stuff from our stash and make room for future kits from Clique Kits 😉  Have a lovely day!


4 thoughts on “Art Studio: Recycling Old Alphas

  1. Thank you for the great idea… I have lots of unused thickers stashed away…

    Gracias pot la idea, tengo muchos thickers que no uso, y los voy a pinter para poder usar los en un background…


  2. Great use of old alphas! I think the photos are adorable!


  3. aw, he’s adorable. LOVE how you used the alphas. Very neat.


  4. That’s an amazing idea!


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