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My Creative Space – Melissa


Hello it’s Melissa here and today I’m sharing my own little piece of paradise within our busy house (we have three kids and another baby due in November!).  I call it my craft room, but my 9 year old son calls it “The Gaming Room”.  Its our second lounge and is at the front of our house and gets lots of sun.  I share it with the X-Box (which I gave my husband years ago as a present before we had kids), and I’m known as an “amazing wife” to his friends!!

The entire set up of my space revolves around two main goals:  I have my own business and work from home, so it needs to double as my work office, and I need everything out of reach from my 2 year old!  She got into my May Clique Kit just yesterday and took all the stickers off the plastic backing!!  And in Autumn/Winter, the room has our clothes drying racks.

Here is the desk where I do the majority of my scrapbooking and my filming.  It was wonderful natural light with a window next to it and behind.  I also do my work here.


The large table next to my desk houses my favourite tools, and I also store my stamping inks, a basket of bits and piece for my Silhouette, and my journalling Bible and Grateful album.


A scrappy gals best friends – my Silhouette Cameo and my sewing machine!  Purchasing the dust cover for my cameo was one of the best investments I made.  I keep my MAMBI Happy Planner open on this table too.


This little table has my washi tape, an unfinished December Daily (I have great plans for Christmas in July this year!), and a pile of mini albums.  We don’t use the radiator on the wall, so I use it to store and display my pretties!


A close up of my mini albums!


I purposefully don’t have a large stash, because I couldn’t cope!  Sometimes its a blessing that we live in a country where we have to import most products I love.  So under my table is the extent of my stash.  Embellishments in the top box, and collections in the bottom.


Finally this may or may not be a pile of layouts waiting to go into albums! Lets face it, when I have precious spare time I’d rather be creating!  Above it are some other Clique Kits I’m still working with. And yes, those are X box games on the lower shelf!


I hope you enjoyed a peek into my creative space.  Happy scrapping!



Author: Melissa Vining

A scrapbooking mum of 4 from Queenstown New Zealand

11 thoughts on “My Creative Space – Melissa

  1. Really nice to see your creative space, Melissa. Mine is almost like this as well. Have to be careful what I buy coz I don’t have that much space too hehe Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Great use of your little space!! Congratulations on your new family member in November!!


  3. Thank you for sharing your space with us! I see you like to pile your layouts up like me… I really need to get mine in their albums!! 🙂 And I love those little containers!

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  4. LOVE all that natural light- gorgeous! Keeping a pared down amount of supplies is such a smart way to keep your creative space useful!! 💗💗💗

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  5. Thanks for sharing your space! I agree that having a smaller stash is wonderful.

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  6. Yay melissa thanks for sharing your creative space…awesome!


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