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Hello, everyone! It’s Aliza, once again. Today I have a layout to share in which I layered and layered those triangle printables that came with the kit to create a banner. I adored both the colors and the patterns, and as I was working, I thought, “I would love to add color to those patterned triangles!” If you are handy with a pen, paint, or marker, you can do this manually. However, I am a bit challenged in that area. So I turned to Photoshop for the same result.

banner closeup


In Photoshop Elements, I opened a blank 8.5 x 11 document, and placed the two banner files into the new file. I zoomed in quite a bit, since I wanted to select small areas of the image.

blog post 2-2-16-2

I then clicked on the magic wand tool,

magic wand

and selected the triangle that I wanted to color. Once I clicked on the triangle to color, the magic wand tool automatically selected the white space within that shape. Just, make sure you have the right layer selected when using the magic wand. (Yeah, I made that mistake a few times.)



Once the area I wanted to paint was selected, I went to the paintbrush tool. (Look who else popped up on my screen at the same time.)

paint bucket.jpg

Now I chose my paint color.  My plan was to use the colors from the bottom banner in the black and white images. I clicked on the color swatch icon, which brought up the color picker tool. When I toggled on the document, an eyedropper icon appeared. (For some reason it does not get captured in my screen shot.) I wanted to use the light pink color.  I clicked on the color that I needed, and    that now became the new paint color.

color choice

Once I chose my color, I clicked back on the selected triangle, and voila!


I continued these steps with some of the other triangles, and then I printed it all out, and added some of them to this layout.




10 thoughts on “Coloring Printables

  1. I love your adorable banner, so cute!


  2. great layout and technique!


  3. Great tutorial Aliza! Love this.


  4. I love this tutorial-and I love your style of telling stories! How funny and surprised I was to read this post and see my goofy face popping up on your screen! LOL!


  5. great tutorial!
    i laughed out loud on the image with gia!


  6. Great idea!! Love your layout ❤


  7. I love this, thanks so much for the tutorial! I love that Gia appeared on your screen shot too!


  8. Awesome tutorial … I need to try this… can’t believe I haven’t done this before. Fabulous layout too.


  9. love this – such a great tutorial!!


  10. I love this idea…and i’m a bit of a paint brush type as i am challenged with the computer. But it really helps when people share the tech side for us to learn! love it!


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