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Share your space – Donna


Hello everyone! It’s Donna here again and I am here to share my little creative space with you all.

It’s basically 1/4 of our bedroom. Good thing my husband is a very supportive and encouraging one, so he doesn’t mind when our bedroom turn into a “creative mess” when I’m in “my zone”. 😀


This is basically everything I own. I love looking at this while thinking of future projects or while I am stuck in a rut. I like that my own little piece of heaven gives me motivation when I needed it most lol. 😀


The shelf, table and wood cabinet/drawer were all salvaged items. Even the boxes where I store flowers, stencils, metal die cuts, trims and ribbons were all recycled. I just couldn’t throw them away especially the big ones. Though one day I would like to replace them with sturdier plastic ones with covers. Saudi Arabia is prone to sand storms and the open storage boxes tend to collect dust, lots of dust.DonnaEspiritu-CreativeSpaceShare-03

One of my newest possession is my teal Raskog!!! Oh my gosh. I just love it. But, as much as I want to put cute stuff like pens, pencils, etc. I couldn’t. My daughter likes to rummage through all the things in there. That is why I kind of blocked it, to prevent her from getting everything lol!  There is another similar storage at the back of the Raskog where I have my latest papers like the ones I got from Clique Kits. Again, blocked from the hands of my little girl haha!


I also bought these white plastic canister thingy from IKEA along with the Raskog. All the washi tapes I own are stored in two of those, third one with pens and the last one with photos and other small items. I love me some pens/pencils for sure. And you can also see all the punchers I own. Plus one that is in a box somewhere in the wood cabinet lol.


I have a couple of small plastic drawers where I store my inks and other knick-knacks like string pearls, buttons, etc. The clear plastic box is where I store some of my finished layouts, mini-albums and other stuff. Notice the box of dry sheets? I use those sheets for die cutting. It works perfectly for kind-of-difficult-to-cut metal dies.DonnaEspiritu-CreativeSpaceShare-06

Inside the wood cabinet/drawer. Some of my Graphic 45 papers and staples. I had to take this picture really quick because the little diva saw me open them and she thought she can pull them all out, as toys. lol!DonnaEspiritu-CreativeSpaceShare-07

And there is my beloved Silhouette Cameo. I used an old, thin and very smooth Winnie the Pooh blouse as cover. Improvisation. Ha! 😀 I just pull the machine out when I need it.DonnaEspiritu-CreativeSpaceShare-08

There you have it. 🙂

I enjoyed sharing my little creative space with you. Thank you for joining me today.

Have a great day!

Happy crafting,


3 thoughts on “Share your space – Donna

  1. What a great space, thanks for sharing it!


  2. Love your space Donna! Thank you for sharing it with us!


  3. Thanks for sharing your space! I love seeing where all the magic happens.


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