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Art Studio – Good Stuff


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Hello CK fans, oh its awesome to be here today! I have been playing with the origins kit and boy oh boy its fun. Today I get to share with you how I created this painted background, because  we all love a bit of paint! Inspiration came from a few different places to start with. The photo was taken in Melbourne in a graffiti lane. Another idea sparked when I open up the simple stories clear stickers, notice the swipes and splats of paints. You see the smallest things can sparkle the best ideas, especially if you feel your mojo has gone walking!



Let start by having a look at the finish page. And there’s also a couple of close ups with details of those awesome clear stickers by simple stories.

I love them!

“Good Stuff”

CK good stuff art studio
CK good stuff art studio 1

CK good stuff art studio 2

Ok, so lets start by selecting a few colors of acrylic paint. Plus a few paint brushes and a sheet of white card stock.

art studio 1

Once you are happy on your color choice decide where on your sheet of card stock and unscrew each color and squeeze a blob of paint out.

art studio 2

Grab a paintbrush for each color. Do not wet the brush. We are dry brushing  the paint. Start by placing the brush in the blob of paint and swipe down and flick up. Allow each of the colors to then dry.

art studio 3

Now simply get busy using the Origins kit and scrap it!

At the very end, cover the adhere photo with some scrap paper and grab your watercolor paints and add a few flicks of yellow and green. This just adds that little pop of detail to the swiped paint!

CK good stuff art studio

I hope today was fun and you are inspired to have a wee play with some paint in a different way. I look forward to checking some out, let me know if you do!

See you all again soon… Leeann


7 thoughts on “Art Studio – Good Stuff

  1. Cool layout!

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  2. Love, love, love your page. I so want to try it.

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  3. Love those splashes of paint!

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  4. i love, love, LOVE this!!!!


  5. Love the paint! What a fun layout!!


  6. I really like this idea and need to give it a try!


  7. Super fun layout! Love the background and stitching!


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