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Decorating My Traveler’s Notebook Insert- February “Hot Mess” Kit


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Woohoo!  Excited to be back with you lovelies to share another project using the February Hot Mess Kit!  This time I’m decorating a new insert in my Traveler’s Notebook.

I love the concept behind the Traveler’s Notebook because it’s such a fun, pretty way to house all sorts of memories- I personally use my notebook for anything and everything!  I use some inserts for daily journaling & also a place to write inspirational quotes, scripture verses, and anything of that sort.  Then there’s another booklet that I draw in some nights while I cuddle up with a cute cat and some Netflix.  But I was really wanting to start a new one specifically to use as a mother-daughter journal.  It’s something I hope to give to my sweet girl one day in the future.  But for now, it’s mine to play in.  😉


For this insert, I covered the front using some of the leftover papers I cut down when I made the mini album.  It’s amazing how you can always find use for the scraps when it involves something with a super cute pattern.  😀


For the cover, I used the {incredibly cute} alphas from the kit this month, scraps of paper, a couple stickers from the Shine collection, and a Fuji Instax photo I took of Nadia and I right when I started working on this insert.


Then I started a few pages, and to be quite honest, I was completely doing this without a plan.  Some days I work much better when I just wing it!  Once I get out a few supplies and decide to stick with just those, it’s much easier to get going.  That’s one nice thing about getting a monthly kit- it’s all right there for you to use.  And it makes a very cohesive project.


I started the booklet by washi taping a piece of vellum to the front page and putting a sticker from the collection in the middle.  Underneath I wrote an introduction/letter to start out the journal and also did some watercolor painting to add just a pop of color to the page as well.


On the next page, I cut down the 12×12 calendar paper and used the February one along with a doily I had on hand and yet another scrap of leftover paper.  🙂


On the page beside it, I decided to make a February book list & write out Nadia’s current favorites.



After those pages, I decided to use some more of the ephemera from the pack to document a “Dream Day Together.”


I printed out some small photos of us from different days, and then I sorted them out on the pages in order to tell a story.  That was a fun prompt I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I like how it turned out.  🙂





And that’s where I leave off!  If you’d like to watch a process video, check it out on my YouTube channel here.  I can’t wait to continue working in this booklet, so if you’d also like to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I’ll be sure to post photos when I do.  To get your hands on the Clique Kits February Hot Mess kit CLICK HERE and use the code MARYBETH10 to get 10% off!

Thanks for letting me share this with you!!  Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, sweet friends!


XOXO, Marybeth

4 thoughts on “Decorating My Traveler’s Notebook Insert- February “Hot Mess” Kit

  1. This is such a great idea!! I love how it turned out!!


  2. it’s amazing!!


  3. Oh my this is awesome …love that notebook!


  4. you are so talented! another inspirational project – love it!!


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