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Black and White Photos



Hi, all. Welcome to another Geek Lab post by me, Aliza. Once again, I present to you a layout using the fabulous May Kit, Northern lights. This kit is loaded with colors. It’s loaded with papers. It’s loaded with embellishments. There is a lot to work with.

Speaking of a lot of work, we just finished celebrating the holiday of Passover. Like many holidays out there, it’s a wonderful time to spend with friends,  family, and community. It is filled with stories and traditions. And, like many holidays out there, it is also A LOT of work. This year, I did not manage that extra work all that well. Which just meant I had much to do in  the last 36 hours before Passover began. I captured that and some other aspects of preparing for the holiday in this layout. (Pesach is the Hebrew name for Passover.)


Now, because there was a lot of green in two of my photos, I used that as an opportunity to use that beautiful green paper from the Attwell collection. I love that shade of green and the hand-drawn pattern! Because there were four different photos, and I was highlighting the green hues, I converted two of the pictures into black and white photos to keep the color scheme cohesive.


You can convert photos to black and white in a variety of apps right on your phone, but in this case I did it in Photoshop Elements. It is quite simple.

Open up your photo, and click “enhance.”

Screenshot (21)

From there, scroll down to “covert to black and white.”

Screenshot (22)

You will have a few black and white options to choose from. Just click on the one you like best (You can preview how each one looks first), and voila!

Screenshot (23)Screenshot (24)

See? Simple.

Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Black and White Photos

  1. Awesome layout. Love the B&W photos. Also love how you used the washi tape to separate your journaling from your title.


  2. I love the mix of color and black and white photos on the same layout!


  3. I really like this Aliza. Great design!


  4. love this!


  5. Lovely page, Aliza!


  6. i ADORE this – i hope you let me lift it 🙂


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