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Locker Room – Project Life spread step by step


Hi! It’s Justt here and today I would like to show you my way of creating a Project Life spread with June Kit. I knew from the very beginning it will be veeery colorful! Ok, let’s go. 🙂


Firt of all, I place the photos on the page protector. I usually put two small photos in the two small pockets and between them there’s a journaling card or two and sometimes a title card if there’s one journaling card.


Then I try to match cards with small papers – I try to limit colors and this time it will be white, pink, grey and some red.


Then of course… I change everything (look photo above) 😀 I don’t like having the same colors one under another (as it was above – a gray title card with “love” in the small pocket and a white card with gray stripes in the big pocket under it) so I had to rearrange it somehow. 🙂


All right, the cards are covered. Now the best part – embellishments!


Some cut-outs and a roller stamp! I love it. 🙂


And this is how the whole page looks like. 🙂 It’s quite messy I must admit, but I really like it! Hope you like it too, tell me in comments what you think!


I used fabulous June “La dolce vita” kit


Take care!



5 thoughts on “Locker Room – Project Life spread step by step

  1. Love your PL!! Amazing spread ❤


  2. What a beautiful project life spread!


  3. So beautfiul. I love seeing your process.


  4. beautiful!! such a soft and pretty spread!


  5. really pretty! thanks for sharing your creative process, justyna!


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