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July Guest Designer Nathalie DeSousa : Love Noted


student of the month

Hello everyone,

My name is Nathalie DeSousa (aka Tachita55 -my Spanish nickname since birth),  a stay-at-home wife and mom from Toronto, Canada, and this month’s Guest Designer.  I am so blessed, honored and thankful to the lovely ladies at Clique Kits for the invitation to share a little bit of my work with you all.


Upon receiving this beautiful kit, I quickly was drawn to the beautiful plastic paper and the idea for this display layout was born.

First, I used the Cut Shoppe’s Everyday Essential cut file to create the ‘LOVE’ cut-out on the plastic paper using my Silhouette Cameo.  I made sure to erase all lines from the letter ‘o’ as it was where the photo would be placed.

Since I wanted the picture to show as if it was floating inside the ‘o’, I created an  internal offset on the same cut file, and cut just the edges  on two papers (the back paper is just plain paper).  I have added a small video on how the page was built  -just click on the highlighted words-

To frame the picture, a small oval was created using the letter ‘o’ space on the cut file.  Since the picture will be floating inside the space, two pictures were glued together, and large piece of fine crochet yarn was looped in between the two pictures -making sure that there was enough yarn hanging on both sides-.  The looped side of the yarn was left hanging on the top of the layout as a ways to help with the display of the project.  To secure all the pieces, some stitching from  a sewing machine was used all around the edges of the  project.


LOVE NOTED.  close ups


To complete the title of the piece,  I added the acetate word “NOTED” to the bottom right of the piece.   The cut-apart pieces of the collection worked nicely to complete the title.

LOVE NOTED.  close ups-2



To add balance to the project,  a small cluster was added to the bottom left corner of the layout.  Using only cut-aparts from the kit and a few pieces of the sequin mix, a small cluster was created.  I was able to fit the date  and occasion when the picture was taken.

LOVE NOTED.  close ups-3




Finally, I added a few more details along to finish the layout, and now it sits nicely on top of my bedroom dresser, amongst my most  loved pictures of my family.  Here is a last look at the completed layout…





I hope you enjoy the layout, it was easy to build with this beautiful kit.  You can pick this kit up in the Clique Kits Shop HERE!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the layout.

Till next time,

Happy Crafting!.









12 thoughts on “July Guest Designer Nathalie DeSousa : Love Noted

  1. Love how the yellow makes everything pop!


  2. Beautiful! Love your work!

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  3. Love all the stitching, it’s a beautiful layout! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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    • Thank you for the lovely comment… I love stitching on my layouts, though I am.not as proficient on the sewing machine…


  4. Beautiful layout! I love the cut file, all that awesome stitching, and a fabulous photo!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love all the stitching, this is so cute!

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  6. Love all of your stitching!

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